READ: Case study links Covid-19 vaccines to acute Central Nervous System Demyelination and Multiple Sclerosis

A new study of a series of cases in the Journal of Neurology examines possible links between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and acute Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Demyelinating diseases damage the protective covering surrounding nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord, causing neurological problems.

In the study, four patients had the Pfizer vaccine and three had the Moderna vaccine. Within 21 days of the first or second dose, the patients developed active CNS demyelination of the optic nerve, brain, and/or spinal cord leading to “visual loss, dysmetria, gait instability, paresthesias, sphincter disturbance, and limb weakness.”

Age ranged from 24 to 64 years old. Four patients were ultimately diagnoses with exacerbation of their stable MS.

Two were diagnosed with new cases of MS.

One was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica.

An examination of Covid-19 adverse events reports shows hundreds of thousands of reports of illnesses and symptoms suffered by some people who are ultimately diagnosed with CNS demyelination or Multiple Sclerosis.

Public health officials say the benefits of the vaccines used in the U.S. outweigh the risks. The case studies raise the possibility that some patients may suffer serious neurological side effects and/or an aggravation of their Multiple Sclerosis.

Read the study here.

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59 thoughts on “READ: Case study links Covid-19 vaccines to acute Central Nervous System Demyelination and Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. Our observations suggest that, in some individuals, COVID-19 vaccination may carry a short-term risk of CNS demyelination. This is in contrast with a recent study performed in Israel on 555 individuals with MS who received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine [56]. The authors reported a similar relapse rate after vaccination compared to the 3-year relapse rate prior to vaccination. This study may have been limited by the sample size, lack of a comparison group of unvaccinated MS patients from the pandemic time period, the ascertainment of relapses by telemedicine, and the absence of MRI scans. In our study, as well as in the only available case reports of MS activity after COVID-19 vaccination [33,34,35], MRI has been an integral tool to define the presence of new/active inflammatory demyelination, with gadolinium administered to all patients except one.

    Our report is anecdotal and does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines and active CNS demyelinating disease. We do not know the number of people with MS who were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the communities from which these cases were derived (Boston, MA and Albany, NY). We do not present any calculation of the rate of side effects in proportion to the total people with MS who were vaccinated, as these data are not readily available. A claim of causality has an inherent ascertainment bias, as we are only reporting adverse cases that came to our attention.

    In conclusion, we present a case series of seven individuals with CNS demyelination following COVID-19 vaccination. Symptoms were transitory and responsive to corticosteroid therapy alone (n = 6) or corticosteroids followed by plasma exchange therapy (n = 1). Given the large number of patients with MS who have received COVID-19 vaccination, it is notable that there are only a few reports of individuals experiencing new CNS inflammatory disease activity after vaccination. Large prospective controlled studies/formal registries are required to establish a possible relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and acute CNS demyelination.

    At the present time, it would seem that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh any potential risks to the MS population.

    1. Nice try. For those who do their own research on why so many of the *vaccinated* are falling over dead or just convulsing, heart attack, stroked out, having blood clots, etc., you may not want to “follow the sCiEncE” that the globalists are propagandizing us with. Look up Agenda 21/30 or Bill Gates speaking during a TED talk about how he “loves vaccines” and “if they do a good enough job, they can get the World’s population down by a good 10-15%”. Or, look up the Denver (illum*nati) Airport and their 1994 murals of little kids with flags of every country across their faces as masks OR using duckduckgo look up Georgia Guidestones where it is written in stone about “maintaining the World population at 500,000,000” – that is 1/2 a million, people down from almost 9 billion. Do your research and forget the NWO communist brainwashing propaganda designed to make you stfu and get on the boxcars to get in the showers. God bless you to wake up. This is evil, communists are godless. MAGA

      1. Actually, 500,000,000 is half a Billion (not million), but I get your point. Still gonna need billions of people dead to get there.

      2. I agree. I had the moderna vac back in April. Ever since I have felt horrible. Headaches, short of breath all the time. Absolutely no energy, aches and pains. It sucks. I need to find a good doctor.

