U.S. official finally acknowledges Covid-19 natural immunity: ‘As good as vaccine’

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It was truly “breaking news” when the former Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. and Admiral Brett Giroir, acknowledged the power of natural immunity in fighting Covid-19.

While not all of Giroir’s information was fully accurate, it may be the closest a prominent U.S. official has come to addressing the often-unspoken elephant in the room as effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines continues to decline.

In a television news interview, Giroir was pressing for more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 when host Dana Perino asked about the role of natural immunity.

“So natural immunity, it’s very important,” acknowledged Giroir. “There are still no data to suggest vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity. I think both are highly protective.”

There are still no data to suggest vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity. I think both are highly protective.

Dr. Admiral Brett Giroir, Former Asst. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Continuing on, Giroir said, “But I think you, if you have proof of Covid infection, right now that’s still equivalent to vaccine immunity. And even The CDC recognizes that. If you’re an American coming back into this country, if you’ve had proof of a previous Covid infection, you don’t even need to be tested. So I think when businesses reopen, they ought to consider natural immunity, vaccine immunity, all equivalent to get you back in the workplace.”

Three months ago, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated more than 120 million Americans had been infected with Covid-19, and so would enjoy the presumption of immunity. CDC has not updated that figure since the end of May. The true, current number is many millions of people higher than the May figure which, many scientists say, was a very conservative estimate.

That would mean, vaccines aside, half or more of the U.S. population is likely protected with natural immunity.

Watch the interview at 4:34 here:


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42 thoughts on “U.S. official finally acknowledges Covid-19 natural immunity: ‘As good as vaccine’”

    1. Herd immunity is best accomplished through vaccine. When you achieve herd immunity through natural immunity millions of more people will die and the SARS-CoV-2 virus will mutate more and more. We need stop the transmission of the virus. This virus is a Zoonotic Novel RNA virus. Our human system cannot recognize it. We need a vaccine to train our immune system to recognize it. Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies are the answers to stopping this virus.

      1. Sorry, but the Israeli studies have debunked this. Those that have natural immunity from previous infection have better immunity than the vaccine alone. Our bodies do recognize this and respond with durable immunity.

        For those tha thave never gotten covid then taking the vaccine is a good idea, but lets not count out the many that have recovered and shoukd be considered immune.

      2. Obviously that hasn’t worked out so far. The more who have gotten vaccinated, the more widespread Covid has become. Should be the opposite. Meantime, since it has spread a lot, like it or not… the good news part of it is more people have stronger natural immunity now. I think that’s the main point.

      3. This is a leaky virus that causes variants. Natural immunity seems to protect against variants, whereas the vaccination only protects against the renal variant for two or three months. That’s why there’s a need for booster shots.

      4. You have it completely backwards. The vaccines don’t last where natural immunity will prove to be for a lifetime. Get ready for booster shots yearly and Covid will still spread.

      5. Unfortunately vaccine is not immunization. Efficacy is about 6 months. Booster after booster will not get us to herd immunity.

  1. What we’ve been saying all along. They’ve been pushing to mandate the vaccine to those who already recovered. This is good news.

  2. It’s not about immunity! It’s about conformity! The left won’t rest till anyone who dares refuse to step out of the box is silent is beaten into subjection!

  3. I find it impossible to communicate how it feels as a SARS-CoV-2 recovered New Yorker to see vaccine mandates popping up everywhere. In early 2020, I was infected for three weeks, forced to continue to work because in NYC hourly workers have to EARN the right to take any sick time off. My job was at a call center ensuring the elderly and handicapped could schedule rides to their doctors, hospitals, pharmacies or even bingo night. I did it all while barely being able to breathe. Some foods tasted metallic for months afterwards. I had never been that sick before, but I powered through.

    I haven’t gotten sick since even though theoretical exposure is through the roof with public transportation in NYC. I know I’m immune. I don’t need to waste a vaccine on me when if they’re so useful they could be given to truly high risk people. Being someone that never graduated college, I accepted that I would always be considered someone less than, but to be considered truly second class now, barred from the service industry which is where I have spent my life working, is truly inhumane. I never would have imagined McDonalds would have signs saying I’m not permitted in their restaurant because of a medical choice.

