(READ) Trump: ‘Massive evidence of election fraud’

– August 1, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
The New York Times, and others, always insert a clause into their stories, “WITHOUT EVIDENCE, that the election was decided fraudulently.” As usual, this is FAKE NEWS.   There is massive and unconditional evidence that the election was shattered with fraud and irregularities at a level that our Country has never seen before. Much of it is already public, and a great deal more is coming out in the very near future. Every time you read a statement that there is “no evidence of election fraud,” about the 2020 election scam, just attribute that statement to a crooked and collusive media (they work closely together with the Radical Left Democrats) that will do anything to hide the real facts of this election fiasco.   After seeing the irrefutable evidence from numerous states, others are talking about doing deep forensic audits. This election was a scam, and the Lamestream Media is doing everything in their power not to allow the people to see or read about what really took place. We no longer have a free and open media (they don’t cover the truth), but the word is getting out stronger than ever before.  Even the Justice Department has no interest in the crooked and corrupt 2020 Presidential Election. They are only interested in hurting those who want to reveal how totally dishonest it was. The Justice Department should be looking at the people who rigged the election, not the Patriots of our Country who are seeking to find how our Nation was defrauded. We must also look to the future and fight for State Legislatures to reform their elections so that this will NEVER happen again. In the end, truth will WIN!  

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13 thoughts on “(READ) Trump: ‘Massive evidence of election fraud’”

  1. Many of us who have spent endless weeks and months of investigation into facts, know that this fraud goes beyond foreign Governments, Communism, Marxist, Democrats, Bigtec ,and controlled Media all the way up to the Three richest Families who control everything we think do and say. We have one Trump card that is our Lord God our creator to save us all. GodSpeed ??

    1. Evidence everywhere. Solid factual evidence. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a soul who will do more than write about it or speak about it. Someone needs to gather the able bodied and go out and fight it with all their might because at this moment we are doomed. It is hard to even imagine the depth of corruption and how many it has reached. There doesn’t seem to be anyone left with morals or ethics that want to do the right thing. Money and/or fear seems to have won out. Years ago I would have been standing front and center. Unfortunately this took too long to unfold. And the timing says a lot. But I fear for those that will still be around in this god forsaken place in the years after I have left this earth. It saddens me and I hope that I do not have to witness it from above because it will continue to break my heart.

      1. thats what i don’t understand!!!!!! i think trump and us are the only people that care. politicians, no matter what side are all dirtbags! scaredy cats!! what is it they are afraid of??? absolutely NOBODY IS TRYING!!!!

  2. assuming all of this is true, which it seems to be, what is going to be done? The socialists don’t seem to care about being caught because nothing is being done to them. And, who would do it? The FBI and DOJ are useless, the politicians are worse, and the media that is supposed to be a “watchdog” are socialist lapdogs. So, what is going to happen?

    1. Valid questions, all, and very well put. I would only add the SCOTUS to your list of useless entities (FBI and DOJ)–the whole of the justice system has been politicized, weaponized, and corrupted by the left.
      Yet and still, it is very important that the truth comes out, and I pray it eventually will, regardless the justice system’s disinterest. If enough voters learn the truth of the matter, maybe then they will realize the depth and scope of the corruption that is in The Swamp, realize the depth and scope of the lies and propaganda fed to them by the fake news MSM all these years, and vote accordingly.

  3. Yes there was and as usual Trump was all talk and nothing of serious note to stop it. 82 million raised in stop the steal and all it will do is line his pockets. It was him that did 2 weeks to stop the spread and wrecked the economy. We aren’t even close to seeing Biden’s inflation yet. He put Fauci in charge who is there to cover his wrong doing. He built no wall. He didn’t lie Democrat only wished to do at that point. And he set up Biden to finish us off. Go away already!!!

    1. The entire government is corrupt to the core and you expected Trump along to stop it. No I believe that there are only a handful of people within our government that will fight to save our country, President Trump pulled back the curtains to expose it all.

  4. President Trump exposed a portion of what’s happening to America. Corruption from within. Even after Biden was inserted as President, the corrupt continue to expose themselves. All these people have one thing in common. They feel that they won’t be punished for exploiting America and turning it into a cesspool. Middle class are being extorted. Hell! Everyone is being extorted in one way, or another. The only ones that can do anything about it is the citizens. Will they rise up???

  5. Ms. Attkinson is spot on. The tremendous failures of Bidden Admin ..Energy los of independence, Afghanistan 13 deaths, 85 bil weaponry unvetted refugees, Border crisis 2 mil illegals, 30 % Covid, superspreader implanting to all essen all states. Continuing Covid through 2022 election to ensure more voter fraud, compromised by China (Hunter laptop etccc) ,manditory vaccines even little kids (all hard left marxist/socialist hate America radical dem’s, willing complicit media, social media.
    ***All that is secondary to***
    Forensic Audits to show how this group performed MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD to falsify 2020 Election.
    Trump 13 + million more votes than 2016. Florida Ohio Iowa all for Trump. Only key democratic corrupt
    precincts in WI, MI, PA, AZ, GA (inner city large dem/minority locals) Massive vote count delays with massive vote spikes after counts stopped night of election, used Covid to flood mail in ballots etc.. toallow large scale cheating. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE BURIED. If this isn’t fixed for 2022 will see more of the same (eg. recall in dem controlled CA of /Gov)

  6. “UNTOUCHABLE SUBJECTS. FEARLESS, NONPARTISAN REPORTING.” Nothing in this article is true. You present no facts, just an opinion. Texts like “the Radical Left Democrats” shows you’re partisan. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t claim yourself to be nonpartisan. You’re not.

  7. All Governments are corrupt, we know that, but in the US what made it worse was that FBI, CIA and DOJ are all linked to this deception. So what of that famous word banded around by all who call themselves ‘politicians’, the beloved word being ‘Democracy’. Truth is, there is and shall never be democracy anywhere that politicians exist. They have had their day, its time for real people to take charge, Trump was one of them, but he is just one. The US government is set to fall in the coming few years when they finally reveal to the nation and indeed the World, the long kept secret of Alien species, more that 12 species who actively live on this planet, boy will that shock Americans. Where did you think micro processors came from, stealth technology and many other things that have leaped ahead of normal technological advances, Area 51 back engineers them, which means ?? Yes !! they have alien tech to work with. Beware USA and wake up, You, in fact we are all being lied to.

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