(FORUM) A better plan for Afghan withdrawal?

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I don’t know much. I wrote this in 5 minutes. It’s not perfect. But it’s better than what we did. What does that say about the judgement of our best, most educated experts?

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26 thoughts on “(FORUM) A better plan for Afghan withdrawal?”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Here is a “novel” idea,
    offered by Thomas
    Jefferson at this
    nation’s founding:

    “Avoid foreign entanglements!”

    Once again, re the forcing of White Christian communities
    to “welcome” Koranist, anti-Christian, anti-White, Afghan
    civilians—study Aristotle on race-mixing, from his manuscript,
    “Politics” :

    “Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution.”

    And this, from historian Will Durant :

    “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her falling trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. The political causes of decay were rooted in one fact – that increasing despotism destroyed the citizen’s civic sense, and dried up statesmanship at its source.” – The Story of Civilization (Vol.111).


  2. Wonderful list, Sharyl! It’s so easy that any project manager would have suggested the same. The problem appears because nothing like this was done. Why?

    Kash Patel, commenting over at Epoch Times, revealed that the Biden Administration refused to meet with the Tump administration to receive plans, papers, and contact information on the Afghanistan withdrawal. I think they had their own plans. This was too bad to be stupidity.

    There is a cloak of darkness that was thrown over our departure. Thirteen have died, that we know of, so far. How many will be hostages? How many more will die? And, once again as in Iraq, we have armed our adversaries with some of our best military gear and technology.

  3. The people of no nation will henceforth trust the democrat party of the United States.In fact,
    because of Joe Biden and the democrats overall trust in the goodwill and faith of the USA is diminished worldwide.

  4. “What’s in it for me?” would be the first thing a politician would consider when allocating his/her time and effort. Taking time worrying about details of a failed state..?.. nahhhhh…

  5. This is such common sense that it begs the question why didn’t the brain trusts running the WhiteHouse, State Dept and Dept of Defense come up with a similar plan? I was personally insulted when Sec of State Blinken had the temerity to suggest that no one could have foreseen the disaster that happened. What??????? Are you kidding me? A 10 year old child could have predicted the disaster.

    Keep up the great work Sharyl. Your articles and forums are one of the few bright spots in this abysmal environment we now find ourselves in.

  6. My understanding is that there is a “war-making” season in Afganistan much like a hunting season here in the states. Due to weather issues (the Taliban, and ISIS, etc.) stop fighting during the winter and go back to their caves in Pakistan. Wouldn’t it make more sense to carry out this withdrawal during those winter months rather than in August? Just sayin….

  7. The problem with your list is that you used common sense to prepare it and you only took 5 minutes.
    What you needed was a team of GS 18’s and Generals to point out all the parts that were too straight to the point to be in a Government document. Then oversight by all the irrelevant agencies. In a year or so your adjusted plan would be put out for public input. Of course by then a several million dollars later it would be too late to impliment.

  8. As I observe this administration, it appears they are doing all they can to diminish US global influence. Hard to believe that the withdrawal was not thought out, and in compliance with the globalists who plan for a one-world goverrning body that will re-distribute wealth and resources, control population growth, and suppress dissent. The American voter is in a position to slow down the globalist movement, and the administration has apparently signed on, channeling efforts to distract, balkanize and thereby neutralize US citizens. The administration has focused on eliminating our energy independence, on pushing federalization of policing and of elections, on pushing a one-size-fits-all COVID policy, and generally keeping people dependent upon federal government stipends. The debacle at the southern border is being used to change demographics in (quietly) targeted geographic areas, and the thousands of Afghanis who will be coming as refugees is consistent with that objective.
    Leaving behind billions in military hardware will end up being our contribution to the shifting of the balance of power in Afghanistan and the surrounding region. The ransom we will pay to extract those abandoned will also provide cash for the terror groups. And money will buy them a seat of legitimacy granted by the globalist leadership.
    This administration is collectively a puppet for globalist intentions, and the much-maligned American middle class majority will be sacrificed in the process, while the political elite who occupy DC will solidify their wealth. power and dominion.

