POLL: Unvaccinated not very worried about Covid-19 “Delta” variant

Most unvaccinated adults are not worried about Covid-19 variants. Most vaccinated adults are worried.

That’s according to recent results from Gallup.

Worry about spread of Covid-19 is fairly high among fully vaccinated adults. Among them, 78% say they are very or moderately worried.

Concern is far lower among unvaccinated adults.

Among that population, 39% said they are very worried about coronavirus strains.

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6 thoughts on “POLL: Unvaccinated not very worried about Covid-19 “Delta” variant”

    1. P.S.

      Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      Notes from Dave Hodges, re ongoing COVID-Hoax :

      1. No reliable test for diagnosis. They cannot have a reliable test, because it would reveal much.

      2. In the history of modern medicine the vaccine is the first medical treatment to contain no contraindications. That implies the treatment is perfect and without side-effects for ANY population. This is never happened before in medical history. Everyone must get vaccinated.

      3. Face mask packaging says “cannot” protect against viruses. Fauci, in March of 2020, said people need not wear face masks because they would not likely be effective.

      4. Death among people under 35 is almost unknown from CV-19. Why the push to vaccinate them? Everyone must be vaccinated.

      5. Time honored practices such as achieving herd immunity have been thrown out the proverbial window for the first time ever! Everyone must be vaccinated.

      6. If one has contracted the virus, it is a scientific fact that their viral load is far higher than anyone taking the vaccine, who has not contracted the virus. For the first time in medical history, this cornerstone principle of medical practice is ignored. Why? Because everyone must get vaccinated.

      7. People were told, take the vaccine and one does not have to wear a mask. That has changed. When lockdown 2.0 comes, it will not be about who is vaccinated, it will be about controlling the population for whatever hidden purpose.

      Found in this report :



      1. P.P.S.

        One Deep State Spokesperson Admits :

        “Masks Don’t Stop Virus,” unless
        it’s an N95 (( even that may be too
        porous to stop the bug—and think
        of a correct fit: sides sealed against
        the face!).

        “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is
        not really effective in keeping out virus, which
        is small enough to pass through the material.
        It might, however, provide some slight benefit
        in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs
        or sneezes on you. I do not recommend you
        wear a mask,” —Fauci wrote in an email on
        February 5, 2020.

        —Here’s why those masks are perfectly
        useless, re Virus-Spread : the CRITTER
        is less than one-micron in diameter, to
        which size your cloth-mask is like what
        a chain-linked fence is to sand being
        tossed threw it.

        —This scribbler had exposed that HOAX
        in June of 2020, using this truthful term:
        “C19-Hoax.” Why?—because of the above
        SCIENCE-of-Size FACT, and because 6ft.
        of distancing is meaningless, UNLESS air
        STOPS c i r c u l a t i n g , EVERYWHERE !



  1. Worry causes stress.

    Stress makes it more likely for a person to get sick.

    So why worry?

    Everyone knows the Delta variant is caused by “climate change”.

    Because everything bad is caused by climate change.

    Or by Donald Trump.

  2. The Bible says Don’t worry..so I really try not to worry but as you know I am human and it is hard. It has nothing to do with this CCP virus but has to do with how easy it is to manipulate even the most educated. I worry that too many people are just too lazy to do their own research. I can give a rip about Mask etc…if you want to cover your face fine with me, I think it is more of a fashion statement now. No Corona doesn’t scare me nor anything else the government chooses to throw at me. God set a date for my birth and my death, He doesn’t change His mind because of evil humans.

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