    2. you are full of it and know nothing. you are simply parroting what others have said. if you listened to the real scientists and doctors who have warned against this jab…you would know better. it is a shame the brainwash is so effective.

    3. yes. i have serious CNs balance, serious migraine, pain, vision problems & hearing loss. barbara ciervo MRI & seeing neurologist

      1. This is awful. I too have similar symptoms. 3 months after Moderna I became short of breath, trouble walking, pins and needles in legs and arms along with numbness, diffuse pain beginning in afternoon, extreme fatigue, internal tremors. I have been to ER, have seen every specialist, had extensive bloodwork, 4 MRIs yet they can’t find anything wrong and are now telling me I need a psychiatrist. 5 months later I have no answers and no more doctors to see and here I am out of work on disability. No doctor would even entertain the idea that it could be connected to the vaccine.

      2. I had the pfizers in the spring and had told my doctor of my allergy history and vision impairment the evening after I received my first dosage. He told me to get a second any way and I have had worse allergies, bone and joint pain and just recently was diagnosed with a hole in my right retina. I was “trusting the science” and medical community, not any more. I was a healthy senior who rarely went to the doctor’s pre vaccination. I think the pfizer was not well tested for people with a history of allergies.

    4. My husband’s great grand-mother has had MS since she was 40. And for a long time now (she is in her late 80’s), it was stable. She got the shot (one of the mRNA’s) and all of a sudden, she could no longer walk.

      My sister-in-law also has MS. She takes strong immunosuppressive drugs. A few months ago, an article was published by Children’s Health Defense with Robert Kennedy Jr. The doctor reported that 50% of his patients on immunosuppressive drugs did not respond to the shots. So far she is okay. Maybe she falls under this 50% but doesn’t want to know since that gave her her quaxxine passport. And no medical exemptions are accepted in our province (BC, Canada) so…she is back to pre-Covid life without knowing if she is even “protected”.


        I am deeply grieved and heartbroken with what you tell us Sabby. I am SO SORRY for your family’s predicament. I will warn as many as I can, that taking any of these ‘bad vaccines’ can bring relapse of past bodily ailments. Not to mention what could be brewing in the body, over time with the mass build up of spike protein. Too much of 1 specific thing can be detrimental. There is ‘conspiracy theory’ circulating, that False Messiahs from Big Pharma are purposely opening up our cells, creating disease, so they can sell more drugs to people for the rest of their lives. I really don’t know if its true or not. Maybe this is not the intention, but it might just become the outcome. Maybe Gates feels like he is doing God’s work, while others are shamelessly accusing him of being a lacky of Rothschild. Who knows what the content of his heart is? Leave it to God to judge. What I understand is this…when we allow our cells to be meddled with, we are allowing parasites and many diseases to enter the inner sanctions of our body. SOUNDS AND IS VERY DANGEROUS! I’m sure this Gene Altering Therapy with the intrusion of Nano-particles will be banned when millions perish. We all know that when a cup is chipped, we don’t just wash and re-use. We throw it out. Why? Because bacteria can harbour in the crack. The same applies to our bodies cells. Why would we want them to crack? Sounds cancerous to me. In the name of Jesus, the Word and Son of the Mindful Father, who is transmitted through the Power of the Holy Spirit, STAY SAFE AND ALIVE GOOD FOLK! Regards, George from Down Under.

    5. Ms diagnosed after vaccine

      This article is true. I was completely healthy before the vaccine. As soon as I got the vaccine I had terrible adverse reactions. These required me to visit the ER twice and meet with multiple doctors. Multiple MRIs later I’m diagnosed with MS. It’s been months dealing with this after the vaccine to finally get an answer, You can get COVID with or without the vaccine. Building up your own natural immunities is important. The vaccine was a disaster for me. Now I have to deal with MS and try and take care of my home and kids.