    1. Natural immunity can do great things. Yet it only goes so far. Our immune system cannot recognize this virus. It needs help to defeat it. It needs a vaccine to train it to recognize the virus. After you recover you can be reinfected and you can be infected by another variant of the virus. You are not immune. The antibodies your immune system made against COVID will fade. Please take one of the vaccines. People who have had COVID and recovered and then get one of the vaccines have a very robust immunity to COVID and if you get the vaccine you will have immunity to many of the variants of the virus. Take one of the vaccines and be safe. Or if you discover that you are infected again, try to get monoclonal antibodies. They will help you, but you have to be in the very beginning of the infection. Be safe

      1. There is NOT enough data to suggest any of what you are saying. People who have suffered through the virus (such as myself) should have EVERY RIGHT to CHOOSE to get this vaccine or not. The LAST thing I want to do is port anymore more related to covid19 BACK into my body after fighting it off already. Stop bullying people.

      2. That’s pure propaganda and you know it. The stab is good only against one small sector of the virus, the spike protein. Natural immunity confers a more robust and complete protection against all sectors of the virus. The Delta variant has not affected those with previous Covid infections at all. Quit lying, you are obviously a shill for big Pharma.

  4. THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS..!! However, we actually knew this all along, didn’t we….?? AND, so did THE POWERS THAT BE…!! They were NEVER interested in “herd immunity” and this is why they locked us down….shut us down….shut us up…masked us….separated us….attempted to RUIN US…!! They were NEVER interested in “herd immunity”…..They were interested in “culling the herd”….!! FACT….!!

  5. It’s about time this is verbalized by ‘the powers that be’….something we have known from day one.
    This video, one of 3 part lecture is 100% on target of what has been happening historically and why the global elites now are in control… https://youtu.be/aOysMK5xK5c. I hope SA followers will take the time to watch.

  6. Sheryl, can you look into the covid t cell test. I paid for it and I was positive for t cell immunity but only 0.7 on antibody. Dr Michael Yeadon states antibodies does not declare immunity so I should not be so concerned. Please investigate if you can. Thank you. It seems like no one knows about this test.


    1. Anne-Marie Hendrickson

      I too would love an objective evaluation of this test. And whether or not it will be allowed in lieu of a vaccine to prove prior infection.

  7. No doubt we’ll soon be hearing from Fauci that for the purpose of keeping your job, going to school or eating in a restaurant, natural immunity counts the same as three doses of the so-called “vaccines” only if you’ve been infected with different “variants” of the virus and fully recovered twice. He’ll go on to tell us that that is “what the science says” because it’s what he says, and that anyone who doubts his word for it is a “science denier.” Of course a majority of Americans will swallow that line of total b.s. hook, line and sinker.

    1. Then, Dr. EVIL will tell people to go “hook up” on the internet with lots of strangers because this BIOWEAPON that has been released on all of us will actually enable people to have better, deeper, more enjoyable and intellectually stimulating SEX with people that don’t live in the same zip codes and that masks are not needed because internet “hook up” are exempt for any and all government mandates..!!

      Then, Dr. EVIL will swear to us that his “science” supports his statements because he, personally, thinks that these “hook ups” with new people will contribute to the evolution of humanity and he has FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of this because his internet “hook ups” have certainly enriched his own life.!!

      Cough..!! Cough..!!

    2. T cell involvement is so much more important than antibodies. Antibodies vary from infected person to infected person. They also fade. Antibodies cannot enter our cells to defeat the virus. Antibodies do not chase viruses into the cells and defeat them there. So the virus is free to replicate and mutate inside your cells like mad. Remember we would have no Delta variant if more people were vaccinated. Also remember that the vaccines can train your immune system to recognize the SARS-CoV-2 and defeat it without the virus replicating and mutating in your cells. SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus so it cannot self correct its mistakes so it mutates so much more than a DNA virus. Please remember that SARS-CoV-2 kills more men than women. It is now killing many pregnant women that it infects. Be safe and take one of the vaccines.

  8. I think we need to be clear on the current situation. The people who are getting Covid at this point appear to be a) un-vaccinated with no previous covid infection OR b) previously vaccinated with no previous covid infection?

    I know plenty of people who had the vaccine and still got covid. I dont know of a single person who has previously had the covid infection, who has had it a second time. I am sure it does happen, but would be good to know the rate…so, we can move past the fear and big pharma narrative.

