Rep. Banks: ‘Taliban now has access to over $85 billion of U.S. military equipment’

The U.S. has helped make its enemy, the Islamic extremist Taliban who once harbored Osama bin Laden after 9/11, among the best-equipped military around.

That’s according to an accounting by Republican Congressman Jim Banks.

  • 75,000 vehicles
  • 200+ airplanes and helicopters
  • 600,000+ small arms and light weapons
  • More U.S. black hawk helicopters than 85% of the nations in the world
  • Night vision goggles
  • Body armor
  • Biometric devices containing info for all of the Afghans who helped U.S.

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12 thoughts on “Rep. Banks: ‘Taliban now has access to over $85 billion of U.S. military equipment’”

  1. Another great example of total & gross mismanagement by the US government AND the military.
    Why should I have to pay yearly taxes while this total incompetence is allowed??
    Where are the QUIET congressmen/women on this? Why are they so quiet? The USA has become a dodo bird of ignorance.
    I’m convinced no one in Washington, DC knows what the heck their doing.
    There should be Court-martials of generals & other leaders. They are not worthy of the uniform they ware. There should be investigations of congressional committees who are tasked to prevent this type of mismanagement. But they again they are as incompetent as the generals.

  2. If the 25th is invoked, Harris becomes president. My question is: Who will become VP? , “what difference does it make” , Hillary?

    1. The President–whoever he/she is–can appoint a VP. The Speaker of the House (Pelosi) only succeeds to President if both the President and the VP positions are vacant. I pray it doesn’t happen.

  3. Give them their money and exit that country. Or be prepared to stay there for another generation or two or three. No more Forever Wars – fought simply for greed and the glory of men.

  4. Joe Biden stated ‘the buck stops with me’ — when will that happen?

    Joe, you just gave away $85 billion worth of high tech military equipment to the Taliban and soon Nancy and Chuck will tell you to hand out an additional $2.5 to $3.5 trillion dollars toward entitlements.

    When will the buck stop?

  5. There is lots of equipment the Taliban can use, but that does not include very complicated helicopters and aircraft. They are very difficult to fly and those who do fly them have to practice for many hours in order to use them. They also require very precise maintenance which the Taliban does not have. One was being taxied around the airport the other day but no attempt was made to get it off the ground.
    Virtually every war we have been involved in has resulted in much equipment being left in the field. After the Korean war, lots of equipment was taken to the ocean and dumped.

    1. Thank you for that information. It is good to know that one needs to know how to operate the $85 billion dollars of tax funded equipment was carelessly left behind.

  6. They should have engineered and installed a Military recognition Module in these vehicles , airplane’s and Helicopters they left there.. “How would that have helped ??. With this New technology installed they could fly a drone over or using a Military satellite New ,recognition module engineered, receives a signal with circuits installed in module, to Short out all the Wiring on demand sensing activation code, making these vehicles useless… Unless you contact the United States and have them send you a New wiring Harnesses and schematic charts for that type of military transportation vehicle ?? LOl ? This informative thought brought you by Sponge Bill , un-circuit pant’s, smiling ear to ear cranking things up a notch on the military front, the next time ?…

  7. Don’t we have self-destruct capabilities on all high-dollar valued assets? We should be able to just send a code disabling all electronics.

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