      1. I am in the same situation as alot of you, I had a reaction after the Moderna vaccine passed out paralysis of legs and arms and loss of speech. I regained movement and speech with therapy, MRI and testing revealed MS. They say the vaccine I had allergic reaction and cytokine reaction triggering underlying MS. I have never returned to baseline and am learning how to adapt to a new life. I wish I would of done more research.

    6. I Have MS, I had one dose of Moderna and after the vax my arm is continuously sore and I have difficulty moving it (vaccine administered in Jan 2021), I had a 1 month period where my eyesight was affected. My MS specialist told me to not get the second dose.

    7. From 1967:

      “Besides diseases of an acute nature, chronic degenerative diseases have also been reported to follow vaccination. Stovieck (1959), Paffy and Merei (1961), McAlpine (1964), and numerous German authors described the occurrence of multiple sclerosis following the administration of vaccines against smallpox, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, tetanus, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis and influenza, and after injections of antidiptheria serum and gamma globulins. Zintchenko (1965) reported twelve patients in whom M.S. first became evident after a course of anti rabies vaccinations.” – Henry Miller, M.D., et al, “Multiple Sclerosis and Vaccinations,” British Medical Journal, Vol. 2, #5546 April 1967, p. 211

  2. I have MS and had the phizer vaccine Feb/March 2021. I felt fine. I had surgery on my back June 2021 and suffered a relapse in MS in July. I asked if my MS center (Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, NJ) was monitoring for increases of relapses with MS patients after vaccines taken but they said no. Thank you so much for writing about this because in 16 years I have done really well (no relapses) until this year. And I questioned my response to the vaccine.

    1. Dianne Zeigler,

      Why this scribbler uses “Medical Mafia”
      to identify folks providing standard
      medical treatment in the West; e.g.,
      there had been a question asked in
      the Eighties—asked of doctors across
      America. Do you recommend vitamins
      to your patients? “No,” most responded,
      while 80% took vitamins themselves.

      Go figure, as the Medical Mafia works to
      impose a need for a doctor’s prescription
      to buy vitamins in the U.S.—as is the case
      now in restrictive GB and Europe.



  3. Was there any mention of Johnson and Johnson? That’s what I’m going to take being forced by job to take. Mother has Parkinson and MS is in family history. Well wish me luck ?. Sad day when a job can force you to this extreme.

    1. DON’T DO IT! Remember J&J baby powder. People powdered baby bottoms and used it following showers. I lost one of my closest friends to ovarian cancer because of it – finally there were so many dead bodies they had to confront it and confess. They knew this for years! And now, they continue to market it in other nations.

      Good friend’s mother died last week – in the hospital because of Covid. Denied early protocols. She was fully vaxed and as an older woman, she stayed in her home most of this season.

    2. no job can force you!!!! you can get a religious exemption…my neighbor is a nurse and she just got her exemption. watch Peggy…The Healthy American on youtube. she will set you straight…no one can FORCE you to do anything!!! please do not take the jab. even if you live through the initial jab…it does come with serious potential side effects down the road.


        Agreed Linda. You are still lucky in the United States, and can legally resist mandatory vaccination (some states). Stick to your guns good folk, and don’t let them FORCE A TOXIC SUBSTANCE ONTO YOU! Here in Oz, we have the first elected Premier of a state (Michael Gunner of the Northern Territory) mandating for any shop owner, hairdresser, beautician etc. to be double vaccinated by Christmas, or face closure & a
        $5, 000 fine. Insanity! Look at the hospitals around the world fill up with both vaccinated and some unvaccinated. From here on, it will predominately be the 1st group, because of the viral metastasis. When the people start getting sick, I bet you he will be gone after following through his marketing ploy. In the Supreme Court, the N.S.W. government won a challenge to stop harsh lock-down measures. But for business sake, they are allowing foreign students and tourists to return, no quarantine required-if vaccinated. No proper science…just a political-business agenda at play. Unfortunately, here in Oz we have 70% double dosed, while you Yankees are around 55%. Hold your line please. We need you to stick around when things heat up in the Pacific. Trouble is brewing. Your friend, George.
        P.S. Take a look at this important site:

    3. These vaccines are still EUA, including Pfizer. FDA approval was for BionTech Comarnaty under Biologics approval. It is NOT available in US. I would push back on employer. They cannot force this.