  9. Do research on natural evolving. Don’t listen to the government do ur own research of the evolution of the virus and our evolution. It’s all about T cells not antibodies. We’ve been evolving our T cells since the commen cold and SARS . We can naturally evolve it’s kinda silly to say we can’t

  10. Since natural immunity is many times better than the vaccines, this current outbreak is largely due to people who were vaccinated. This kept the vaccine from providing natural immunity to large numbers of low risk people during the first pass.

    1. What you are saying is so wrong. The human immune system cannot even recognize this virus. The natural antibodies that are produced by you being infected with it vary greatly and they fade. The also only protect you from the exact variant your were infected with. Plus these antibodies cannot enter your cells to defeat the virus. Many people do not even develop T cell involvement with many infections. SARS-CoV-2 kills more men than women. Now it is killing more pregnant women. Take the vaccines.

      1. You literally have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you have ANY idea how vaccines are supposed to work? They rely on the triggering a human immune system response. If the immune system could not recognise this virus the following things would not work. 1. No one would ever survive a Covid 19 infection. 2. The vaccines would not work because the immune system would not recognise the generated spike proteins. Finally, natural immunity works by generating antibodies, which then get cleared up by your immune system, and Memory B cells provide the long term storage of the defense response.
        Stop pushing other people to follow your misguided science knowledge. If your vaccine works, why does anyone else need it? If it doesn’t work, why does anyone else need it?

  11. Finally, a decent discussion about COVID natural immunity! Yes, the 100 million+ people who have survived COVID find it very offensive when natural immunity is not even mentioned in statements like “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (CDC Dr. Walensky), and “Get vaccinated or lose your job. Your medical or religious concerns don’t matter” (Biden)……And the one other point always discounted or left out is proper EARLY INTERVENTION!

    My whole family got COVID in January just prior to vaccine roll out to our age group. My daughter is a microbiologist and genetic specialist and got us Ivermectin from a cow feed store. I verified correct dosing via the Front Line Covid Critial Care protocol. We also used vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, etc. and all made it through without hospitalizations and now have natural immunity. My wife, who has severe health issues also got monoclonal antibodies. Her previous doctor in California was impressed as she said my wife would have died had we not taken all of those steps. It took several weeks of being wiped out, but has fully recovered, thanks to this protocol that is continually suppressed and mocked here in the US.

    Note that many other countries (such as very populated India) have embraced Ivermectin protocols and have substantially improved outcomes….It works by suppressing viral replication, so it does not cure it but can keep it from getting worse. Yet our own authorities refuse to acknowledge it. Then recently, Merck is pushing through something similar that has far less effectiveness than what has been seen with Ivermectin (50% improvement for the new Merck drug compared to 80 to 90% improvement with cheap Ivermectin).

    We would not even have a pandemic if early intervention with things such as Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies were mentioned. Hospital staff would not be so over worked. And if the CDC had counted only true deaths from COVID, as opposed to “with COVID”, using standard reporting protocols rather than a special protocol just for COVID, the deaths would probably have been about the same as a flu season, so no need to push the vaccine so hard.

    Ever wondered why the United States who leads the world in medical technology, has the worst COVID rates and deaths??? Did you realize that Taiwan had less than 10 COIVD deaths out of millions of people and used Ivermectin? Do you realize that those who had the Spanish Flu in 1918 still had B-cell memory immunity 90 years later? Did you know that those who had SARS-COVID in 2005 still have a robust immunity? So to the lady who insists natural immunity cannot deal with this virus, with all due respect for our individual opinions, you are totally off the mark. Please rethink this and study up for your own sake!

    BTW- The FDA tries to mock the use of Ivermectin by referring to it as “animal medicine” yet they have it approved for use in humans for other purposes. Yes one can overdose on anything that is not used correctly, so search for the FLCCC MATH+ Protocol for direction.

    Here is a link to more information about this great hoax and attempts to coerce us into conforming to the One World Marxist Far Left Agernda…….Hmmmm, the China virus as Trump stated……https://www.thedesertreview.com/opinion/columnists/the-great-ivermectin-deworming-hoax/article_19b8f2a6-0f29-11ec-94c1-4725bf4978c6.html

    Good luck to everyone and please vote out those who are fear mongering all this “plandemic”.


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