(Exclusive) Trump doesn’t plan to get Covid-19 booster

Sharyl: On coronavirus: You’ve had coronavirus. You’ve also had the vaccines. Do you anticipate getting the booster if that becomes available and recommend?

Trump: I don’t think so. I mean, I don’t think so. I really feel I’m in pretty good shape with respect to that, but let’s see what happens. If I feel it’s good, if I feel it’s necessary, I would get it. I’m very proud of what we did on the vaccines. I did the vaccines in a short period of time, less than nine months,

(Speaking of President Biden)

Sharyl: Do you blame him for the fact that it’s raging again, or was that something-

Trump: Well, I blame him… Yeah, I blame him for the fact that the vaccine is not being taken to the levels that it should because the people don’t trust him.

More of the interview will air Sunday, Sept. 12 on the Season 7 premiere of Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. Here’s how to watch.

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7 thoughts on “(Exclusive) Trump doesn’t plan to get Covid-19 booster”

  1. It’s a hard situation because Trump pushed the bureaucracy hard to get the vaccines created quickly, which was a monumental feat. However on the other side of the issue, the vaccines didn’t go through normal trials, they were approved on an emergency basis and they’re not working as well or as long as we were promised. So looking at it objectively we need to stop all the vaccine mandating, give people the honest facts and send the vaccines back for more testing. Additionally there should be an effort to start from scratch on new vaccines developed in ways to minimize the problems the current batch are causing. The vaccines have become a runaway train that no one seems to be able to stop no matter what new evidence comes out.

  2. Vaccines will not be the answer. As Trump stated early on therapeutic treatments will lead us out. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons , Frontline MDs, and many other leading doctors in academia challenging the Fauci, CDC, NIH, and Democrat narratives have been right the whole time. While CDC and Fauci have been wrong the whole time. Covid19 was born in Wuhan lab, Fauci funded banned research in Communist China, HCQ along with Z-pack, Vit D, Vit C, and ZINC are very effective early treatments for covid19 and now Ivermectin has many studies too making the case. The MDs have the power to save the World, but will they have the stones to put it all on the line to remain free?

  3. So Mister Operation Warp Speed Trump is running scared about the booster shots. It is he perfectly knows that these pseudo vaccines are KILLING and DAMAGING people in droves. The VAERS system operated by the Creation Disease Center -CDC (sacrasme required) says that criminal MDs and big pharma have killed 14 000 Americans and damaged 800 000 Americans. It much more than that. Trump and Biden should be both held responsible for this crime against humanity. No informed consent was obtained about the vaccination.. That makes a clear violation to the Nurenburg Code and the Helsinki Protocols and parties participating in the crimes should indeed be tried like the Nazis were in Nurenburg. Today they should be tried in La Hagues.

    1. I totally agree. If he does not stop pushing these vaccine there are many including myself who will not be voting for him in 2024. I think I read somewhere that he was actually booed when he brought up the vaccines at his Alabama rally.

  4. The Pharmafia is a force to be reckoned with–and strategy is a test of will and patience. I don’t see how President Trump can do better than he has. If he came out and announced science and stats–the Pharmedia would attack and smear him relentlessly. He said early on that the vaccine is a personal choice. What has occurred goes far beyond DT’s influence. Our entire global society drank the pLandemic kool aid in one way, shape, or form. Until we deal with the 500 lb gorilla(psyop) in our midst we will continue to spin our wheels in a muddy mire of propaganda and fake science.

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