POLL: Voters prefer Trump’s immigration policies

More voters say President Trump’s immigration policies were better than President Biden’s.

That’s according to a Scott Rasmussen national survey.

According to the results, 45% prefer Trump’s policies on immigration while 40% prefer Biden’s.

Independents side with Trump by a 42% to 21% margin.

Only 31% say Biden is doing a good job handling the Southern border, which has been steeped in an illegal immigration crisis for months, with record breaking numbers in July.

A strong majority says state governments should be allowed to take over and secure their border, according to Scott Rasmussen. Only 28% say they believe the feds are even trying to secure the border.

Almost one-third of voters say all or nearly all illegal immigrants living in the U.S. should get amnesty and be allowed to stay legally; 42% are opposed to amnesty.

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4 thoughts on “POLL: Voters prefer Trump’s immigration policies”

  1. te people who think Biden is doing a good job are either complete fools or those people actively seeking the destruction of the United States.

  2. Only people watching the lies from CNN would believe Joe is doing a good job.
    Most disgusting administration in my lifetime. Feels like they are trying to ruin our nation. Shameful!

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