Medscape survey: Most health care workers are excited to need a third Covid-19 shot

The following is an excerpt from a story in Medscape.

As COVID vaccine boosters move closer to reality, most physicians and nurses are ready and willing to get another shot in the arm, according to a new Medscape survey.

Altogether, 93% of physicians and 87% of nurses/advanced practice nurses (APNs) said they wanted to get a booster, although the timing of when they wanted the shots differed somewhat between the two groups surveyed August 4-15.

Among the 732 physicians polled by Medscape, 50% wanted to get their shot immediately, compared with 38% of the 1193 nurses/APNs who responded, while 44% of physicians and 50% of nurses/APNs said that they would wait until the vaccine booster was authorized and recommended. (Continued…)

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5 thoughts on “Medscape survey: Most health care workers are excited to need a third Covid-19 shot”

  1. As a nurse, I know plenty of people that have either natural immunity, &/or haven’t had the jabs, and aren’t planning to. I’ve taken care of over 2 dozen patients with mysterious new serious health problems with onset immediately after their covid shots, and it’s really amazing how you don’t hear anything about adverse effects on the pHARMa-bought MSM news, or the fact that most of the covid patients in ICU are vaxxed. They’re reporting exactly the opposite, and I can tell you it’s not true. The vaxed are catching and spreading covid just as much as unvaxed, yet they have their air of superiority for “doing their part”. Give me a break. History will eventually prove this pandemic has been mishandled from the start.
    All we want is freedom of choice on what to inject into our own bodies, and now that is being taken away, regardless of natural immunity status. Don’t be surprised when the already short-staffed medical industry sees a mass exodus of people unwilling to give up their bodily autonomy for punitive mandates.

  2. Marc Maximilien Authier

    I am sure it was very scientifically done. LOL Not that is. As if you can believe anything coming from big pharma shills like this organization. MDs are brainwashed indeed but not to that extent. And the same with nurses. This pseudo survey is a pack of lies.

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