  4. I think, based on what I read here that the Moderna vaccine also can attack eyes. I have wet macular degeneration in one eye. It had been stable with injections for one year. 2 mo after I got the Moderna shots I noticed a very noticeable deterioration in my sight in my bad eye and deterioration of my distance vision.. My 9/2 appointment with my eye doctor showed marked changes. I also asked about any other patients who might have had the same experience and was told no but they would look into it. I also had a 24/7 headache for a month after the second shot. Could they be related? We’ll probably never know.

    1. yes we do know…eye issues…tons of them, have been reported in the UK…i read an article on it a while back because my cousin ended up shingles on her eyelid after the jab so i was paying attention to anything related to eyes and the jab….

      1. From what I have read, 10,000 reportable eye conditions after being vaccinated. I personally was just diagnosed with a hole in my right retina. I had a full eye exam and got new glasses
        just six months before being vaccinated and all was normal at that time.

    1. I am a nurse and refused to take any covid vaccines. As a result, I was terminated from my job. I have two (2) neurological conditions and have a permanent medical exemption for the flu vaccine, but this same employer would not give me a medical exemption for the covid vaccine. Go figure!! I guess I will have to go back to office work if anyone will hire me at age 64.


    1. Good for you. The virus is a hoax in order to get the real agenda to provide the “cure” – in the Bible we were always warned this time was coming. The “mark of the Beast” and “Wormwood the 10th planet” and how the elite will hide in their caves, etc. It’s all happening. Stay healthy. Trust God – not the infiltrated paid off government or Big Pharma or anyone else who professes to “come in the name of sCiEnCe” and “trust me, I’m here to help, I’m from the government, now stfu and get in the boxcar”. MAGA people, time to wake up.

  6. KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Any medical “professional “ who pushes surgical or face masks is one of two things.
    1: A liar
    2: An idiot who should never be allowed to touch another human being or animal.
    (Actually should be put in prison for fraud)

    Why? I’m glad you asked. For people who are supposed to know and are required to know how POEs work. Meaning these paper masks stopping a viral biological aerosol is physically impossible. Even if they say it offers “some” protection. It doesn’t! You’d have more luck carrying water in a fishnet.

    Don’t take my word for it. Get off your lazy asses and look it up. I’m not doing it for you.

    Okay here’s two little nuggets for you.
    1: The Damn box the masks come in say “Not for biological use or pro”. At least they used to. Know why? The weave of the paper is too large. 200 microns vs virus .16 to .05 microns. The holes are too large by a factor of 200!

    If they lie about that. Hell yes they flying about the rest.

    Try to scoop up a drink of water in a fish net sometime.


    1. Typo Correction: POE is PPE. I have fat fingers.

      The second nugget i forgot to post is:
      Look up mask protocols on government and other sites like FDA, CDC (not actually a government site. It’s a big pharma business partner) OSHA the list is endless. They all state masks don’t do that. Respirators do like N95 respirators.

      The dumb asses forgot or don’t care they didn’t take them down. Probably don’t care!

      Reasearch it you lazy herds of sheep. The wolves are at the door and your sheepdogs are disappearing.

  7. I cant stress how I appreciate your reporting. It is indeed great journalism. When I think about the fear propaganda and the pseudo science being spewed by main street media. These vaccines are not vaccines. They truly are acting as a Bio Weapon. Personally I am now sure our governments across the world, are ALL EVIL. They want us dead and dying and they are captured by evil eugenicists globally.

    The same people tried the same thing in Europe in the 30s and the 40s with Adolf Hitler. These people are the same that financed and armed the Nazis. In USA they are the CFR and the ROCKERFELLER FOUNDATION. Operation Lockstep. These people are truly psychopaths. Hitler contrary to the myth,. had enormous support from the New-York banksters and Londoan banksters, and people like David Rockerfeller but also corporations like IBM, Ford, Disney, ITT, Standard Oil, Dupont etc….. These people never went away. They control today all political parties and now their goal is control of the whole planet and extermination by stealth of 90 % of world population.

