(READ) Trump on Afghanistan crisis

– August 14, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Joe Biden gets it wrong every time on foreign policy, and many other issues. Everyone knew he couldn’t handle the pressure. Even Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said as much. He ran out of Afghanistan instead of following the plan our Administration left for him—a plan that protected our people and our property, and ensured the Taliban would never dream of taking our Embassy or providing a base for new attacks against America. The withdrawal would be guided by facts on the ground. After I took out ISIS, I established a credible deterrent. That deterrent is now gone. The Taliban no longer has fear or respect for America, or America’s power. What a disgrace it will be when the Taliban raises their flag over America’s Embassy in Kabul. This is complete failure through weakness, incompetence, and total strategic incoherence.

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9 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on Afghanistan crisis”

  1. They say Biden is at Camp David working on Afghanistan? Really? He couldn’t find the door to the White House this past week how is he going to think through the Afghanistan issue? A very, very serious issue!!

      1. Sine everyone is on vacation , according to their email and will not be back in the office until. 08/22. , let’s move them out and move TRUMP in since they are all MIA !,,,

  2. Afghanistan today. Taiwan tomorrow.
    Hey Foxconn, I suggest that you get your key people out of Taiwan as soon as you can.

  3. After 9/11 the Russians told us that Afghanistan is not controlled by one central government.
    The so-called central government controlled the Kabul metropolitan area and not much else.
    Tribal warlords controlled the rest of the Afghanistan.

    The Russians said It would be impossible for one Afghan leader
    to rule the whole country from Kabul.

    20 years ago I argued with friends that it was a huge mistake
    to go into Afghanistan, except with US special forces to find Bin Laden
    in the eastern mountains where he was hiding.

    All the Afghan people who helped Americans in any way will be executed
    if they are lucky — tortured first, if they are not lucky.
    Just like what happened in South Vietnam.

    The US has a 14 step process for visa to get into the US
    … while people waltz across our southern border
    like they were walking through an open door.

    More details here:

    I predict the Taliban will completely control Afghanistan before 9/11/21
    The Afghan president has already left the country

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