Donald Trump and the Border/Covid Crisis

Season 7 of Full Measure begins Sunday! We already have plans for original and investigative reports you haven’t seen anywhere else.

This week, I’ll have the first national broadcast TV interview with Donald Trump since he left office.

Watch advance excerpts here.

We will talk about Covid, Afghanistan, Biden, the border crisis, Twitter, and what he’d do differently.

Will he get the Covid booster? Is the Afghanistan mess really largely Trump’s fault, as Biden has claimed? Did Trump think he was living his last moments when he was his sickest with Covid-19? What would he do differently if he knew then what he knows now?

Find out on Full Measure Sunday.

Also, my original investigation from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Illegal immigrants from five countries who crashed in a vehicle in Texas and ran

Many in the media have stopped talking about the border crisis, but I found it’s only grown worse.

I also learned whether news of illegal immigrants bringing Covid into the U.S. in large numbers was greatly exaggerated.

Illegal immigrants turning themselves in to Border Patrol in Texas before they are released in U.S.

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