Investigative news reporter suffers heart condition after Pfizer vaccine: ‘One hospital has had a dozen cases like me’

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“One hospital has had well over a dozen cases like me,” says Denham Hitchcock.

The following is an excerpt from an article in DailyMail about an investigative reporter who developed a serious heart condition after the Pfizer vaccine.

Seven News reporter Denham Hitchcock is suffering from a heart condition as an extremely rare side effect of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

The investigative journalist said he has pericarditis – inflammation of a sac-like tissue that surrounds the heart that holds it in place and helps it function. 

Hitchcock claims the condition was caused by his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and called on the government to ‘keep your damn promise’ on opening up the world. (Continued…)

Read the rest of the article at the link below:

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31 thoughts on “Investigative news reporter suffers heart condition after Pfizer vaccine: ‘One hospital has had a dozen cases like me’”

  1. In BC, Canada a lawsuit was just filed civilly claiming our health authority was not and continues not following the science. Despite repeatedly being requested by doctors to provide the science she relies on shutting down our province or mandating vaccines or preventing unvaccinated people from participating in or entering non essential activities/services. This is a violation of our criminal code yet she continues to Inforce even stricter measurements without providing the science behind her recommendations to the politicians. She is discriminating an entire class of people which incites hate! We hope she lands up with handcuffs and is tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity. The entire western world is being subjected to dictatorship politicians who are corrupt in every sense of the word.

    1. Whatever the article says; says he was in extremely good health, participating in extreme sports, “trim” and active. So sad.

  2. This is the sort of thing that Dr. Bhakdi and others have been predicting, although they expected that these heart and vascular issues would only emerge after a longer period of time – one to five years. But it could be that these adverse reactions will appear more rapidly in individuals with some undetected predisposition that renders them more vulnerable.

  3. No, thanks. I decline.

    There have been no COVID deaths in my age bracket in my county. There have been 80 in the entire state, and most of those had specific underlying conditions that I don’t have. My risk analysis shows I don’t need the vaccine.

    I’m also low risk of transmitting the virus to anyone else since I pretty much stay home and avoid people when I do go out. (Had a negative antibody test, and my partner, with whom I live, has been subjected to weekly COVID tests for more than a year–so I’ve not had it and haven’t spread it.)

    But people accuse me of being selfish and wanting old people to die, and at some point, my employer may coerce me into receiving this experimental medical treatment that lacks extensive longitudinal data and has caused thousands of adverse medical events. Yeah, I am selfish. I own my body and will decide what goes into it.

    1. Why take something that is not really proven to be safe – still hiding behind EUA!! – and may make you sick or cause long term problems?? And why the need to become vax dependent? Strikes me as a bad decision to make.

  4. These are self-inflicted wounds. The masked and vaxxed up “heroes” want to be “victims”. There are no victims: Only those who fell for the narrative and those who did not.

  5. This is NOT as you say, “…extremely rare…” It is widespread. I guess your investigative journalism failed to teach you how to investigate. I’m a trauma/ER nurse and know what I’m talking about. Also, read the BioNTech (COMIRNATY) letter from FDA. The biggest issue for follow-up and tracking of the “approved” yet non-existent gene therapy is myocarditis in all its presentations. The misinformed public now thinks the Pfizer “vaccine” is approved when it is not; the EUA was only extended with some additional guidelines. These “vaccines” are dangerous.

  6. Check out the presentation by Dr David Martin (patent researcher) who traces the real origins of Carona virus and Dr Faucci’s desire for a global “vaccine”. since the late 1990s and early 2000. It’s a bit lengthy, but the info is worth your patience. The interview is with a German lawyer, Reiner Fuelmich who is pursuing a case against “big pharma” .in reference to the “vaccine”.
    Also, he does another interview implicating two Canadian companies that has the patents for the lipid envelopes that the “jabs” are contained in. He said that Justin Trudeau is quite aware of the two companies involvement. It’s fascinating and scary all rolled onto one. Happy investigating and share the your findings.

  7. Every time we hear of another nasty reaction, we are assured it’s “RARE.”

    Methinks that word does not mean what they think it means.

  8. I got pericarditis following my bout with COVID at the beginning of the pandemic. The shortness of breath I suffered was attributed to “asthma” because they didn’t know what it was. And with all the talk about one-size-fits-all mandates, I am convinced I would end up with it again — or worse. And even though I have recovered from COVID and there’s evidence I would respond negatively to the vaccines, I am still being lumped in as an anti-vaxxer despite the fact that the available ones are both ineffective and dangerous. Guess that makes me a “science denier.”

  9. Carl Hartman RN MScN CD

    I spent more than 5 years as an Advanced Level Clinical Research Associate monitoring Safety and Compliance of Pharmaceutical phase 1 – 4 clinical studies for various pharmaceutical companies including vaccines (during 911, I was auditing a phase 4 study at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre) – Influenza Vaccine – Acute Respiratory Syndrome (ARS)..
    Registered Nurse with MScN and Retired Canadian Forces Healthcare Staffing Officer, who was last employed at the Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters in Ottawa (Surgeon-General Headquarters),

    Many healthcare professionals claim that the Canadian Government has not reviewed all possible pharmaceuticals BUT my question is….
    When will to government start looking for other proven solutions as per: this past proven evidence-based (peer-reviewed) PubMed clinical study…
    Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood: “The Cure That Time Forgot”?

    UV kills viruses… this proven research was discontinued due to the new miraculous discovery of antibiotics. The lab values were amazing dealing with “viruses.”

    I plan on commencing PhD in February 2022..

    Carl Hartman RN MScN CD
    Lt RCN Retd (Canadian Forces).

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