POLL: Covid-19 vaccines should not be approved for non-emergency use

The Covid-19 vaccines should not be approved for non-emergency use.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 1,398 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

When asked whether the approval should be made, 89% said, “No way, too many issues!”

Five percent (5%) said the vaccines should “definitely” be approved for non-emergency use.

Should the Covid-19 vaccines be approved for non-emergency use?

5% Definitely!

89% No way: too many issues

6% I’m not sure

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Covid-19 vaccines should not be approved for non-emergency use”

  1. Arne Tormod Steinarson

    As there are both working ways to treat Covid (after infected) and other means of prevention (diet, Zinc, Vit-D, magnesium, sleep, melatonin,…) then there is no emergency.

    The “emergency” part is what is not true.

    Then naturally, it should be dealt with in no other way than for other vaccines.

    I.e. 5 to 7 years of trial with open adverse result data. Benefits weighted against harm. Clearly informed to everyone.

  2. I was expecting 95% agreement here.
    This is shocking !

    Shouldn’t the COVID vaccines get the same process
    used to approve other vaccines, in the past,
    which typically takes many years?

    Based on the unprecedented number of adverse side effects,
    the COVID vaccines should not be approved at all.

    They are short term vaccines
    with mediocre results for COVID variants.

    Since long term adverse effects are not known,
    and could take years to discover,
    a person could take 6 to 12 shots
    in a three to four year period BEFORE
    adverse effects are discovered !

    1. I like your response so I clicked on your name and went to a very interesting site. I would like to receive your writings. Can you tell me how to follow you?

  3. Marc Maximilien Authier

    Where did the hypocritical gang of pseudo Liberals “My Body. My Choice.” went ? Are they all are hiding ? No it is even worse. Most of the My Body By Choice gang are backing the Nazi like Medical Tyranny today, except of course when its about killing babies in the womb. Such hypocrisy and total criminality from people who pretend being for tolerance, freedom of choice and freedom. In all case when it comes to vaccines or ANY medical treatment INFORMED CONSENT should be the golden rule in any context. The Nurenburg Code is quite clear about it. No informed consent is liable of being tried for crimes against humanity. I am not hearing our supposed liberals, human rights fanatics from BLM Antifa ADL Southern Poverty ACLU or NGO protesting or suing. The surprising thing here is that the true liberals here are Conservatives and Libertarians mostly the right wing people like Rand Paul truly defending liberty, human rights and health freedom. On the side of evil hypocrits like Noam Chomsky it is indeed crickets. Evil bolshevik disguised as liberals and as progressives. In reality these people are as evil as the ones that created the blood shed in Russia in 1917.

  4. The issue regarding whether ‘to mandate/or not’ the use of an experimental drug (a non-vaccine) seems to ignore the cause of the contention and confusion cultivated via conflicts of interest and the corporate media’s profit motives. As long as “health-care” is undefined or ill-defined and used as a political tool of a corporate duopoly that creates “public” policy in Washington DC we will continue to remain stuck in the mud. We the people get the shaft while the corporate players(the Pharma group and compromised minions) activate spin cycles (“The Narrative” as we now call it) and disinformation and pseudoscience infect our society. The real pandemic was never about a virus. We are witnessing an Infodemic and political strategy that is attempting to further erode and eviscerate our constitutional liberties.

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