(FORUM) Places where Covid is little more than a distant memory

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There are many places, not often depicted on the news, where Americans been living life fairly normally since fall of 2020.

This means they returned to school (no masks), played sports, and went about their normal business with few accommodations for Covid-19.

In these places where I have visited for stories, they suffered no inordinate spikes. In fact, they appear to have fared better than places where we hear of endless alarm and lockdowns.

Not many of those places are discussed on the news which is why some people who live in some big cities seemed so stunned by images of hundreds of thousands of football fans unmasked in stadiums enjoying college games this past weekend.

When such images were circulated on social media, many commented that all of those people were going to soon be dead, or that they were super spreader events.

Yet the dire predictions, so far, haven’t happened where people have congregated in great numbers outdoors.

In fact, there hasn’t been word that any of the international outdoor protests over lockdowns and vaccine passports have led to spikes in disease. And the hopes on the part of Trump opponents that his rallies, both before the election and now, would result in major spokes in illnesses didn’t materalize.

What does this tell us about the national approach?

Do you live in a place where people have been living normally? Or do you live where Covid still rages? Or where fear of Covid rules?

Do kids have to mask at school where you live?

Why do you think attention is focused on the places in crisis to the exclusion of places that haven’t had major issues?

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66 thoughts on “(FORUM) Places where Covid is little more than a distant memory”

    1. Idaho is free & has been since this political pandemic started. Only place we wear masks is in lobby of doctors office & hospitals. We do as we want & gather as we want. Ps if ur a democrat please stay in ur shit ridden blue states.

      1. Depends on where you go in Idaho. In the tourist spots such as McCall most of the shops demand you wear a mask to enter. Some of the events will make you prove you’ve had the jab or a test to enter, (Saw that happen in Boise; I did not attend) Overall, Idaho has been mostly a sweet spot. I agree with Alicia, all the brain washed fear mongers need to “Keep Out!”
        Hoping and praying this OSHA thing that would demand all businesses with more than 100 employees to either take the jab or kill themselves slowly with a weekly nose swab doesn’t happen.

  1. I live in the pan handle of north Idaho and but for the irrational fear that leaks over the border from western Washington, things have been very normal. For most of the hype and fear of the spread of Covid, we have rarely worn masks in any stores or at any events. The local amusement park was opened both last summer and this and masks were only ever recommended but the majority of patrons did not wear any. The only store in the area that masks were strictly required was Costco and because of this, when their corporate offices finally removed the restriction, locals believed this was the sign of Normal returning. Sadly, Washington governor has pushed mask wearing on the state, so to visit our neighboring state is to enter another, overly restrictive country. I feel sorry for the imposed, unnecessary, fear that they have been put under.

    1. We live in third-world country (California) and hoping to improve our lot by moving to Idaho. Where is a good place to relocate in Idaho?

      1. Beware. Choose wisely. Many of your fellow Californians with seemingly diametrically opposed views have decided the taxes were too high and moved on to red states–taking their politics with them–like CO (now californicated and deep blue because the front range can outvote the rest of the state), Utah (where we pray the Mormons will stay in power, not for religious reasons, but they know how to run a state), Arizona (pretty much gone to the left), and now Texas.

          1. California is like a bad piece of fruit in a bowl with good fruit – everything around it rots too. Perfect example – Kate Brown from CA now running Oregon… heart breaking.

        1. What is worse is many who are getting very generous California government employee pensions are moving to saner states, where their lifetime income streams courtesy of California tax payers will go much farther.

          So California does not even benefit from recycling those generous public pension payouts back into its own state economy. We pay them lavishing while they work for the state government (see Transparent California) and then they move out of the state to get double the benefit from their California pensions. (also listed on Transparent California).

          Downside, even though they now have money to burn in your state, is these will be the most politically poisonous newcomers you can welcome. We should adjust Calif pension payments down to the cost of living in their chosen state of residence.

        2. You are so right – I’m from CA — people who call themselves conservatives here are people who were perfectly willing to sock it to everyone else by electing far left candidates and supporting every tax and regulation that they could find – now that they’ve ruined the place they are moving on — I don’t think they can really change — good luck to those places they are invading now like they did here in the 1960s

      2. Why r u all picking idaho my home? Problem is u all come here & bad mouth us locals & try to change our state. We have enough of Californian rude people moving here. That’s why we have such bad attitudes towards Californians. We luv our state the way it is so if u plan on bringing your shitty politics please choose somewhere else to run from that shit ridden state, we don’t want it here period.

