FORUM: Biden administration acts quickly on unsubstantiated allegations against Border Patrol agents (but not so much on the Border Crisis)

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If the Biden Administration moved as quickly on the Border Crisis as they did to jump to conclusions without evidence about Border Agents “whipping” Haitian illegal border crosses, we might not have a border crisis. Agree or disagree?

Without hesitation, the Biden Administration said it removed the accused Border Agents. There had been no reports of injuries. However, the Biden administration has yet to remove, or even acknowledge fault, in the bungled withdrawal that got 200 innocent Afghan civilians and 13 U.S. soldiers murdered. It also has not removed or faulted (publicly) anybody for the killing of Afghan relief workers and children, mistaking them for Taliban bombers. And it has not explained how the intelligence could have been so faulty, or who was responsible for that. Nor has it indicated that person, or those people, have been removed from the decision and advisory chain.

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12 thoughts on “FORUM: Biden administration acts quickly on unsubstantiated allegations against Border Patrol agents (but not so much on the Border Crisis)”

  1. I’ve felt for some time that it’s almost like they’re trying to destroy our country – and as incidents like these unfold it is obvious that is indeed the goal. Take us apart piece by piece only to rebuild in some collectivist, central command structure where we only get our news from our very own Pravda (NYT/Wash Post/ LA Times) so that we are good (obedient) serfs.

  2. Reins have to be long enough to tie to a low bush or touch the ground if you are working is desert scrub. Remington’s famous statue, The Bronco Buster shows a long rein on one side. Typical liberal make everything about race.

  3. The reporting on the Border Patrol Mounted officers is beyond absurd. They are doing exactly what mounted officers are supposed to do in a crowd control situation. I should know, as I have served for twenty years as a mounted officer on a Sheriff Dept Mounted Unit.

    The reins the Border Patrol officers are using are called split reins, They are not whips – they are a standard type of equestrian tack used to maneuver your horse.

    This is some of the worst media coverage I have ever seen, characterized by ignorance and an apparent agenda to denigrate the work by the Border Patrol mounted officers.

  4. There has to be way to air the truth on a wide scale!!!
    Sharyl should be explaining “narratives” on the air twice or three times a day, seven days a week on prime time TV. Sinclair Broadcasting can’t do it alone.
    There are are some patriotic Senators and Representatives who could be of great
    help in demanding TV time for telling the true meaning of the socialist agenda.

  5. As long as the media, both news and social, are allowed to censor and lie without punitive action, the Marxists running our country (mostly non-elected) will continue to fool tens of millions of unsuspecting Americans,
    If we knew the real truth about COVID’s origins, about the reasons we left Afghanistan in the manner we did, about Biden’s financial relationship with China- there would be rioting in the streets that would far eclipse last summer.

  6. I love it….Kamala Harris rears her ugly head to LIE about whipping Haitians who are invading the country. Until now she has been MIA. Screw her and Biden and Mayorkas and especially Psaki who makes a living spewing lies.

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