(FORUM) Paying, frightening, coercing and bullying has resulted in about half of the U.S. population getting vaccinated for Covid-19

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CDC estimates about half of the U.S. population is fully-vaccinated for Covid-19.

That’s not as high as officials hoped, despite a great deal of bullying and coercion, not to mention paying people to get vaccinated and frightening them into doing so.

Covid-19 vaccination may be the right choice for many, but not for others. For example the bulk of studies say natural immunity after infection provides superior immunity than the current vaccines.

Also, some people are medically excluded from being able to get vaccinated.

Meantime, a CDC-funded study found that the U.S. had reached herd immunity levels for Covid-19 last May.

This past week, President Biden announced mandatory vaccines for more than 100 million Americans, regardless of whether they’re already immune.

The military is also moving forward on forced vaccination of the troops.

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27 thoughts on “(FORUM) Paying, frightening, coercing and bullying has resulted in about half of the U.S. population getting vaccinated for Covid-19”

  1. Its shocking that a small group of people can alter the mindset of so many. In British Columbia in Canada there is a Vaccine Passport. There are NO exclusions or medical exclusions. They are coercing everyone to get this shot. Even the leader of the federal opposition party, Peter O’Toole, says that if elected he will push to get all of Canada vaccinated! What is going on when the Federal leader of a party hoping to be elected in 6 days, tells Canadians that this shot is “safe”. We have Canadians protesting on the streets in our major cities by the thousands & our national news service doesn’t show the protests or they call the the people “hooligans & thugs” Coercion & lack of ‘Informed Consent’ is how this crime is being committed. Choice is not occurring in much of Canada. As a health care practitioner of 31 years, I remain astonished & saddened about forced shots.

    1. The same is happening in Australia.
      Ivermectin has been banned until Pfizer has it’s version ready for market.
      How will we get through this?
      Soon enough, I will be out of a job due to the mandates being imposed von us all.

  2. Are we all now living in tyranny? I know I am terrified of these gene therapy shots and even more by our so called elected officials. I have been using recommendations put forth by Dr. Zev Zelenko for last 18-months. I was deemed essential for my work and have been tested the entire time by my employer. No COVID19 & No missed days of work outside of vacation.

    1. 1x per day the following – 5000 iu Vit D, 25 mg Elemental Zinc (the 455% kind), 1000 Vit C, & 2x per day 500 mg of Quercetin. As I head into fall cold and flu. I will be adding 200 mg HCQ to replace Quercetin 1x / week

      1. There is no reason to take the “red herring” medications for diseases that don’t exist.
        Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, are all good, but don’t forget SELENIUM and IODINE.

  3. SO BIZARRE, so nonsensical! Bullying people into taking a Vax which is already out of date. Meantime, the bullies want to ignore the Natural immunity that those who survived the virus have. That is natural immunity which is more than 10X as effective. Please, someone tell me: What is the Genuine agenda here? Is it profits for big pharma? Or, something darker, like a control or Depopulation agenda. People need to wake up, and ask these essential questions.

  4. The injections of the pathogenic cyto-toxic spike proteins are creating a new AIDS pandemic because the injections neutralize the bodies non-specific antibodies and replace them with antibodies specific ONLY to suppressing symptoms of Covid19. All viruses/bacteria not specific to Covid19 that would have been blocked by the bodies non-specific antibodies are not blocked. See video here
    there has been a live trial of ivermectin on 240 million people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh that has obliterated Covid19 – just 419 cases instead of 9.4 million for the US – debate is being suppressed by social media and the MSM because it exposes the CDC/FDA/NIH as corrupt.
    Japan and Indonesia introduced ivermectin a few weeks ago and their “cases” plummeted.
    These ivermectin success stories obviate the need for any random control tests because they demonstrate success on half a billion people, rather than the few thousand in trials with all the controls that cannot possibly replicate more of real life scenarios.
    No cases = no need for vaxx! The neighboring Indian state of Kerala is vaccinating and seeing no drop in cases.
    check the Uttar Pradesh dashboard here
    Bottom line – the US is rolling out an AIDS epidemic instead of curing and preventing (early to mid-stage) infection and disease.

