Miscounting Covid; Race to the North, and Puerto Rico’s Unexpected Tourism Boom

Some experts say the U.S. Covid death toll is much higher than the official numbers indicate. Others claim it’s much lower.

This week on Full Measure, my investigation digs into the documents and numbers with eyeopening results.

We start in Grand County, Colorado with a coroner who discovered– much to her surprise– that someone added two deaths by murder-suicide to the state’s coronavirus death count.

Grand County, Colorado coroner Brenda Bock found
something amiss in the Covid death count

Who’s behind the effort to add non-Covid deaths to the Covid death tally, and how common is the practice?

Grand Co., Colorado Commissioner Merrit Linke signed a letter to the Governor telling him to correct the Covid numbers
Denver Medical Examiner Dr. Jim Caruso says somebody was adding non-Covid deaths to the state’s Covid tally

Scott Thuman takes us to Alaska to tell us about a fascinating race to the north. It’s a new form of Cold War between the U.S., Russia and China.

From rare earth minerals to strategic positioning, the U.S. is competing with its adversaries for dominance in the arctic.

Scott tells us why, when it comes to the all-important icebreaking ships, the U.S. may be falling behind.

And from the icy north to the tropical Caribbean.

With all the disasters the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico has faced in recent years, I found a bit of good news on my recent trip there.

Who wouldn’t love a visit to Puerto Rico?

All of that Sunday on Full Measure!

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  1. Looking forward to it, as always. Thank you, Sharyl and all the Full Measure team, for all the hard work bringing us a quality news show we can have confidence in its credibility.

  2. I agree with Joe! Thanks to the entire team for bringing us quality news and allowing us to form our own opinion. You guys rock!

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