(READ) CDC changes definition of “vaccines” to fit Covid-19 vaccine limitations

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The following is a news analysis.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has carefully “evolved” the definition of vaccination to meet the declining ability of some of today’s “vaccines,” including the Covid-19 vaccines.

The original definition, prior to 2015, stated that vaccines “prevent…disease.”

Starting in 2015, the definition was altered to say that vaccines “produce immunity,” without necessarily preventing disease.

After the Covid-19 vaccines were introduced, and it was discovered they do not necessarily “prevent disease” or “provide immunity,” CDC altered the definition of vaccines again to say that they merely “produce protection.”

The discovery was publicized by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) who tweeted the definitions.

Massie also included the archived links to the definitions:

Instead of requiring medicine to meet the definition of “vaccine,” it appears CDC has changed the definition of “vaccine” to accommodate what the medicine does.

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149 thoughts on “(READ) CDC changes definition of “vaccines” to fit Covid-19 vaccine limitations”

    1. Very concise and correct. It’s really a simple scam – 1) Gain control of the government. 2) Borrow money like there’s no tomorrow. 3) Funnel all of that money into ventures in which you have an interest. 4) Stick the taxpayers with the debt. 5) Take the money and run.

    2. Soon they can change the definition for vaccination to mean injection to reduce fertility, cause severe adverse health reactions, control population behavior, fire employees, shorten life spans, and reduce population.

    1. Coronaviruses are known for mutating. That’s why there’s never been a way to stop the ‘common cold’. The common cold mutates to a new virus next year. Because we have some immunity, we get the cold and recover. Except the people with existing comorbidities, especially the aged. The coronavirus does not kill, it just allows pneumonia, heart problems, diabetes problems to get out of control, and that’s what kills.
      We might get full immunity to covid19 through infection & recovery, and it just becomes a bad memory. Or we get immunity through infection & recovery and will still be susceptible to new variants. One thing seems sure, the jabs are just providing partial protection.

      1. No one really knows if a virus has “mutated” because no one has ever isolated a virus. It is all computer generated, much like the climate “crisis” has been computer generated to show what they want to show. They look at the so-called viruses through an electron microscope which they can do only when they kill the specimen. So right off the bat, they have changed the terrain in which the “viruses” are seen. They hypothesize what they see to be infectious particles, which have never been scientifically proven to be infectious at all. Ah yes, the science of virology, which isn’t a science at all.

      1. The fat nurses pushing this for the past 18 months are lucky if they can isolate and identify any of their last 5 Tinder dates they traded up for.

    2. never if they keep jabbing everybody each time the virus “changes”. The cdc has to know that viruses don’t just mutate because unvaccinated people exist. It’s the vaccines that create “variants”, thus the need for boosters. Every new shot creates a new strain, so the circle jerk continues in perpetuity. I’m just shocked at the number of people that cannot see, read, and think for themselves.

  1. Anand Holtham-Keathley, RN

    The evolution of the definition of vaccination looks to me to be a way of increasing accuracy. The first definition was about a killed or weakened infectious organism. Not all vaccines use those. Some vaccines use just a small part of an infectious organism and the mRNA based vaccines do not use even that much. The second definition says vaccines produce immunity, but that could lead the public to think a vaccine produces perfect immunity against an infectious organism but none ever have. So switching to, “protection,” instead of, “immunity,” sounds like a way to be more accurate about all vaccines. My question to you is, why would you want to see it any other way?

    1. You seem to provide a very good example of seeing what you wish to see. The difference in the first two definitions isn’t about killed or weakened infectious organism, it’s about promising to “prevent” a disease (which some vaccines do), then, as some vaccines proved less effective, CDC/vaccine industry lowered the bar to simply say they produce “immunity” (no longer prevention). Then, with immunity not well produced by Covid-19 vaccines, that necessitated another lowering of the bar to simply say you get some sort of “protection.” Not immunity or prevention.

      1. COVID-19 Vaccinated are STILL vectors of infection AND contrary to core purpose of vaccination toward achieving “herd immunity”.

        NOW Fauci admits vaccine ONLY “keeps you out of hospital”?!??

        So, after 20 months it is “FLATTEN THE CURVE”, AGAIN?!?

        Gain of FUNCTION ANYONE? ?