        1. Amen Alicia!
          So many Californians think that they CA is getting too restrictive or that their state has been ruined so they want to leave and come to the states that haven’t been ruined. The problem is that THEY ruined CA! Now they head to the other states and are so blind that they don’t realize its their lifestyles, their attitudes, their behaviors, their political views, that ruined CA – now they come here and start doing that same thing!
          Why do all the long time residents or the other states dislike Californians so much??? Helloooo Because you bring your cancer with you and destroy everything you touch! Oregon has been destroyed, now Idaho is breaking out in tumors too.

      3. Go to another state – we have far too many people from CA already and I don’t care if you think you’re “like-minded” or not, Californians are ruining Idaho!

    2. I agree. We were in SD, Montana, and northern ID a couple of weeks this summer. We felt free! We also visited busy Grand Canyon and Yellowstone—restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc., for an entire month, and we’re fine! We wore masks when required and didn’t when not!

      1. Hospitals all over the place are full, that doesn’t mean a lot if you look beyond the media hype and fear mongering. Everything is covid, everything is sensationalized. People who test positive for covid within the first two weeks after the jab aren’t sick from the jab, they’re considered an unvaxxed covid case… died from a car wreck – covid, sick with the flu and have asthma – covid, got bit by a rabid skunk – covid, poison oak leaf to your arse – covid… ;)

        1. …PS I’m not declaring that I don’t think there is a lab created illness out there mind you – I’m saying that there is some seriously manipulative numbers, fear mongering, and sheep herding going on to drive us all into corrals to be sorted, tagged, worse, and readied for the one world technocracy – we’re mostly just wooly chattel, easily divided and controlled.

    3. Thanks Pamela. Sadly you are correct about western Washington where I live. I moved away from the Seattle area to a small resort several years ago but even here, people are fearful. I refuse to live in fear the way Nazi dictator Inslee wishes. I do not wear a mask and my choice for many years has been no vaccines to which I have not had any respiratory illness for 25 years. Zinc and Vit D…that’s the trick I learned as an RN from an older patient. I rarely frequent stores that harass non-mask wearing customers like Pacific Building in Blaine. Saving money.
      It’s difficult to understand how so many seemingly intelligent people here do not look up truth on their own, like VAERS stats, factually correct sites like Children’s Heath Defense, Sharyl, Drs. Malone, McCulloch, Van Den Bosche, Tenpenny, Barke and Zach Bush. They believe censored news they are getting from mainstream and people like Rachel MadCow. I never thought I would see censorship in media in my time.
      What is worrisome is the loss of freedoms for our children and grand-children. People don’t see it or are too fearful to speak out….the go alongs to get alongs. My guess they will be the first to turn us in to authorities to be hauled away to encampments like the Jews, hauled off to reservations or burned at the stake like “witches” . What is wrong with people?! It’s not about a virus.

    4. Humorously, it was the west side that had to re-mask first, before our fear-based control-hungry governor imposed it on the rest of us, including the conservative east side of the state. As they said on the local news last night, there sure are a lot of religious exemptions being exercised as the mandates roll out.

    5. Yeah, I live in western Washington and the liberal agenda of Uncle Jay has kept us masked up the whole time but for a couple of months. Then they told us “cases” were spiking and the masks went back on. I’m 66 years old and in good health. The only time I wear a mask is where I need to go to secure essential goods. I’ve been to maskless parties and weddings and have pretty much ditched my mask. I haven’t been sick at all and guess what? I’m still alive. Hey Jay, Pffft!!

  2. I’ve been hanging out in a local bar for that past year. None of the servers have worn masks in six months or so, and none of the patrons, by and large, have for the past year.

    None of us have suffered. The people I know who have had it describe it as the flu, although one person–who got tested because her daughter tested positive–described it as mild allergies.

    This thing only kills 1 or 2 people in a thousand who get it, and they were sick to begin with. Moreover, staying away from people weakens the immune system, making infection and serious infection MORE, not less, likely when you do return to human society.

    As I tell everyone who will listen, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc supplementation in proper amounts (I take 4,000 iu D, 30 mg Magnesium, and 30 mg Zinc, but consult your doctor if you are worried) will almost guarantee no problems for anyone otherwise in normal health.

    None of this is necessary, or ever has been. Not the masks, not the lockdowns (which made things worse), and certainly not the spike protein injections.

    1. I would add I don’t wear a mask anywhere. Anywhere. Most of the country outside the big cities is like this. I see people wearing masks outside, and even working out, but it is purely a personal decision.