  5. Great site Sharyl, love your work and very informative particularly on this topic which is a bit of a challenge to get past all the rubbish.
    WOW, what a time this has been. We here in NZ have been forced to keep using ‘elimination’ as a goal, of course this will fail. We still use the theory of if you test positive, go home till your lips turn blue. Having read you and others, I know this is a terrible approach. What also is I think criminal is that our Government will not use the likes of Ivermectin for early treatment. It is a shocking thing knowing that this has a very good chance of at least reducing effects and we are effectively told ‘its horse medicine’. Best wishes.

  6. Ignoring natural immunity. Trying to vaccinate a portion of the population when covid isn’t a major threat to them. (Referring mainly to kids). Plus the vaccines effectiveness is lacking.
    Government not trying to keep accurate data on break through cases. I’m not against the vaccine, It is somewhat beneficial for a certain group. So logically one has to ask why there is such a major push to vaccinated everyone.

  7. We are living a real world mash-up of an Asch experiment combined with a Milgram experiment, liberally seasoned with Gell-Mann amnesia.

  8. CDC is lying about COVID deaths (as they have from the beginning). People are considered fully jabbed only meeting their criteria. Fauci botched the AIDS epidemic via Kim Iverson and now the COVID pandemic via Dr. Ardis. Fauci mandated unapproved drugs (AZT for AIDS and Remdesivir for COVID) as the ONLY drugs to give patients with disastrous results.

  9. We are in so much worse shape than when Trump was president – and I’m sorry to say that I voted for Biden. Sharyl, thank you so much for your reporting.

  10. Regarding: “This past week, President Biden announced mandatory vaccines for more than 100 million Americans, regardless of whether they’re already immune.”
    Immune or not is not the point or problem. Losing our freedoms and right to choose what we put into our bodies is the point.
    If you drank the kool-aid and want to get shots and boosters, go for it. Let the rest of us make our choices without name-calling, bullying, removing our rights to work and feed our families.
    I am a retired RN who decided last year to not renew my license as I will not participate in this medical system any longer. Luckily I am old enough to not work.
    I live across the border from you Jennifer and never thought I’d see what’s happening. Glad to hear there are Canadians protesting.
    JG, I take the mostly the same supplements and have taken zinc and D since the 90’s. No respiratory illness since then.

    1. I wish you’d consider not retiring; an experienced nurse is worth their weight in gold, especially one with sound medical ethics. You would be a painful loss for any medical office, and the only way to get them to stop hurting us is to start hurting them. I’m averse to violence, and as far as I’m concerned, we’ve 1 option left before we’ve got to physically defend ourselves, and that is financial pressure.

  11. Joe Biden’s comments on requiring shots reflect where the dem’s are today. Does “Overlords” ring a bell? (Privately dems are saying that the Republicans will never win another election.) That should give us all pause. Why would they believe that to be true? An “inside track” on future elections? Meanwhile the “press” remains mostly silent on recounts, and the consistent obfuscation by “dem” officials in getting the job done..
    “Do this thing, don’t worry about it, it’s probably safe, just do it, OR ELSE!!!!!”
    Is the country already lost?

  12. Does anyone know the goal of getting everyone vaccinated? And, if so, can you point me to evidence that a public official (president, CDC, anyone who’s pulling the strings in this puppet show from hell) has clearly stated the goal?

    This all started with “14 days to flatten the curve.” Which I (and I think most) interpreted as “we don’t want to overrun the hospital system.” That was the goal: Reduce serious illness and keep people out of the hospitals.

    The vaccines will most certainly keep *certain people* (those most at risk) out of the hospital but do we really need to make a focused effort to keep anyone younger than 50 out of the hospital (and those younger than 50 who feel the need for protection are free to get vaccinated!)?

