(NEW) Attkisson case over govt. computer intrusions moves forward

The following is a news analysis.

Almost eight years to the day after the intrusions into my CBS and personal computers was publicly revealed, a judge is moving forward my lawsuit.

Back in 2012, when intel sources first alerted me to the government’s spying on me while I was a correspondent at CBS News, before we had the extensive forensic proof, it sounded far-fetched.

Read case background here.

Today, with proof in hand and all the revelations that have come out in recent years, it obviously rings true to many.

We have irrefutable forensics from numerous independent examinations; as well as an admission from a former federal agent who admits to the spying; and sworn testimony from a former FBI unit chief and lawyer, and a former NSA forensic specialist.

Even with forensics and admissions in hand, we’ve learned the Dept. of Justice can stall, delay, and run up legal bills to keep the case from getting in front of a jury.

To get to a jury, one must be able to name specific federal agents responsible. If top officials are named, it turns out they are generally granted immunity under the law.

To get the names of other federal agents who do not have immunity, discovery is required. But the intel agencies have refused to turn over a single piece of paper in response to our subpoenas in all the years.

Now, a federal judge in Maryland is moving our case forward and we finally– hopefully– get a real shot at discovery. We’ll see where it goes.


Support the fight against government overreach in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for the government computer intrusions.
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23 thoughts on “(NEW) Attkisson case over govt. computer intrusions moves forward”

  1. I am sure you were violated in this way. Back when I served in Honduras and had tons of information straight from my contra friends of CIA corruption and double-dealing, I found all my communications monitored. And this was in the 1980s. Imagine the strides these cretins have made in ability to snoop and steal information, not to mention distorting it.

  2. I purchased your book which outlined what happened through the Obama administration and it is a shame that it has taken all this time to get some action. As you are hoping to get some appropriate action I am too and support you in this matter.

    Regards John J Totten

  3. Sharyl
    Go after them, all of them. If some cannot be prosecuted then name names and those who can be prosecuted, then prosecute .

  4. Good to hear! It’s long and arduous. I’m praying for you and your family.

    Fighting your own government is now what we must do.

  5. Michael abbatemarco

    Keep up the good fight Sharyl!
    You are a strong lady, and we appreciate your tenacity in fighting the wrongs that have been dealt you.
    We are sick and tired of the corrupted government officials who constantly get away with abusive and illegal behavior. MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!
    God Bless your work!
    Michael A

  6. the foil is a joke. granting immunity from prosecution for federal violation of law when they involve the civil rights of a US citizen is a joke. The peoples house, the branch of the federal government that should create law to ensure the blessings of liberty is a joke under the current administration

  7. When the American system of justice takes so long to address an obvious wrong and appropriate people in various departments of government bureaucracy cannot be brought to Court to be prosecuted for their crimes, there is something desperately wrong with both the criminal justice and intelligence systems in the US, which will take more than one court case to resolve. It will take an overhaul of the whole system of Justice and without it, the US will remain where it is stuck now…in banana republic land.

  8. Let’s see some of the “proof” you claim to have. What was the position and assignment of the nameless federal agent you claim is your witness?

    1. With the incredible effort to avoid the moving forward of the litigation, the credibility of the allegations are a given. If the defendants can challenge their credibility of the witnesses, then that becomes a justifiable issue. So far the government hasn’t made any witnesses available to be challenged.. The Federal Agent isn’t the only source of her claim. That she was reporting the misdeeds of the Obama administration is sufficient to look at them.

  9. Gerald H Kauffeld

    Sharyl Attkisson, so courageous, tenacious, and inspiring! – to many and me, if not to our brave old media who pretend to enlighten us while actually darkening democracy’s future.

  10. Yours is a landmark case for our citizen rights. It will expose government spying and lying. Millions of citizens admire your tenacity and your journalism.

  11. Given the actions of the current administration there is no doubt that what went down with you is now several fold greater in severity probably on you today and what is left of the honest journalists. Your continued fight makes us all proud!

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