        1. Well, if you take into account what is said concerning the 900= page FOIA report on Fauci’s notes, there certainly will never be any “FLATTEN THE CURVE” happening. Killing everyone is the intent. Or at least those who get the “real” jab. Don’t forget, this is a “test”, and only 2/3 get the jab. Originally started in US, then secreted to the CCP by Fauci, supposedly to attack the Middle East. By P. Trump made them mad, and they went another way. Everything they say is lies. And the jab DOES give blood clots. Study says; 62% get micro blood clots (D-dimus test). Everyone must die. More jabs, more clots; simple. The spike protein is a pathogen, and then you add the GO, And more GO in the test swabs(sterilizing my ass), and more GO, now added to the masks! Talk about covering all your options. Most vaxes are BS, and if lucky, only cover up the symptoms, Dr. Malone(inventor of the mRNA jab) says NEVER take it; it killed all the lab animals. He also said it takes 7 to 20 years to develop a vaccine and that they rarely work. Now think about the “flu” vax., do you think they can come up with a new one every year?

      2. So, with the new definition, if we take Vitamin C daily, we have taken a vaccine. So, then why the push to take THIER vaccine?

        1. Very Good Glenn,
          So with that said I have been taking a vaccine every day for the last 12 months and I have not contracted the virus. And I live in a house with other who were infected. I like the way my emergen-C vaccine works better than the mRNA vaccine.

      3. Great job Sharyl, i have a question and the answer seems obvious to me so I will answer my own question and see what you think. It’s my understanding that a virus is a living organism that like any other will fight to survive. How can unvaccinated people have anything to do with a virus mutating since the ones “attacking” the virus are those getting stuck with gene therapy shots? It looks like they are simply chasing their tale (and they have to know this) when every shot only “works” for a short period of time, the term “works” means prevent severe cases and death (never did understand how that could ever be proven, if the person’s own immune system does that all by itself) Every “variant” appears to be the virus mutating after being attacked by the “vaccinated” ? thoughts? I see this entire scam as a way to further divide socialists from patriots with the administration identifying the latter as those unwilling to take the shot and then terminating all from their job so they can be replaced with good little brown shirt soldiers. take care, keep up the good work (even if mom and dad must have been drinking when they picked the spelling of your name, ha ha) CAM initials only, big brother may be watching, i am sure they are STILL watching you !

    2. You have it backwards. The updated definition is a decrease accuracy. Formerly, a vaccine was understood to be produced in either of two specific ways, and its use resulted in a specific outcome. The new definition eliminates the production component and includes a much broader range of outcomes. An honest change would have left the definition of vaccine alone and used an existing term, or coined a new term, for the mRNA agents. And that’s a good start: they more accurately and precisely be termed “therapeutic agents.”

    3. So if I sell you a house I can later change the definition to tool shed to increase accuracy?

      “Operation Warp Speed” fast tracked what in 2020? Vaccines. And what were they defined as? You want to fast track them, then mandate them, then redefine them in that order? With zero liability?

    4. Let’s just break down the definitions available for each word that was changed and you will clearly see the difference.

      Immunity –
      1.the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

      2. protection or exemption from something, especially an obligation or penalty.

      Protection –
      1. the action of protecting, or the state of being protected
      2. a person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury

      ****3. a legal or other formal measure intended to preserve civil liberties and rights.****


  2. Soon the definition will read:

    Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce an absence of severe illness, while maintaining maximum viral load so that the pathogen can be passed along to others.

    1. Or just go with the act of mandating some stuff to ones body for a cost to be paid to vaccine company either directly from consumer or government.

    2. Definitions 2 and 3 are attempts to use the liability shield they had with the first definition, to cover this synthetic gene modification of humans. With the EUA products, I guess anything goes. Last year I read that in the little trials, Pfizer used an ingredient that they later changed after it was released to the public. Recently Karen Kingston said the lots are not the same. There are 4 or 5 different hidden ingredients that they experimenting with.. If they do get FDA approval, they are supposed to reveal what is in that final product..

  3. There should be NO evolution of the definition of a vaccination, as suggested by the RN, above. Who thinks of these things? Seriously.
    Maybe they should just stop calling the covid shot, a vaccine. It’s misleading! And you don’t change the meaning of a word to fit an agenda. People better start thinking for themselves.
    God help us.

