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18 thoughts on “READ: Examples of allegedly invalid Maricopa County votes in 2020 election”

  1. Please link for download the report. Your two articles come up as the first results even with Duck Duck. Why post images without giving us the original report or at least linking to it?

  2. I’ll say it again, completely purge the voter rolls following every election. Let everyone (re-)register to vote for the next election.

  3. Sharyl,

    Most of what I read seems to say that, while there were many instances of fraud in the Maricopa county election, there wasn’t enough to change election results and in fact biden picked up votes. Is this true? If it is, then it is damaging to the country to perpetuate the fraud narrative. (BTW, while irrelevant, I am a Trump supporter.)

    1. The 57k ballots that are wrong are enough to destroy Biden’s win 5 times.

      And that’s only in Maricopa County… what about all the others?

      If anything this shows us that the “no evidence for fraud” narrative was only possible because they never really looked.

    2. James, What happened is they recounted the same votes. What should be done is to look for irregularities such as exampled in this article.
      Of course the more times the same votes are counted means the favored candidate will continue to find more votes because that is what they are looking for.

    3. This evidence has been published, for only one county in AZ, and the undisputable mountain of evidence is shown to ONLY be damaging to the Biden administration!!! The election, at least in this county, was STOLEN!! (BTW, while irrelevant, I WAS a Biden supporter.)

  4. These “errors” seem to occur by design. Just like everything else this administration does. But, there’s nothing to see here, folks, so let’s just move along.

  5. The left is saying that the number of votes was close, Biden got 360 more and if we leave in all the duplicate ballots, dead voters, out of state votes, no signature votes, unfolded ballots, and other anomalies, the number of votes matches close enough. If we ignore the security lapses, deleted files and other questionable actions, it was a fair and correct election so what is the right complaining about? The left has twisted this to their agenda as usual….

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