      I feel like pointing out to them even Anthony Fauci never said masks protect the person wearing them, and in any even the Danes demonstrated that obvious fact early on.

      But as I realized a couple weeks ago, LOGICALLY if people without symptoms–who are not sneezing or coughing–can be infectious, which is the rationale behind forcing unafraid people who are not sick to pretend they ARE sick, then the virus is fully aerosolized. It’s not droplets: it’s the virus itself infecting people, and the virus itself is 100-150 nanometers, which is a third the size of the filter of even the best (N95) masks worn perfectly and replaced daily. What most people wear, of course, would not even filter water droplets if they were small enough to be carried by breath. If you can inhale smoke, and breathe it out through your mask, it is isn’t doing anything. Stop wearing it.

      As far as my location in the country, without getting too specific, I live where you can get sweet tea without too much trouble, but it isn’t the default.

    2. To make the zinc effective it needs something to assistant for absorption, quercetin is a natural supplement that works with zinc.

  3. Covid has been good for the left. It allows them to have authoritarian control, it is always a good news diversion, it allows them to cheat on elections, it enabled massive fraud almost impossible to find in November 2020. What’s not to love about Covid crisis after crisis for the leftist totalitarian.

    1. The fraud is easily found, the pravda media just refuses to accept facts. They refuse to accept thousands upon thousands of affidavits of poll watchers and what they saw. They refuse to accept actual counting, like Maricopa Co, AZ, but accept what rachel maddow says.

    2. You’re exactly right. They’ve discovered a way to circumvent the Constitution (declaring an “emergency”) in a way that half the population finds palatable. They are going to eventually try it with the never-ending fictional emergency of climate change.

  4. The national approach makes no sense. Even in New York alone, Manhattan and Long Island are completely different lifestyles in terms of space and public transportation. I think they choose to focus their attention on populated places that might see spikes and where they think people will comply.

    In Manhattan, almost everyone is masked outdoors, including toddlers. You need to show a proof of vaccination in order to sit indoors at restaurant. Many walk their dogs or run with a mask on, alone in a park.

    Visiting Ohio, Florida and Texas felt like visiting completely different planets. No mask mandates for restaurants, no one looking at you if you’re maskless, everyone’s respectful and happy. It’s fascinating.

  5. Live in Maricopa county in AZ. I quit wearing masks about July last year while most people were still masked.

    After restrictions were lifted, people dropped the masks. Now more people are wearing masks again.

    Moving to a small town because I will never wear a mask again.

    1. I too live in AZ in Maricopa County. I am trying to figure out why all these people are wearing masks. It makes no sense. No mandates and I don’t see them coming back unless that dictator wannabe secretary of state somehow cheats her way to the governorship.

    2. They are wearing masks again trying to evade the phantom virus. I kid a few friends of mine who do that here on the Treasure Coast of Florida.

      Great idea Sharyl with the forum.

      I didn’t vote for DeSantis because I was gone, but he’s done a great job in office.

      Constant manipulation of the data since the start was planned for maximum fear effect, which was accomplished.

      As David Martin has shown by analysis of US Patent Office, and the Event 201 at Johns Hopkins, this event was planned years in advance. The Men of Davos have long reach. And I had always imagined that Bill Gates was just a lucky computer nerd….

  6. Stephanie Tarantino

    I live in upstate NY. Upstate being 50 miles north of Albany. And we also spend a lot of time in the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake region which is another 100 miles north. The state mandated masks be worn in schools and while participating in school sports. The state mandated that all health care and other workers in hospitals and nursing homes be vaccinated or they would be terminated. This happened before Biden’s speech yesterday (9/9/21) about mandates. Many health care workers have been protesting about the mandates all across the state including the capital in Albany. Now all the hospitals, big and small are running ads for registered nurses and LPN’s . So the essential hero’s of 2020 are now going to lose their jobs if they don’t comply with vaccine mandates. These nurses have worked through the pandemic. Nurses probably have stronger immune systems. Being exposed to all kinds of things. I work for large electric/gas utility. I got vaccinated in March (J&J). Will my employer mandate booster shots.? Most likely.

  7. San Antonio is a blue city but it’s still Texas. I would not call this normal but my husband and I only have to mask up for medical appointments. At Lowes and HEB, about 60% are masked but nobody gives anyone a hard time about their personal preference. I am fully vaxxed, reluctantly and against my better judgment, but so far nobody has asked to see my card.

    Driving on the highway is terrifying now because for so long the police were afraid to pull people over, I cannot remember the last time I saw anyone pulled over on the side of the road for a traffic violation. So that has not gone back to normal and seems to be getting worse.

