(FORUM) The many crises under the Biden administration in its first 8 months

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“It was a righteous strike.”

Only children and other innocent civilians killed.

“There’s no border crisis.”

This year’s number of illegal border crossers will be the highest in American history.

“An extraordinary success.”

13 Americans and 200 innocent civilians murdered, hundreds of Americans stranded, billions in equipment left.

“We won’t leave anyone behind.”

You’re on your own.

“Solving Covid will be easy.”

Pandemic expands, numbers increase even as vaccination increases.

“We won’t mandate Covid-19 vaccines.”

Mandating Covid-19 vaccines.

“The vaccines work, but everyone needs boosters.”

FDA: We disagree.

“We’re making things better for the middle class.”

Shocking rise in prices of groceries, consumer products, gas.

“(2016) Trump Tower linked into Russian bank.”

Clinton lawyer arrested for giving false info to the FBI.

If any of these had happened under Trump, would Congress be impeaching? Wouldn’ the news media’s heads be spinning off its bodies?

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9 thoughts on “(FORUM) The many crises under the Biden administration in its first 8 months”

    1. What do you mean by that Gray? Do you mean it would be worse with Trump? Or did you mean the media would be talking more about the crisis in 2021?

      1. Yes the media (MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, NPR, FOX, etc.) would be nonstop reporting on all of the problems- Afghanistan, southern border, supply chain interruptions, and the COVID vaccine response if Trump were still in office!

      2. I meant that he would be held responsible for all of it and the media would be on him night and day for all of the crises listed above. As it is, Biden is getting a pass for most of it.

  1. It’s the most helpless, hopeless, disgusting feeling I’ve ever felt, Our people, our country, our freedoms, are being destroyed more and more everyday. It literally makes me sick to my stomach knowing our taxes are paying for this to happen, all while our hands are tied to do anything about it until the midterm election. I’m truly scared for what comes next.

  2. To add:
    “Hunter Biden’s laptop is ‘Russian disinformation.’ Former CIA Director James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper”

    New emails reveal Hunter Biden asked for $2 million plus ‘success fees’ to help unfreeze Libyan assets
    -Business Insider

  3. that is a very short list of the many detrimental policies of this President.
    it does not include the economic hazards created by anti-energy policies, (ranging from approving Russian Pipeline, denying US pipeline to throttling economic opportunities to native Alaskans)

    (so, tired of the lies, and seemingly deliberate incompetence of this White House.)

  4. I know that this is a negative, defeatist post, but I truly believe that so much damage will have been done to our republic by 2022 that we will not be able to save her. As we have been the only thing standing between sanity & the NWO, it’s all been by design. Kacklin’ Kam will just continue the plan.
    We know the US isn’t in Ezekiel 38. Perhaps it’s time for us to prepare for that as we await the Rapture.

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