Scientists continue to push false info about benefits of Covid-19 vaccine in people who had Covid

The following is a news analysis.

Saturday Aug. 28, 2021

The same false information that top immunization advisers and officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) promulgated months ago somehow worked its way into an article in the medical journal Science published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The information incorrectly claimed, once again, that a new study showed people with natural immunity to Covid-19 after infection benefit further if they still get vaccinated, anyway.

The writer of the article appeared to use the misinformation to try to undercut the findings of the large study in Israel that found natural immunity is far superior to vaccination in preventing Covid-19. The study amplifies the results of many other studies that concluded the same thing.

The mistake in the Science article is oddly similar to disinformation repeatedly put out by CDC, which continues to push people with natural immunity to get vaccinated.

Last December, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) flagged CDC’s false information, signed off by its entire top team of immunization advisers. CDC top officials and scientists promised to correct it. However, the CDC scientists and officials continued to make the false claims to doctors and the public. 

More media mistakes here

When Massie flagged the untrue information again, CDC eventually issued a correction. However, the correction was so obtuse, it continued to give the same wrong impression: that studies showed people who already had Covid-19 somehow further benefit from vaccination.

In the case of the false information being published in Science, it was flagged by a reader on Twitter.

The journal then deleted the false information and posted a clarification.

Clearly, there is an organized attempt to use fabricated scientific claims to convince people who have had Covid-19 to get vaccinated despite the fact that a growing body of studies show no benefit to them. The idea that these claims are generated by or repeated by top scientific authorities, such as CDC, is remarkable.

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10 thoughts on “Scientists continue to push false info about benefits of Covid-19 vaccine in people who had Covid”

  1. Thank you for being willing to continue shining a light on the truth. This misinformation being pushed by the CDC is so very frustrating! I personally had COVID-19 in Feb 2021 and even had to receive the EUA bamlanivimab monoclonal antibodies from Eli Lilly – which was ordered by my PCP. I called his office to ask for some documentation showing that I had recovered from SARS-CoV-2, but my doctor said that he would not provide any document that could be used as a waiver to getting the vaccine because “the CDC’s website clearly states that even those who had recovered from COVID-19 still need to get vaccinated”.

    Now I’m wondering if I need to find a new PCP that is willing to follow scientific data rather than just being a puppet of the CDC – regardless of how it affects my health.

    1. I’m an RN – it is illegal for the doctor to not provide you with ALL of your medical records upon request. Speak to an attorney – should be a very quick fix – one phone call and I’d bet you have your records. Your insurance company also has to give you all records and billing info under their control.

  2. I would really like to see someone investigate the Covid death numbers. How many people died with covid while on a ventilator and how many people died with covid but was never put on a ventilator. I firmly believe that being on the ventilator is causing more deaths. Being on a ventilator causes ARDS and damages lungs. Everyone I personally know or know of who has died with covid, it was while being put on a ventilator. I just think that this is important and people don’t question the medical staff about being put on one.

  3. Currently, we have the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and now we have the SINOs (Scientists In Name Only). From climate change to Covid, the scientific community has over the last few decades been taken over and overwhelmed by activists disguised as “scientists”. I am not surprised at this at all. The Frankfurt School, comprised of Marxists, gained a foothold in the US educational system (Columbia University) when some of its members immigrated to the US to escape Nazi Germany in the 1940s. Their teachings on cultural Marxism comprised of the invasion of Marxists into every institution in American society to bring about the revolutionary change they so desired and dutifully accomplished over many years. This was to be done by subverting American society at all levels. If any reader desires to educate themselves on what I have briefly summarized here, please examine these videos –


    There is a lot in those videos to digest, but once you examine them you get an understanding of the things we are now witnessing in the US. This has been unfolding over many decades and has now corrupted every institution (political, scientific, education, etc.) of the US. Sadly, no institution has been left unscathed.

    I am an immigrant with a PhD in Physics who has taught in the US since the 1990s.

  4. Dr. Jane Orient: Where Are the Autopsies of People Dying Post COVID Vaccine?

    Her credentials2 are many: She’s a clinical lecturer in medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. She received her medical degree from Columbia University and is the author of several books. And, as president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and chairman of the Public Health Committee of the Pima County (Arizona) Medical Society, she asks: Why haven’t there been autopsies of healthy people who are dying unexpectedly after receiving a COVID jab?

  5. A friend spent one year in the hospital with COVID-19. After finally testing negative, he still had several weeks of recovery before he could return home. He was doing home based therapy when he was convinced to take the vaccine even though he had anti-bodies. The second shot create a severe response and landed him back in the hospital where he remains.
    The truth is that, like so many other areas where big government has inserted itself, it pretends to have answers when it doesn’t. They operate under the mindset that you never admit that you don’t have the answer, you dissemble and just make something up. The results hurt and even kill people.

  6. The CDC, FDA, big pharma are basically following the “Disinformation Playbook” pioneered by the tobacco companies. There are various versions, but the gist of it is as follows: (a) The Fake: Conduct counterfeit science and pass it off as legitimate research or studies; (b) The Blitz: harass and discredit scientists who speak out with results or views contrary to industry; (c) The Diversion: when necessary, manufacture uncertainty about science where little or none previously existed; (d) The Screen: buy credibility through alliances with academia, professional societies and publishers; and (e) The Fix: manipulate the media and government officials and processes to influence policy.

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