Fake News: How an ivermectin story got amplified around the world when nobody seemed to check the facts

Rolling Stone had to retract a false story it published claiming an Oklahoma hospital had been overrun by people who poisoned themselves with the Covid-19 treatment ivermectin, and that that had resulted in gunshot victims and others being turned away or were left waiting for emergency care.

The story was published amid propagandists working overtime to try to controversialize the Covid-19 therapy ivermectin, which public health officials disparage and recommend against, but many physicians and scientists insist is proving highly effective in some cases.

Much of the misleading propaganda implied ivermectin is a horse medicine dangerous to people. It omitted the fact that there is an approved human ivermectin.

Above: an FDA photo associates ivermectin with horses even though it’s approved for use in humans

After the false story was published, the hospital issued a statement that prompted a correction.

It turns out the one doctor quoted in the story hadn’t worked in the hospital in months, and the hospital had treated no patients related to ivermectin. Additionally, the hospital said, it has not turned away or delayed any patients in the ER.

KFOR News in Oklahoma reported the story but had an uncorrected version still published as of this publication.

Rolling Stone called its correction, which admitted it could not verify the allegations in the original story, and that the hospital had denied them, an “update.”

Many in media and online (including MSNBC, a podcast entitled “No Lie,” Daily Mail, Newsweek, NY Daily News, The Hill, Journalism professor Jason Johnson, Daily Kos and medical professionals) passed along the false report, as detailed in this thread by commentator Drew Holden.

Like two of the Covid-19 vaccines used in the U.S. (Johnson and Johnson and Moderna), ivermectin is not FDA approved to treat Covid-19. Ivermectin is approved to treat parasites. However, so called “off-label” prescription of drugs for other purposes is common –and legal.

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24 thoughts on “Fake News: How an ivermectin story got amplified around the world when nobody seemed to check the facts”

  1. Thank You Sharyl.
    Once one sees the corruption and can’t be unseen.
    I hope you got your audience with President Trump.
    Nothing says “shoe leather reporting” like a dispatch from the road with highway hum in the background. HA!
    Stephen Hart.

  2. Thank God for you. My liberal friends were sooo thrilled about the fake news report and now there will be a lot of egg-covered faces. ;) What would we do if we didn’t have you? I honestly don’t know. Thank you.

    1. The liberals I know happily repost things like this and fact check nothing. But….. When they saw how fast I recovered from the virus last month, they all wanted my Dr’s phone number.. I said:. Wait … You mean you want to take the poisonous horse death drug that millions take and does nothing for covid? lol

  3. any thing that will cut into the billions the drug industries’ are making will be stopped at any cost. and when you look you can see where much of our gov (U.S. ) has been bought and controlled . that is what billions of dollars can but

  4. It’s stunning that Rolling Stone launched a made-up story that could have been verified in less time than it took to write it in the first place. It’s also disappointing that the mainstream media didn’t smack them down in force as a result.

  5. I should know about “off-label” use of drugs. I had to initial every time a drug used to fight colon cancer was shot into my eye to correct a retina problem – which it did with flying colors.
    However, by reporting it the way they did – and the MSM running with it – it added to their political agenda and kept the money going to big pharm.

  6. It’s always about making money. Sadly, I don’t think the ‘vaccine’ manufacturers care if we have the proper medications to recover from covid.

    1. The drugs exist as we know. Various remedies can be brewed at home too!

      The same needle forcing manufacturers are making these cheap drugs that they initially had banned but now want to roll out later to counteract the covid that they manufactured themselves.

      Great business tricks!

  7. What interests me is why the MSM seem so overtly hostile to even the possibility that drugs like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin might be effective treatments for Covid-19 if used properly and in a timely manner. With HCQ, of course, it was Trump’s endorsement that sent the media into a frenzy, but the hostility to Ivermectin has nothing to do with Trump.

    Is it that the possibility of inexpensive and effective Covid-19 treatments – perhaps including ones that may be self-administered – is seen as a threat to the hierarchical elitism and reliance on government “experts” that is central to the left’s vision of reality? Are these treatments simply too democratic, too de-centralized, to suit the purposes of the left?

    Something weird is going on. The rush for universal vaccination with new vaccines that have a lot of red flags associated with them, along with the desire to stigmatize, marginalize, and even punish the unvaccinated, gives rise to fears that the government’s response to Covid-19 might just be a trial run for permanent restrictions on our liberties. Books like Klaus Schwab’s “Covid-19: The Great Reset” give substance to those fears. For the globalists, Covid-19 is seen as an OPPORTUNITY to impose permanent changes on society, not as a tragedy that we will eventually put behind us.

    A major propaganda effort is underway to stigmatize or even silence anyone who dissents from any of these government mandates or who proposes less-intrusive alternatives. On Covid-19 and many other major issues we seem to have entered an era of systematic gaslighting by both government and media. Up is down, and down is up. Pay no attention to your lying eyes, they seem to say. – just obey. And now some polls suggest that this plan is working, and that many people do not WANT to return to our former notions of normalcy. From Covid-9 to climate change to CRT, our elites have created a permanent sense of fear and crisis, and this can only play into the hands of the totalitarians.

  8. Hmmm… Dr. Pierre Kory is helping people win legal cases against hospitals refusing to provide ivermectin. 6 won last time I checked. RFK recently talked about why hospitals have resisted: The FDA hasn’t approved ivermectin for specific use, it’s an off label use, so hospitals fear lawsuits… but Remdesivir IS approved (so hospitals can’t be sued for using it, but according to RFK, it can trash a COVID patients’ kidneys in 5 days. Check his recent talk at Autism One.

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