  4. The way to beat this thing is to overhaul treatment. Instead of sending people home only to nuture the infection and infect others. The infected should isolate at home with a prepared kit of ivermectin and associated vitimins and nutrients. It worked for Joe Rogan and no doubt many others. As a bonus there is natural immunity. Sadly it appears it takes money to follow the inexpensive route, money many do not have and the wherewithal to make it happen.

  5. They were catching flak because the mRNA is not a vaccine. It’s gene therapy. The powers to be called it a vaccine because they were afraid if they mention gene therapy they wouldn;t get enough human guinea pigs to participate in their experiment that up until now failed in animal studies. 1984 new speak in action.

    1. Maybe, but the 900+ pages of FOIA on Fauci would appear to say something different. Originally supposed to be used against the Middle East. Not so much gene therapy as mass destruction bioweapon. And the jabs are each a continuation of said weapon. They DO produce blood clots in 62% of vaxed. Only 66.6% of vaxed actually get it, the others get the placebo(test, remember). In the blood clots (D-dimus test) article, they didn’t say anything about the placebo/spike protein ratio. So, is that 62%, or actually 93%? That’s micro clots that will reproduce and be fortified with each additional jab. If you add GO, that would provide the “magnetism” that some people are experiencing and the CDC is also denying. It’s the “secret sauce” in the patents of each drug manufacturer, that is bought from the CCP. ChIna doesn’t or didn’t (don’t know at this point) cover it up(or can’t?) on the bill of lading of the spike protein contents.

      1. Frederick Goldberg

        Gene Therapy tried since 2010, but not one single trial was successful in animal trials. As a matter of fact, animals died due to an overresponse of the natural immune system generated by the therapy. So they bypassed the animal trials for the covid 19 shot and changed the definition of Vaccine because this does nothing for your health but it does give them control.

  6. Perhaps a review of the history of vaccines & their degrees of efficacy would prove illuminating. Which provided immunity, to what disease, when, & to what degree? Which “prevented disease” & to what degree? What does “provide protection” mean exactly, & to what degree of protection, statically speaking? Is the claim of protection based on double blind studies done over a reasonable amount of time? Has a reasonable amount of time even elapsed?

    You can tell me pepper spray is more effective than a gun in repelling bears, but I know that only a high-caliber gun, used proficiently, can stop a bear dead in its tracks. Size & type of bear & accompanying circumstances matter as well. Statistics from studies of relevant data matter even more. No analogy is perfect, but the bottom line is one of trust. Is the CDC trustworthy? I trust professional, peer reviewed studies over bureaucratic, biased, agenda-heavy, narrative-nefarious, politically motivated, revised definitions.

    1. exactly, this is what I am doing these very days. from polio, with incidents in the 50s and the end of the 2oth century, vaccine induced deaths and disease. have a look at history of vaccine. I have just started, how interesting. In the middle of it, the news that the CDC changed the definition of the vaccine. Oh my, they think we are stupid

      1. Yes, look at the history of vaccines. Read Dr. Suzanne Humphry’s book,” Dissolving Illusions”. Vaccines have never worked. They have always been money makers for vaccinators. They have on occasion been marketed before using scare tactics, and false premises. The COVID shots differ in that their intent is to kill.

  7. We should have done the opposite of what we were told: WAIT for vaccines, don’t rush them half-baked; NO MASKS outdoors and NO LOCKDOWNS at home indoors. Covid would be waning by now, then a vaccine would finish it off after FDA’s normal 3-yr study period.

  8. It doesn’t matter as the AMA is actively trying to get rid of all exemptions to vaccines. The premise that vaccine are completely safe is false. Info given to doctors for this winter: https://www.ama-assn.org/system/files/2021-02/covid-19-vaccine-guide-english.pdf This section on page 6. On the AMA position on eliminating non-medical exemptions for vaccines:
    • The AMA strongly supports efforts to eliminate nonmedical exemptions from immunization and will
    continue to actively urge policymakers to do so. The AMA’s policy advocates for legislation, regulations, programs and policies that incentivize states to eliminate non-medical exemptions from mandated pediatric immunizations.
    • The AMA urges physicians to discuss all aspects of vaccinations and immunizations with their patients.
    • It’s important that physicians talk with their patients about the health risks associated with not being vaccinated and make a strong recommendation for vaccinations, unless medically inadvisable.
    • Exemptions based on religious or philosophic grounds, or personal belief, endanger the health of the unvaccinated individual and the health of those in his or her group and the community at large.

