(READ) Justice Dept. says it’s ok to mandate Covid-19 vaccine

The Justice Department has issued an opinion saying that it’s ok for government, schools and private industries to mandate the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

The federal Department of Veterans Affairs and some other groups and agencies recently announced they would require Covid-19 vaccines.

The mandates do not take into account the millions who have fought off Covid-19 either with or without symptoms, and are considered to have better immunity, according to scientists, than what the shots provide. Virologists say it’s not possible to use the current processed to learn who has fought off Covid-19 asymptomatically since they may not have needed to develop measurable antibodies, or their antibodies may no longer be measurable with current tests.

However, the Department of Justice has determined it is legal for agencies and groups to require the vaccinations.

Read the government’s full opinion below:


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3 thoughts on “(READ) Justice Dept. says it’s ok to mandate Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. I do not know why the Nuremberg trial resolutions are not being invoked. They sure do address this very topic. As the CDC decrees it’s way around the law by emergency use, it also states clearly the vaccine is EXPERIMENTAL.
    This falls directly under the purvue of the Nuremberg resolutions against unreasonable experimentation. https://www.marshall.edu/ori/nuremberg-code-directives-for-human-experimentation/
    Alternate methods are available but being covered up or not used. Shots being given to perfectly healthy people against their will (coerced) or they will lose jobs or can’t shop.
    Our Government is clearly against the will of the People. Why.

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