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7 thoughts on “Government-Backed Medical Experiment on Premature Babies Gone Wrong (PODCAST)”

  1. Re – Comment on Governments Backed Experiments Gone wrong in History in all Governments across the World ? I think the Problem here is in Man kinds History when Bad people get Elected to Washington and other State Government Offices being led astray by Some Greedy convincing bad lobbyist or there own Idea’s of things, in some cases through out History turns out bad… Other Examples Flint Michigan water supply where a Few others chose to not treat the water and ended up poising pregnant women and Children with Heavy metals..” Poor Fellows ?. What I think needs to be done in the Future of Government is All idea’s your talking about here involving the public like these needs to be Viewed by a outside panel of people away from government and lobbyist Gears of some bad idea’s before making these kinds on decisions..? “you know ? way the pro’s and con’s of these kinds of medical decisions before implementing them ??? This way a lot more people stay healthy and the Government and people involved stay out of Prison saving tax payers more money in the future, like in Flint Michigan ??? P.S. “Hi Sharyl How you Doin Butter cup !

    1. The simple fact that they did not immediately fix the water AND give everybody in Flint the FDA approved for children chelation drug; DMSA, to get the lead out makes me think the poor are again being used as experimental subjects for long term study.

  2. Deborah Lee Alborell

    My husband and many other premies back in the 50’s were subjected to pure oxygen in the incubator which destroyed the retinas in their eyes. Fortunately, my husband survived and thrived in this life. Others did not. This kind of “experimentation” should not be allowed.

  3. Wow, I had never heard about this story before. It makes me think that we might be going through something similar with coronavirus vaccines today. Perhaps that’s why so many medical professionals and groups are pushing them so heavily on us without giving us a full scope of the potential risks. This is harrowing because medical organizations, which are being entrusted with our lives, are being thoroughly unethical with us. It makes me very upset to hear this.

  4. Where is the justice and accountability? These high minded researchers that just snuff out a life with no remorse, but justification.?!!! The judges who sit and know the situation while taking no action are just as murderous in my opinion! People better realize doctors are people too who make mistakes, capable of good or evil just as every other person on planet earth! Certificates of notoriety mean nothing except to the one sees himself as an elite.

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