Eric Clapton says he was ‘out for the count’ after Covid-19 vaccine

It’s affected his guitar-playing and career

The English guitarist and rock star describes his “disastrous” experience with Covid-19 vaccine.

“I felt so alone,” he says. He adds that it seems like his family has been “brainwashed.”

“I probably shouldn’t have had the first jab, but then I was offered the second,” said Clapton. Within a week “my hands didn’t really work.”

Clapton says he already suffered from peripheral neuropathy nerve damage pain prior to vaccination. But when he had the second jab, it ramped up from a scale of 3 to 9 on a scale of ten: “agony,” “chronic pain…There’s no medication you can take the will help.. very frightening.”

Clapton says the after effects still impact him when he touches the guitar, and he now takes sleeping pills now for the pain.

“The vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around again and that’s still going on.”

As for whether he was warned in advance, he said his doctor didn’t say anything about serious adverse reactions, and said the vaccine was “effective and safe.” He confirms he got some sort of leaflet prior to the first vaccine and didn’t read it.

“I lost the use of my hands for about three weeks…I thought I was in real trouble,” he says.

Clapton holds up gloves in the video and says “I can’t touch anything cold or hot, I have to use these, otherwise my hands begin to burn and stay burnt all day.”

He says he got a document from his doctor to confirm he cannot have another Covid vaccine or a booster.

Clapton says, “I believe in free speech and freedom of movement and choice of movement and life and love and kindness,” but with the politicization and polarization of science and medicine, he says he found it difficult to be neutral.

He says he stopped watching TV to tamp down the anxiety and polarization.

“My greatest fear is what will vaccination do to my children,” he says.

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10 thoughts on “Eric Clapton says he was ‘out for the count’ after Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. Yes, Mr “Slowhand” who can now own the ironic nickname. And yet, the avoidance and denial go deep at every level of society. The players in the northeastern quadrant of the US seem particularly driven to inject as many sheep as possible. Thus far, fourteen governors support ‘no mandates’ for the experimental frankenshot. I’d like to know what governors have stock in Pfizer, Moderna, and/or J&J ?
    It’s time an investigative team revealed the conflicts of interest among all governmental stakeholders. As a side note, a friend recently observed:”There are more lobbyists in DC than congress members.”
    Follow the money.

  2. It is time to STOP listening the “experts”, their studies, their statistics, and their science. Each day it shows that listening to them is putting us on a treadmill of false and confusing information. Information that is harming our health by adding additional layers of risk and fear to our lives.

  3. I watched the video of Eric Clapton about 2 days ago and felt so much empathy for the man. He appears to be a gentle soul and his concern are more for his family. It was very sad to hear how they treated him because of his views about the vaccine. It amazes me that family members would treat each other this way. This is a great illustration of how ideology can influence you to a point that you hate the very persons you should love the most. People love sharing quotes about love amid disagreements and such but when an actual event arises that test them, they fail. It goes to show that the noblest of thoughts are trapped in most people’s minds and are never displayed when called upon. This lack of self-awareness in human beings is why Sigmund Freud at the end of all of his psychoanalysis research declared with great dismay that human beings are irrational in their core.

  4. I know that I have caught covid very early . I am a little younger than Mr. Clapton…… What Mr. Clapton has described are the exact symptoms I had….. I have not been the same since… its.. like I lost all my energy and now I fight to get it back .. I will leave out if I have been jab or not in fear of reprisals from either side, I am a old man with my time running out…..I found myself crying at supermarket trying to hide my tears while shopping when I watch a small child maybe 4 years old clinging to her mothers leg so tight.. I remember myself at that age too….. The world was so scary and I was so little.. like this little girl…. At first did not know the reason why I was crying ?… I felt so sorry for them this little girl with her mother in the supermarket that this is the world that we have left them with…. World that looks like the book….. 1984 God help us

  5. This was an incredible interview. His courage, vulnerability and fortitude are appreciated. God bless him and all who have been hurt by this mess.. Yes, God Bless Eric and our world.

  6. SOMEBODY — Sharyl ?? — tell Eric to ask his doc about Neurontin. Saved my mother’s life when her first doctor said nothing could be done for her severe neuralgia, but next doc prescribed Neurontin and 90% of pain went away.

  7. I am a big fan of Mr. Clapton and my respect for him has grown by a lot. God bless you, man. And it also goes for Mr. Morrison. I enjoy the music tremendously and now have so much more respect for their speaking out. Thank you both.

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