Feds pay top dollar for Afghan evacuee housing materials

The federal government is offering premium prices, courtesy of your tax dollars, to contractors to take care of Afghan evacuees coming into the U.S.

The Afghans are being housed at four U.S. military installations.

Just one small facet of the operations to house the refugees involves trucking hundreds of thousands of tons of construction aggregate to the military bases.

An invoice shows the federal government is paying $22 a ton for stone and sand aggregate. The same material could be available for $11 to $15 a ton, according to a source involved.

Invoice for high-priced aggregate materials for Afghan evacuee housing in U.S.

“I guess our federal government can afford to overpay,” commented a contracting official in the chain. “[It] agitates me that the federal government would be paying a premium to accomplish this project because there was a failure of leadership and planning.”

The $110,000 purchase order for 5,000 tons of materials is for one of numerous companies. One company alone is expecting to deliver two such loads a week for more than a month at the premium prices.

The four military installations housing Afghan evacuees are: Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Fort Bliss in Texas, and Fort Lee in Virginia.

Watch a video of the military operation to care for the Afghan refugees below.

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4 thoughts on “Feds pay top dollar for Afghan evacuee housing materials”

  1. “Feds pay top dollar for Afghan evacuee housing materials” ?! Hey, Feds–Whatever happened to putting your fellow Americans FIRST?!

    1. …at least you’ll feel better knowing you paid for the material the government bought. :( I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist. I do hope you find a nice couch. Tho.

  2. Here is the bottom line. In government there is corruption, fraud, miss use of funds and more. It is pointed out by diligent hard working people like Sharyl and nothing happens. No one is relieved of their duties, no one goes to jail. The only action is there is nothing here to see just move on. However the person who does expose these things is more than likely to be investigated, surveilled or put into a deep investigation by the IRS. It is a sad day.

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