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9 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on Biden leadersihp”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Those Progressing-Toward-Communism
    Libertines are Censoring Logic—they’re
    what this scribbler name-calls :

    Logicphobes // Utopi-Psychotics // and
    Reptilian Emoters (( all of them my terms,
    used to wake up rightists—since the early
    1980s, and beginning my attacks on Leftism
    in 1963 when Special-Civil-Rights Legislation
    was being proposed )).

    Consider these paragraphs :


    Forwarded Message :

    Read the below excerpts from documents
    captured by Western allies in Dusseldorf,
    Germany, in 1919, the first line of which
    reads as follows :

    “Communist Rules for Revolution”

    —read those rules, below, and compare each
    one to the social/cultural/racial/sexual/political/
    financial transformations of our once-Christian/
    once-Meritorious civilization, during the the past
    seven decades:

    1). “Corrupt the young; get them away from
    religion. Get them interested in sex. Make
    them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.”

    Which party has been doing that ?

    2). “Get control of all means of publicity,
    there by—getting people’s minds off their
    government, by focusing their attention
    on athletics, sexy books and plays and
    other trivialities.”

    Which party has been doing that ?

    3). “Divide the people’s faith in their natural
    leaders by holding the latter up to contempt
    and ridicule.”

    Which party has been doing that ?

    4). “Always preach true democracy, but seize
    power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.”

    Which party plans to do that?

    5). “By encouraging government extravagance,
    destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation with
    rising prices and general discontent.”

    Which party has been doing that ?

    6). “Promote unnecessary strikes in
    vital industries, encourage civil disorder
    and foster a lenient and soft attitude
    on the part of the government toward
    such disorders.”

    Which party has been doing that ?

    7). “ By specious argument, cause the
    breakdown of the old moral virtue, honesty
    and sobriety…”

    Which party has been doing that ?

    8). “Cause the registration of all fire
    arms on some pretext with a view
    to confiscate them, leaving the
    population helpless.”

    Which party plans that ?

    Do you see it—dear conservatives ?

    I had mailed that to every conservative Mover
    & Shaker, and to their pet dog!, in the Nineties,
    to no avail—not one had had the wisdom to
    focus on it and give it wide distribution (( why
    this scribbler does not trust conservatives; and
    please find and read my essay about why
    conservatives are NOT very wise )).


    1. Rick where is your essay about why conservatives are not very wise. There is no link to your essay. Thank you.

      1. Well, Mary, my psychology reports
        are 3,000 to 3,500 words in length.

        Consider : It had been conservative
        businessmen who built and armed
        today’s well-armed Red China, then,
        several months ago, the LA Times,
        in an editorial, presented this weak
        excuse for their FOLLY : Capitalists
        really believed the communist leader-
        ship would become more democratic.

        THIS analyst knew at the get-go!—the
        vulture capitalists LIE whenever having
        to choose between VIRTUE and PROFIT,
        as Thomas Jefferson had warned ( see
        quote, below ).



        – MFN Status For Communist China? –

        Nix MFN for China

        What does it profit a nation to gain all the world’s markets but lose its soul – its founding culture?

        Let’s not work to prepare our own suicide, as Lenin foretold the West would do in his 1921 prediction:

        “The capitalists of the whole world and their governments will close their
        eyes on the kinds of [grim and unscrupulous] activities I have described and will become blind as well as deaf-mutes. They will extend loans which will provide us with the equipment and technology we lack and will thus help rebuild our military industry, which we need to launch subsequent victorious attacks against our suppliers. In other words, the capitalist nations will always work to prepare their own suicide.”

        Lenin’s prediction nearly came true but for
        the Soviet Union’s own mismanagement of
        her internal affairs. The West won’t be as
        lucky dealing with the Chinese, who hold a
        5- or 7-point IQ advantage over white
        Anglo-Saxon males.

        The Chinese feign the injured and backward party—whenever gross disparities in trade and human rights are brought to the table, being extremely clever like a fox to keep their advantage by playing Western politicians (( and immoral/unpatriotic American capitalists who unscrupulously build-up Red China to fight the U.S. in a future war )) for the short-sighted fools that they are.

        But the Chinese mostly have willing accomplices in the West–those vulture capitalists, those traitors, especially Jew billionaires like Soros and Bronfman, whose greedy profit-taking help supply China with the technology and social infrastructure so necessary for communists to continue their long march toward world domination.

        It doesn’t help us to have Marxist/socialist/feminists running the White House and our federal agencies. HUD, DoD, the State Department, Pentagon and others are overrun with Marxist agents and sympathizers. And it doesn’t help us to have greed-smitten House and Senate members who are unresponsive to the wishes of the majority in this purported democracy, and who grovel at the feet of capitalists (and now foreign governments) helping to keep them in political office.

        What a tragic joke on every decent, law-abiding American citizen. This isn’t a democratic republic but an oligarchy of corrupt and powerful men.

        If the Founders were alive today to witness what these s o n s of i m m i g r a n t s have done to their nation, America would be a bloody battleground right now.

        Communism – Marxist/socialist/feminism – is not dead. It’s alive and well in the heart and mind of every left-winger in America. Deny MFN status for Communist China on the principle of honoring human rights alone, if not for the gross trade imbalance, then for the sake of America’s long-term future and her very soul.

        Think about what utter insanity it is to help construct the means for our own suicide. But short-term profit-taking and long-term investment in a foreign nation inimical to the values of our founding culture is such an attractive way to make a buck. Right?

        That’s what drives unethical American capitalists to risk putting their own nation in jeopardy–greedy profiteering and lack of any patriotic concern for the nation and culture that gave rise to their business interests.

        Thomas Jefferson said this about them:

        “Merchants have no country. The mere
        spot they stand on does not constitute
        so strong an attachment as that from
        which they draw their gains.”

        What does it profit a nation to gain all the world’s markets but lose its soul–its founding race and culture?

        Nix MFN for China!



  2. That’s the communist manifesto clearly written & spoken my many other communist leaders.
    USA is on a path of self destruction, we are not capable of stopping it when no one can clearly see the path we’re on. There are no wise minds in DC, the academic world is just as blind, the corporate world the same. Each has their own agenda and ITS NOT the preservation of our freedom & our way of life. I’m betting in less then a century we will be a bread crumb nation of no importance.

    1. Well put, Harry Hallstrom !



      That list was published in Readers
      Digest, 1963, or so. My mother had
      cut it out, to save—pressed between
      pages in her book about “Plato’s

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