  8. I have had an MS diagnosis for 15 years. After initial MS attack, I have done mostly really well with the help of medication. The Moderna vaccine sent me into a relapse that included a month with a walker, a month with a cane, continued balance and vision issues, and vestibular neuritis. I tremble to think of taking the second dose, I will not do that to myself again.

    1. Not sure how this site works hope you can see this. I am truly sorry for you it saddens my heart to read. It sucks going through that. Do not get the second dose and good for you for it. I hope you stay healthy and well. Stay strong ? you got this!

  9. There are several issues that complicate all information and that is truth.
    The “vaccines” are about the money nothing more.
    The fact that they badmouth other preexisting successful preperations falsely only go to prove their real agendas.
    Another obvious issue no one addresses is the fact that many people are getting a placibo, saline solution, not the drug at all. hence we have people still getting sick with the coved19 and spreading it.
    Some people have reactions that vary widely and others don’t.

  10. In June 25, the FDA added new warnings for both vaccine provider and recipients to their fact sheets on Pfizer and Moderna over rare cases of heart inflammation called myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining outside the heart). The agency added the warnings just two days after the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) met and confirmed the “likely association” between myocarditis and pericarditis and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, both of which use mRNA.

  11. I am a physician MD. I took moderna vaccine and within a few hours I had paralysis is my arms and legs. after 36 hours I could walk with a walker or cane.. I have had a full workup and have been diagnosed with CIDP. Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. I still have paralysis in my legs and some in my arms. We are seeing patients with demyelinating diseases after these vaccines. It changed my DNA. I did have rheumatoid arthritis before. It seems that people with auto-immune diseases are at higher risk of demyelinating diseases with the vaccines.

    1. This is absolutely horrible for you! I have had MS for over 24 years and I also have CRPS (formerly known as RSD). I have a permanent medical exemption for the flu vaccine for the past five (5) years and this same employer refused to give me a medical exemption for the covid vaccine. I am scared that these vaccines will ruin my health, cause paralysis (as in your case), or take my life. As a result of refusing the vaccines, I was terminated from my job on October 1. I worked in the covid unit and even fed covid patients for the past 18 months. I tested negative 56+ times, never had covid, and as of October 1 I “pose a threat” to co-workers, patients, etc. I am sick over this. I will probably never work as a nurse again. I am 64 years old and probably no one will even hire me! I will certainly keep you in my prayers! My heart breaks for you. I wish you well!

  12. Thank you for this article. I spent the last week in the neurology ward with my girlfriend. She had her second Moderna shot last month. Now she is experiencing chronic pains/we believe it’s acute on-set MS. She was a healthy nurse before this and now is loosing more sensory functions every hour. MRI showed two small spots on her spine and some inflammation. We don’t now what to do, as of yet we don’t have a diagnosis.

  13. I am a teacher and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after taking the second shot of the Moderna vaccine. I had problems with my legs and feet and I was not able to walk.

    Now I have to start MS medications.

  14. I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis since 1990. I’m doing pretty well. After the first shot of Moderna, I had a rash and bump for a week on my arm. Second shot, after about a week, I felt tight around my waist, like someone was squeezing me, harder to breathe. It lasted for about a week. My doctor asked to see my card to when I had the injections and told me, I have a new symptom of MS, it’s called a “hug” and could have been from the shot. Booster???

  15. No idea if they are related, but my 16 year old started getting migraines 4 months after his 2nd Jab with pfizer. He got an mri which found about 4 or 5 lesions on brain and spinal cord and banding in his spinal fluid. One was active and the others were older, but assumed newish. They are assuming it is MS, but waiting imfor more symptoms for a diagnosis. Could it have been triggered by the vaccine? He was definitely predisposed genetically as I was diagnosed at 28. But 16????

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