    When we’re still being presented with “case counts” instead of “hospitalization rates” it’s hard for me to think the goal is still keeping people out of the hospital.

    1. Inspector Callaghan

      Even hospitalization rates are being manipulated by testing people who didn’t come to the hospital originally “for” COVID, but had a positive PCR (35+ cycle nonsense) test so they’re now “with” COVID and count as COVID hospitalizations. By the way, those PCR tests are supposed to go away at the end of the year because they’re so inaccurate.

  13. These days many people are saying, “Covid-19 vaccination may be the right choice for many, but not for others.” By the time this insanity is all over with, I suspect we’ll probably find that Covid-19 “vaccination” was the wrong choice for absolutely everyone, and especially for those who are regarded as “needing it the most” because their immune systems are already compromised. For them, getting the jab will only increase the likelihood that they will catch the virus and become extremely ill or die from it if adverse reactions to the “vaccine” don’t kill them first.

  14. If “CDC-funded study found that the U.S. had reached herd immunity levels for Covid-19 last May” is true, why is the healthcare system overwhelmed without the capacity for normal emergencies? Northern Idaho has established a “death panel” to decide who to treat according to an article in the Seattle Times. There was another report saying Texas triage policy is to treat vaccinated Covid patients because they are most likely to survive.

    1. You still believe things that the CDC and the media say? Hmmm…

      The things causing the US healthcare system to be stressed right now are hospitalizations of the vaccinated (unexpected and accounting for around half of COVID hospitalizations in many places (Israel, Ireland, UK, etc), and also doctors and nurses quitting or fired due to vaccine mandates.

      Take vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc and eliminate high-fructose corn syrup (which has been shown to inhibit absorption of calcium and lower vitamin D levels because HFCS deactivates the active form, which is called 1,25 dihydroxy vitamin D)

  15. I can assign only nefarious purposes to interpreting why on earth POTUS wants me to be injected with a toxic cocktail. I can assign only nefarious purposes to why POTUS wants our military injected with that cocktail.

    My immune system is strong my doctor told me last week, and I do supplement.

    No good can come from injecting humans with graphene oxide.

    Can’t wait to see Sharyl’s show on Sunday.

  16. Almost everything the pro-vaccine crowd does convinces me further that I am going to hold out as long as I can getting vaccinated. Why are the authorities and mainstream media not interested in natural immunity? Why are they unconcerned about the possibly catastrophic consequences of doubling their bet at every counter-argument? Why can’t they see a benefit allowing a cohort of unvaccinated against which to compare? Why are all their data, statistics, and strategies so disingenuous and obfuscated? Why are they so unconcerned about all the vaccinated who are walking around infected, again, with covid, but self-denying about it? Why all the “noble lies”? It all reminds me of the British murder mystery series that takes place in Oxford (Cambridge?) that seems to have as its major theme that many really smart people seem to feel that it is somehow their right to lie to mere mortals and this quality makes their lies very hard to detect.

    1. Inspector Callaghan

      Exactly right. Their behavior is the best indicator that things aren’t what they say. Discernment is the thing we need most in this time.

  17. “Paying, frightening, coercing and bullying” work on the weak and uninformed.
    The weak and uninformed have complied. The strong and informed have not.
    Therein lies the rub. And the Biden regime keeps rubbing against the grain.

  18. Deborah Lee Alborell

    In my town in FL, the local arts assoc which includes the opera, symphony, ballet, and all theaters have now instituted a vax mandate to attend their performances. I took the money I would have used for tickets and sent it to Children’s Health Defense, ICAN, Stand for Health Freedon, CFFS, and any other group that comes along that is fighting this battle of ignorance. Now my chiropractor wants all her patients to be “vaxed”. Time to look for a new one even though I’ve been going to the same place since 1983. I guess I will have to learn how to be one of the “new niggers”. It’s hard to believe there is so much ignorance out there – and so much evil.

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