(READ) “COVID Is Spreading Like Wildfire in ICE Facilities”

Since February, the COVID-19 positivity rate among those held by ICE has doubled. Today, according to our tracking of the outbreaks, the positivity rate among people in ICE detention is more than 50 times the positivity rate of the U.S. population at large.

by Theresa Cheng, MD, JD

The following is an excerpt of an article in Medscape.

In recent months, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has reported higher-than-ever rates of COVID-19 among people in its custody. Since February, the COVID-19 positivity rate among those held by ICE has doubled. Today, according to our tracking of the outbreaks, the positivity rate among people in ICE detention is more than 50 times the positivity rate of the U.S. population at large.

What is underlying this surge?

For one, ICE is finally testing its detained population more widely, so it’s possible that what appears to the outside as a surge is actually just a clearer picture of what’s been happening all along. Since the start of the pandemic, the agency has been severely under-testing, in some cases deliberately, and thus obscuring the true extent of COVID-19 spread among both detained people and staff. In May 2020, the agency was only testing roughly one in five detained individuals; a year later, testing has improved fourfold.

But it’s likely that the apparent surge in COVID-19 infections is driven at least in part by skyrocketing numbers of people being held in ICE detention. Even while the positivity rate has continued to grow, the agency is returning to pre-pandemic detention levels, nearly doubling the number of people in its custody to over 27,000 in just a few months. In doing so, ICE has dramatically increased population density inside its facilities, with the primary source of the increase being growing transfersfrom Border Patrol custody. On top of this, more transmissible variants may be contributing to the rapid spread. (Continued…)

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9 thoughts on “(READ) “COVID Is Spreading Like Wildfire in ICE Facilities””

  1. An obvious question is whether these cases among the illegal immigrants are being counted in state Covid tallies.. If so, it might help explain why a state like Florida is seeing such a large increase in cases despite an above-average vaccination rate (23rd of 50 states, as of a few days ago).

  2. For COVID, the “cases” number is exaggerated by a very inaccurate PCR test, with many false positives. People with symptoms are sick. People with no symptoms should be assumed to be healthy, no matter what the PCR test says.

    Respiratory diseases spread when people are close together and indoors.
    The “Obama cages” do that !

    If it is the Delta variant that is spreading among the illegal immigrants,
    the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not doing well against that variant.

    The first report out of Israel revealed that vaccine induced antibodies were short term and they want senior citizens to take a booster shot after only six months.

    The second report was only 39% vaccine effectiveness with the new Delta variant.

    There is new information from the US where the Delta variant infections are increasing.

    The Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective in July 2021 as the Delta variant infections ramped up.
    The Moderna vaccine was 76% effective in July. **** The large difference is hard to believe since they both use mRNA technology. We’ll see what happens next month. Israel did not specify the split for Pfizer and Moderna.

    Two possibilities why the vaccines are no longer 95% effective (assuming they ever were):
    — Vaccine induced antibodies are not long lasting, and
    — The vaccines have low effectiveness against COVID variants.

    The bottom line on the vaccines:
    — Horrible short term adverse side effects (the worst for a vaccine in US history),
    — Unknown long term adverse side effects,
    — Antibodies from vaccine are not long lasting, and
    — Effectiveness against COVID variants is mediocre.

    *** 42% Pfizer and 76% Moderna effectiveness on Delta variant (first link)
    , and other relevant articles:



  3. Even as we hear of the rapid increase of covid infections why is it we are not hearing of the equal number of deaths? I have seen the rapid increase in the delta variant among mostly younger adults and children with no deaths or lingering effects after about 3-5 days, much like the flu.
    This has been my personal experience.

    1. I’ve been wondering the same thing John.
      If it is “like” the flu, how can we be sure it isn’t just an influenza?
      And if it IS Delta, if it is just like influenza in its effects, what does it mean when they call it more “virulent”?
      Does more virulent simply mean more transmissible? If so, and if it isn’t any more deadly than the flu, then why does it matter?

      So many questions, so few answers…

    2. The number of “infections” are grossly overstated with the inaccurate PCR tests.
      The most vulnerable people in nursing homes are already dead.

      Mutations tend to lead to less deadly variants of the disease.
      Even the deadly 1918 to 1920 flu had only two large “death spikes” and then deaths declined rapidly as mutations were obviously not as deadly. Remember there were no vaccines or medicines for that flu epidemic.

      I’m not sure how the Delta variant is identified as there is no specific PCR test for the Delta variant. If there was it probably would be inaccurate too.

      There were said to be 219 viruses that affect human health before COVID.
      Now there are 220, with COVID, and maybe 221, with the COVID delta variant.

      A typical flu vaccine is 40% to 60% effective.
      It is wishful thinking to expect COVID vaccines to be a lot more effective.

      An interesting comparison I found today:

      COVID infections versus % of population vaccinated
      in Israel, versus neighboring “Palestine”

      Israel has a much higher percentage of vaccinations,
      yet is having far more problems with new “infections” ?

      Two charts are here:


  4. COVID is getting to be tiresome. A distraction from the real crisis our country/world is facing. We have experienced a coup. The election fraud of 2020 is massive. If not corrected, our constitutional republic is hopelessly lost. The COVID casualties will pale compared what is in store for generations – in fact they already do. The horribly destructive nature of progressivism/globalism – on every front a disaster.
    If we still must refer to it as “alleged fraud,” we are not paying attention. The total lack of accountability on every front has us on a precipice.

  5. It would be more relevant to know how many of these “positives” are on ventilators or have died. Why are they not reporting those stats?

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