    1. The only way I see for any of this to change is if the people in charge start having their neighborhoods taken over by crime, their family members as targets, etc. Otherwise, nothing will stop them. ALL Afghans now in the U.S. should be sent to Pelosi’s neighborhood, Kerry’s neighborhood, and all neighborhoods on Martha’s Vineyard.

  9. Biden is a senile quisling of NAZI-Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich GREAT RESET for their tyrannical world domination agenda.
    PROJECT COVID was hatched by Schwab, Soros and Gates back in 2018 and is set to continue until March 2025.
    One must realize that the use of disinformation, lies and fraud is right out of Goebbels NAZI playbook.
    100,000 plus UNVETTED anti-American Muslims have been flown onto AMERICAN soil… with 100 known watch list terrorist already identified..

    I ask all you moron left wingers

    I have a jar with 10,00 jelly beans in it..

    In that jar are 1000 DEADLY POISONOUS jelly beans…

    How many are you going to eat??

    I’ll wait.

  10. Why is common sense in such short supply? Perhaps you have too much and somebody else didn’t get ANY? God bless you, brave reporter, for sharing facts and truth, even when it is hard to hear. We are listening…and shortly, we will be VOTING!

  11. Why was the Bagram afb not used for evacuations instead of the Kabul airport..
    Much easier to protect.
    Biden was aware that the Taliban would be taking over quickly which was confirmed in a leaked phone conversation in July with president Ghani who had warned him.
    The agreement between Trump and the Taliban was not adhered to as Biden wanted to discredit anything Trump had started.

  12. Excellent plan Sharyl! Especially number nine. I’m not in favor of offering our military to be the policemen of the world but… It’s painfully obvious that this country needs babysitting in order to maintain peace and civility throughout the region and the rest of the world. A NATO force that assists the Afghan military in fighting the Taliban, ISIS, etc. seems to be the best answer – much like we were already doing with the 2,500 U.S. and other allied troops until President Dementia unexpectedly pulled the plug.

  13. As Lara Logan has said, this was so bad that it was intended. It could not have happened through mere incompetence. Your list, Sharyl, is simple common sense, but it also requires agencies and departments that apparently hate each other to work together.

    All the evidence indicates that this government is on board with the globalists trying to destroy America because their plans cannot come to full fruition if a free America still exists.

  14. Relatively few soldiers were needed in Afghanistan to keep the Taliban at bay for the past year. Abandoning the air bases was all it took to signal that it was now okay for them to take over the country. Military commanders aren’t stupid, so if the plan had been to safely evacuate Americans and Afghans by any given date, that’s literally the last thing they would have done. It’s obvious to the most casual observer that another plan was in play instead – we’re just not being given the true motives by those implementing it, but several likely ones are discussed above.

  15. It’s amazing to me, I’m 80 years old served in the US Navy, 1959-1967, and have participated in and watched military achievements with honor and pride. Then there is Saigon in 1975, the botched hostage rescue in 1979 and Afghanistan today.
    Of the three, the Afghanistan retreat with our tail between our legs, is the darkest moment in modern military history.

    It’s really a shame that a sharp open minded civilian like Ms Attkisson can plan a military action better than General Milley (sp) and his staff of milk toasts Staff Officers.

    Perhaps this outcome was planned.

  16. Edgar Bergen is the person or people that are really running this administration and Charlie McCarthy is clearly Joe Biden….a clueless puppet.

  17. I am astonished that no reporter, no news source has interviewed the architects of the invasion and the pax america.

    Such men as Richard Cheney, Paul wolfowitz, lewis Libby, Jeb bush, Richard perle had a vision that invasion would only be good. Rumsfeld has passed on.
    Colin Powell was not on board, but surely has the military experience to comment on the failed prosecution of the war, and the withdrawal.

    Maybe even General Tommy Franks.

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