    1. That also means that any home made remedy, vitamin D, green tea, zinc, snake oil, etc is also a Vaccine. The idiots have accidentally allowed DIY vaccines, all you need now is DIY vaccine cards

  9. Lets start with terminologies/definitions and to whom it in reality applies:
    From CDC: Definition of Terms: https://web.archive.org/web/20120710132002/https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/imz-basics.htm
    Let’s start by defining basic terms:
    Immunization: The process by which a “person” or animal becomes protected against a disease. This term is often used interchangeably with vaccination or inoculation.
    Are you a “person” or “natural person”??? These two definitions are found in H.R. 1491 and P.L. 1 48 Stat. Ch.1 which is the state of emergency since 1933 /bankruptcy of US gov. maintained intentionally to this day where the NDAA refreshes its rate to be used as a driving mechanism for the scam they running against all of us. “Person in their legal terms is a corporation, fictitious entity, dead corp, corporation, 14th amendment slave citizen …. nothing to do with living man/woman/child.
    “Natural Person” is related to Art.4 Sec.2 Free State Citizen of particular Free State because 14th A. when it was not ratified properly in 1868 was pushed on us when each Free State in the Union already had own State Citizens with all inalienable rights.The 14th A. just created 2nd class slave citizen been subject to the foreign and corporate state (from which we all have an 11th A. immunity) which doesn’t represent Americans anymore as you can see.
    More on person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_ZqRTxINyA
    I recommend to see all 9 parts – Servant King – Confusion part 1-9 it is quiet entertaining and educating.
    All from the president down to trash pickup services are “Foreign Agents” to “Foreign Principals” which have already many nations under their rule.
    You have to know who they in reality are and what is your real status in you own country plus you have to be able to comprehend that we are occupied nation already for many decades, mainly since 1913 and still a British Colony.

  10. An Honest disclaimer should read: The COVID vaccination may or may not provide some level of prevention but it is still Mandatory and Mask still required so the government can see how far they can push their Socialism.

    1. thus, ushering in the social credit system that will also expand to all aspects of life, including judging citizens’ behaviour and trustworthiness.

  11. It seems the debate is due to semantics vaccine vs vaccination.
    The altered definition is based on the efficacy.
    A vaccine requires a killed or weakened pathogen; lacking in te gene therapy fake “vaccine”- hence still a violation of 15 US Code 41 regardless of efficacy level.

  12. The CDC just shot themselves in the foot, with this one. They want to play WORD GAMES…….and they just LOST! Changing ‘immunity’ to ‘PROTECTION’ is a win for HUMANS! Now, with the ‘PROTECTION’ definition, Vitamin C is now a ‘vaccine’ for Scurvy (as an example). Vitamin C gives one PROTECTION FROM SCURVY. SO, all of the vitamins, clean water and CLEAN FOOD that I consume are now ‘vaccines’ against the ‘big, bad virus’, since those PROTECT ME from getting sick. (I haven’t had the Common Cold in more than 10 years!)
    I, for one, welcome the ‘new definition’ because it now defines the things that I do to PROTECT myself from colds/flu as ‘vaccines’.

  13. How is the CDC able to change the definition of a vaccine without any public process whatever? Was the change made legally? The COVID-19 “vaccines” are not really vaccines, they are an experimental gene based therapeutic at best. Given the extremely poor safety record, they are a poison. With the definition changed employers are able to mandate their employees take a poison because it is defined as a vaccine. See what they are doing?

  14. The adoption of the term “jab” has always seemed a little bit too convenient to me. It seems odd for major news organisations to have adopted it. I suspect it’s no accident.

    The Covid “vaccines” are the opposite of vaccines (anti-vaccines, if you like), since they allow the virus to roam around the world indefinitely, mutating in ways that have never been possible before.

  15. Humanity will decrease its well-being and freedom while humanity (definitions) adapts to technologies and not technologies to humanity (definitions).

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