(READ) Arizona Elections Integrity Unit plans to review audit that questioned more than 57k ballots

Arizona’s assistant attorney general has written the state Senate asking that leaders provide materials from the recent election audit in Maricopa County.

The office says its Elections Integrity Unit will be conducting a “thorough review” of the information contained in the materials.

The letter also states that the Elections Integrity Unit previously asked Maricopa County officials to preserve all potentially relevant materials, and will be offering them a chance to provide rebuttal evidence.

According to official results, Joe Biden won the Arizona by fewer than 11,000 votes.

The recently-completed audit flagged more than 57,000 ballots in the one county alone.

Critics of the audit effort mounted by Republicans insisted it was not a fair process and that the results could be trusted. When the audit was completed, many in the media falsely reported that it proved Biden had won the election fair and square, and many one-time critics heralded the results.

In fact, although a hand recount was within a few hundred votes of the original count, that mechanism did not address the thousands of anomalies found.

Observers point out that just because there may have been tens of thousands of improper or invalid votes doesn’t mean all of them would have or should have gone to or been taken away from one candidate.

A copy of the letter is below. You can click onto it to enlarge and read.

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8 thoughts on “(READ) Arizona Elections Integrity Unit plans to review audit that questioned more than 57k ballots”

  1. Some of those 57k are legal AZ voters who voted in the wrong AZ precinct, probably after moving within Arizona, and not changing their voter registration. technically illegal, but they did deserve one vote for president.

    Moving usually results in a different ballot, but the president and senator candidates would be the same throughout the state.

    Unless I missed this fact, ,we have no idea if deleting all 57k votes would have changed the alleged AZ winner.

    Decertifying the electoral vote from AZ is somewhat meaningless if it happens after January 6 2021 — Biden is the winner as of January 6, 2021– especially meaningless if you can’t precisely state what the revised AZ vote would be after illegal votes were deleted.

    More interesting to me than the 57k list is this suspicious information:

    The audit could not find the identity of 86,391 voters ( only 26.2% of them registered as Republicans — the rest were registered as Democrats or Other ) using state and federal databases.

    It’s VERY hard to believe so many people age 18 and higher would be under the radar in all government databases, unless a lot of them are illegal aliens or foreigners who voted in Arizona
    … or they were just made up names on harvested absentee ballots that otherwise would not have been mailed in ?

    1. If there were 57,000 fraudulent/illegal ballots cast in just ONE PRECINCT, it doesn’t matter much how many were for which candidate. While it may be a small percentage of total votes cast, it’s still enough to call into question the validity of the election in that precinct.

      If I’m reading your comment correctly, you’re argument to the laws being violated is “who cares” they could have (should have) voted anyways in the proper precinct?? Along with, “it’s a done deal, who cares if it was legal?”.

      I can just picture a society when we just shrug our shoulders and say “who cares” about an embezzler who’s already spent the money he/she stole. It’s gone, it’s a done deal. Who cares.

      What is the point of having laws then? Are our elections of so little importance that we can just shrug and say who cares when there’s election fraud?

      The actual CyberNinja report says that there were 86,391 with no record found in the Final Voted File (VM55). It further says that “It is expected that most if not all of these individuals are in fact real people with a limited public record or commercial presence”
      https://c692f527-da75-4c86-b5d1-8b3d5d4d5b43.filesusr.com/ugd/2f3470_d36cb5eaca56435d84171b4fe7ee6919.pdf (page 56) linked from https://www.azsenaterepublicans.com/cyber-ninjas-report

      I do agree that those people need to be verified. Voter registration records are public records and the names/addresses/identities need to be verified, if they can’t be those ballots should be invalidated. Which would be hard (presumably) as we’re supposed to have secret ballots (though I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that every ballot is marked with the ballot number or other identifying marks invisible to the eye and/or electronic measures, unless you have the proper equipment and know what you’re looking for)

      There are enough issues in critical precincts that this election needs a deep investigation.

      1. Thanks Tammy,

        You said that all very well. Couldn’t agree more. In addition to all the troubling findings, including a record of an Internet connection which had been explicitly denied by the election commission, these people hunkered down in defensive position and refused to comply with lawful subpoenas. It’s possible that these are “just” garden variety incompetents who are ashamed of the work they did. The alternative is that they’ve covering up fraud. I don’t know how an honest person can deny that this calls for further investigation. I don’t suppose any sober person is expecting the election to be overturned at this point no matter what they find.

        But confidence in our elections is the absolute bedrock foundation of a healthy democracy. It’s a very big deal, no matter what one’s politics.

  2. Biden supposedly won by only 10,000 votes so in answer to the first poster,yes! It WOULD affect the outcome! It also goes to show you what lengths Democrats will go to cheat!

  3. Seems everyone is missing the fact that the automated signature check was terminated and every ballot was accepted after that fact, The signature check alone would have disallowed another 50 or 60 thousands votes (usually about 4 percent of mail-in votes). 4 % of 1.5 million = 60 thousand. Simply math = fraud. Walk ins were checked signature. Mail-ins were not because they were getting to many errors. This is why the blanks and squibs got through. They need to do the standard machine signature audit.

  4. I found the 17,000 duplicate ballots most interesting. I’m not sure if all 34,000 should be canceled but certainly the 17,000 duplicates. The audit did not mention who the votes were for but either way they should not be counted.

  5. It all stinks to high h_ll. How hard should a vote be? It’s not that complicated, just follow the rules!
    They didn’t even print the mail in ballots on the approved paper, kinda obvious why they wouldn’t, enabling fraudulent ballots….This kind of failure is not accidentally, wake up!

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