    We have shortages in both product and labor, and housing and rents have skyrocketed due to the mass migration of Californians.

    Not normal but could be worse. Outside of city limits is another world, very few masks, seems eerily normal.

  8. I live in northwest Florida; some people wear masks but I would say most don’t. Kids no longer have to wear masks to school. I play in a pool league a couple of nights a week where people hug each other, shake hands, etc and no one there wears a mask. Many of us have had covid in the past, and many have been vaccinated (I believe). A number of us in the pool league went to Las Vegas a month ago for a HUGE tournament. Masks were mandated, you could slip it down to take a sip of a drink but had to put it right back up. Several people ended up with covid as soon as we got back (we were there for almost a week.) So obviously the masks didn’t prevent those people from getting covid. I did not get covid, even though the two people I traveled and stayed with did get it. I had an antibody test when I got back and I still have antibodies, and I had covid last December. I am not vaccinated and don’t plan to be vaccinated.

  9. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. The city leans blue with the rest of the state, solid red. I have seen more people wearing masks around the city. However, there are no mandates, and I am allowed to visit most places without a mask. Everyone is respectful of others’ choices. I know the Governor, a Democrat, wants to implement mask màndates, but the legislature, Republican majority, just stripped him of that power.

  10. I am an avid follower of your website and have purchased your books. Looking for the truth and reporting it doesn’t usually end well these days.
    I just recently came across a site that is very informative. It describes how a society can descend into totalitarianism. If you pay attention, you will quickly see how things are being manipulated to certain interests advantage. Please take a look at these.

    The site is called the Academy of Ideas



  11. I lost the best job I ever had because of covid fears on the part of management. Refusing to get vaccinated was the trigger. Apparently, those of us who take hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and other appropriate supplements, and who have never had covid or its symptoms, are pariahs. When we explain in some detail the science behind our decisions we are derided and dismissed as conservative nutcases, when instead we are the ones who have actually studied the issues. Very sad, very dangerous.

  12. Our hospital &clinicrequires a mask when entering …….No other busiesses require masks . Students can wear masks at the parent’s discresion.. I Iive in South centralral MT

  13. Split my time between Illinois (Chicago area) and Tennessee (Nashville area). Around Chicago, fear still seems to rein. Around Nashville less so, but there still are signs recommending masks to enter stores. Most people ignore them. We also get out to rural TN from time to time, and there hardly any evidence of extra precautions. If someone gets sick they stay home until they are better..

  14. Pike County, Georgia – Schools have been opened and maskless since August 2020. They were closed for a week, two weeks ago, due to a spike in sickness. All sports were resumed last year and still going strong.
    People here have been vacationing and gathering with friends more than usual. It’s great to live so close to Florida because it has been pretty much wide open from the beginning.
    The closer you get to Atlanta (or any larger town) the more masks you see so therefore the less time I spend. I have completely forgotten a mask when I visited larger towns because they are not needed in this community and the few surrounding counties.
    Outsiders have commented about the openness of our community. It’s hard for them to understand that our lives are not as changed as their own; our kids go to school, play sports, go to church, parents work their normal jobs, and vacations since about May 2020,
    People are free to wear masks and do but VERY few businesses require it. I personally try to avoid those establishments.
    As all communities, MANY of us have gotten C-19 and some have died but we have always tried to keep moving forward as normal as possible.

  15. In my 60k or so southern state community, masks are on at school which is a struggle.

    Larger stores have a sign suggesting you wear one but do not enforce. Smaller stores vary on their policy. I would say 50% of people at the local grocery store are masking again.

    I have visited ONE doctor this year who didn’t require a mask.

    Local hospitals are requiring Covid tests prior to performing any outpatient surgeries regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated and regardless of whether or not you have any symptoms.

    The smaller the town the more open and unmasked people you see.

    It is pretty interesting that the ACLU has done a complete turnaround from their opinion in 2008 that forced vax, lockdowns, mandates, etc not only encroach on our freedom, but it doesn’t work. Now they basically make the argument that all that is ok and that freedom isn’t absolute.

    It’s disgusting and scary.

    1. “It is pretty interesting that the ACLU has done a complete turnaround from their opinion in 2008 that forced vax, lockdowns, mandates, etc not only encroach on our freedom, but it doesn’t work.”

