(POLL) Male athletes should not be allowed to compete against females

Chelsea Mitchell (center) runs between two male athletes who switched over from the boys’ team

Ninety-six percent (96%) of people say male athletes should not be allowed to compete against females or should have a separate competition category.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 1,080 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Fewer than 1% said male athletes should be allowed to compete against females “no questions asked.”

Should male athletes be allowed to compete against females?

<1% Yes; no questions asked

3% It depends

81% No way

<1% I’m not sure

15% Create a separate category for them

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10 thoughts on “(POLL) Male athletes should not be allowed to compete against females”

  1. If you can pee your name in the snow while standing, you have no business in girl’s bathrooms, locker rooms or sports.

  2. I vote YES, because its a major bost to wake people up to the insanity.
    When it means MY kid loosing a scholarship because of this crazy, then maybe, just maybe people will wake up to what’s going on in society

  3. When self proclaimed transsexuals can change their chromosomes from XY (male) to XX (female), they can compete. Until then they are male, regardless of any plastic surgery or hormone adjustment treatment they may receive. The bone density/muscle development advantage they get at puberty also needs to be negated.

  4. I agree that males should not be allowed to compete in sports against females, but I remember the days when females were not allowed on boys’ teams. And I remember how horsey and relentless the feminists – and their parents – were to force the issue.

    This is the fruit of those demands for female integration of the Boy Scouts, the Lion’s Club, the pulpit, Little League baseball, Boy’s Ranch homes for neglected boys, adult homeless shelters, and high-school sports.

    So, now that the roosters have come home to roost, it needs to work both ways. Girls & women should likewise be banned from those boys & men’s organizations that want to maintain single-sex membership and participation.

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