POLL: Biden disapproval hits record high

Disapproval of President Biden has hit a record high of 58%. That’s according to Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Likewise, approval for Biden has fallen to a low of -29.

About 40% of likely voters approve of Biden. A majority, 50%, strongly disapprove.

At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump was also facing attacks and challenges. Among other things, Democrats were calling for Trump’s impeachment and lodging false accusations that he was a Russian agent or in cahoots with Russian President Putin. But even Trump had a higher total approval (43%) than Biden (40%) at the same point in their presidencies.

Biden is facing criticism over the botched U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, which cost hundreds of lives; the botched strike on Islamic extremist Taliban terrorists that actually killed 7 children and an innocent aide worker; the ongoing confusion of the Covid pandemic and a looming, unprecedented vaccine mandate; the border crisis; job market issues; and escalating prices for everything from gasoline to groceries.

Read more from the poll here.

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Biden disapproval hits record high”

  1. The crazy part here that is his rating with all of the MSM hiding everything and not reporting his failures. Yes Donald Trump had poor rating but that was with the MSM lying and not reporting his accomplishments at all. This guy and the crew running the show needs to go but we all know that will never happen. At this point the Dems know that they are in such bad shape that I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t trying to dig a big hole so that if the Republicans take the House and Senate in 2022 that they will never be able to dig the country out.

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