      The ACLU has pretty much been AWOL for the past 18 months and yet no one in the MSM seems to have noticed that fact or bothered to find out why…

  16. I am blessed to live in the Republic of Texas! I am in the suburbs just north of Dallas which are composed of a number of cities that seem to blend as one.
    None of them have mask mandates. I have had Covid & later been vaxxed. I wear a mask at my doctors’ offices & at the physical therapy center where they are required. I’m okay with that. I understand that others are probably more comfortable with it.
    No places of business require them & I don’t wear one. Some choose to do so.
    I live in a senior living residence & some wear masks. Some don’t. I don’t.
    I’ve never heard anyone anywhere chastising anyone else for not wearing a mask. It’s just a personal choice.

  17. Central Jersey. I only wear a mask if required (schools, dr offices, etc) and I mask up when entering a prospective client’s house ( just as a courtesy). Otherwise, never. For a while people where going barefaced (except the elderly and sick) but lately many people are hiding behind them again. Especially young adults—go figure. Even people *outside* and by themselves. It’s baffling. But then, I don’t watch msm, scroll social media or trust anything coming from Joe’s office, so I’m hardly anxious. Instead, my new sources include Sharyl, The Epoch Times, Dr. Mercola, and Alex Berenson. Therefore, knowledge—and not emotion—is allowed to dictate my decisions.

  18. Nevada is tyrannical! Governor Sisolak has complete control of casinos and school boards. The Delta. started spreading right around graduation and graduation parties. Students were wearing masks at ceremonies. Several contacted Covid at that time, including me,

  19. Covid is going to be part of life from now on, so we might as well accept it. Living in fear is not a viable option, for many of us, at least (and it nearly killed me the end of May) and the notion that vaccines will make it go away is misleading and naive.
    Few people realize that the seasonal flu is still the same flu virus from 1918, just variants. And it mutates every year, which is why the vaccines are mostly useless, with a very low efficacy rate.
    It’s sad that most people, with the help of the media and self serving politicians, choose to embrace the fear.
    Life on this planet will never be the same, thanks to the CCP.

  20. I live in Central Illinois where Chicago unfortunately rules everything, our Governor is a fear-monger, and the legislature is ruled by the Left. One size fits all is the mantra here. Masks have been mandated for all public schools and private schools have been basically forced to comply due to threats of their schools being excluded from sports activities. Now, teachers are being forced to be vaccinated or comply with weekly testing. Considering “the science” shows that vaccinated individuals can still contract and spread COVID, I find it hard to believe singling out unvaccinated individuals is really about “safety”; in fact, it feels a lot more like “control”.

  21. Meh. I have been exposed to 17 PCR tested positive people, that I know of these past 19 months, and haven’t had so much as a sniffle despite ignoring the mandates and face diapering. And the majority of those who were tested PCR positive didn’t know they had it, until they were compelled by the Tele-Vision scare experts to get tested. I don’t know of a single person who has dropped dead in a China Psyop Street. There is no “Covid”. There is only the repurposed Influenza exacerbated by the Viral/Bacterial Overload System called the Face Mask.

    1. I think you are quite right!

      What we have lived through is PSYOPS, how to make humans tremble in fear.

      When tyranny is abroad, submission is a crime.

  22. Last year, southern CA (San Diego) was insane. Masks were required AND they had to be pulled up over your nose… lolol. I have only worn a mask when required to enter a store. I bought a plastic shield type that is open at the top, and usually tilt it downward on my chin so that I can breath freely.

    I visited San Diego a month ago, and now you can enter many stores and restaurants without a mask. It was very exciting to see. But as I write, LA may be requiring vaccines for the school district…. what a freaking travesty.

    I already had covid in Feb or last year, treated with liquid herbal antivirals echinacea/goldenseal combo, high dose Vit A and Vit C, Selenium and Zinc and was over it in about 7 days. Symptoms were mild. It did start with wheezing/rattling in my lungs and probably would have progressed if I had not immediately begun the liquid herbal antivirals (clinically proven in Germany btw to beat flus/colds… I always have it on hand.)

    I just read a recent study that estimates between 50 and 62% of Americans in cities have had covid. Isn’t it odd how lame stream media never talks about natural immunity at all? /sarcasm

    This is a great topic Sharyl. Thank you.

  23. People need to get loud. I located all my state Senators and Assemblymen and women on the health committees and have been writing them emails with supporting documentation to support natural immunity and vaccine injury as well as informed consult and anything that questions this tyrannical behavior. I wrote the governor and the Senate and House representatives in DC for my state. I live in NY so they ignore me but make your voices heard!

  24. I live in a small town in the Deep South. I had COVID in November 2020. Not the worst that I have ever felt. I am thankful that my symptoms were not severe and that I recovered quickly. After my recovery, I quit wearing a mask. I saw no point in participating in the nonsense. My life went on as usual until the Delta variant reared it’s ugly head. Our “illustrious” governor clamped down again. I do not follow his directives. I go to church where 98% of the parishioners, as well as the pastor, do not wear masks. I shop at WalMart and local grocery stores without a mask and no one blinks an eye. The majority of the shoppers are like minded.
    I know of scores of people who have had Covid PRE-Vaccine and POST-vaccine. They all survived. The survival rate does not warrant the vaccine mandate. I also know many who have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, including DEATH!
    Why would I even consider putting this “vaccine” into my body? My antibodies are fine (and tested).

  25. Oregon is awful for COVID tyranny, and Kate Brown is disgusting.

    I live on acreage in the country near a town of about 500 where I don’t have to “mask up.”

    But I’m required to wear a mask for an office job (when I’m not alone in my office) in the nearest city. I wear a single layer, breathable gauze mask that looks legit. Still sucks in an hour-long meeting.

    Kate Brown may soon require vaccination at my work, and if I don’t get an exemption, I’ll be facing unemployment and financial hardship in an area that saw home prices jump 30% in a year.

    Grew up in the Midwest, and my family moved to Oregon 35 years ago. Thinking of moving back.

  26. In central New York, many people seem to be consumed by fear and have continued wearing masks even after requirements were dropped. I feel sorry for those people, suffering from fear and delusion. Mask requirements are returning, but I have entered such areas mask free and have not yet been accosted. I’m not sure what I will do if another customer asks me to wear a mask—probably push back.

    In my church we have gone mask free for many months, hugging and kissing each other. I refuse to wear a mask in church. The presumption that people walking around without symptoms can give people covid is, frankly, insane. No science supports it. The only people for whom that might be true are the vaccinated ones, who can carry a viral load 251 times greater than an unvaccinated person, without showing symptoms. But even with vaccinated people, I would rather take my chances.

  27. SC. Very few people wear masks public. Medical offices are about it. Public Schools are not allowed to require masks. Guess what? Nothing has happened. For the most we laugh at people wearing masks. However, the private university I attend mandates masks for everyone and has a reporting system in place to rat on classmates not wearing a mask correctly. I’m dissenting in as many passive was as I can, but teetering on the edge of being disciplined by the university. The people filling our hospitals with Covid are obese, diabetic, etc. and unvaccinated. And a huge percentage did not get vaccinated because the Democrats initially told them not to trust the vaccine. When in reality they are the very people the vaccine was designed for. I’m a vaccine proponent for those that are susceptible to the disease, but I believe blanket vaccinations are incredibly dangerous under these circumstances.

  28. We live in Saint Augustine. Life was weird for the 6 mo of the pandemic. Kids were in school with masks. Luckily no masks this yr. We went on a family vacation & during a day of river rafting 70 adults crammed in a school bus. It definitely had super spreader potential. We had the best time, I never knew how much I enjoy seeing people laughing, smiling, living. We never got COVID TG & we have great memories. In my county 54% jabbed.. I notice younger- college age being very dutiful with masks, but they’re at least out and about- baby steps I guess. It’s pretty incredible when you acknowledge all this fuss is over a virus with a survival rate of 99.6,7,8,9. Terrifying to consider what would happen if COVID had a 97.% survival rate.

  29. In SD, we never locked down, and never had state-wide mask mandates. I have never not lived a normal life… I mean I live on the border of MN and SD, so when MN required masks I chose to shop in SD instead because I didn’t want to wear a mask. It was maybe an extra 5 minutes to my shopping trips.

    Some people willingly wore some. But I would say it was never more than half of the people in the store wearing them, probably a quarter of the people or less wore them.

    So it’s been surreal to see what other states were doing through social media in 2020. I’m still shocked that people are carrying on about the masks as they are. If people were really afraid they would willingly wear masks. If someone is afraid, they can stay away from the unmasked. If the vaccines work, then people who wanted one have likely gotten them, and the rest aren’t afraid, so I don’t see why people are still worried.

  30. Californians – Here are the states that most likely would accept you:
    Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Maryland, Hawaii, New Jersey. You can also go to Detroit, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle. Otherwise, please stay in California and work on fixing the mess there, please do not come to the remaining good places because even though you think you’re going there to enjoy it and consider yourselves “like-minded”, you are not. You come to our good places and they end up a mess, just like California.

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