(READ) Public health experts: It’s ok to get flu vaccine and Covid vaccine on same day

The following is an excerpt from an article in Medscape

Patients can now receive their COVID-19 vaccine and flu shot during the same visit, according to updated recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Previously, the CDC recommended that people receive their COVID-19 vaccinations alone and schedule any other vaccinations at least 2 weeks before or after their COVID-19 immunization. “This was out of an abundance of caution during a period when these vaccines were new and not due to any known safety or immunogenicity concerns,” the CDC guidance states. “However, substantial data have now been collected regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines currently approved or authorized by FDA.”

The guidance allowing for coadministration of COVID-19 vaccines with other immunizations, including the flu shot, was issued in mid-May of this year, and was restated in influenza vaccine recommendations released August 27. The American Academy of Pediatrics soon followed suit, announcing earlier this week that for children eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine (age 12 and older), AAP recommendations allow for both the influenza and COVID-19 vaccines to be administered during the same visit.

Although there is limited data around giving COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccines, “extensive experience with non-COVID-19 vaccines has demonstrated that immunogenicity and adverse event profiles are generally similar when vaccines are administered simultaneously as when they are administered alone,” the recommendations state. 


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3 thoughts on “(READ) Public health experts: It’s ok to get flu vaccine and Covid vaccine on same day”

  1. Just another way to muddy the statistics. Now, if someone has flu shot and mrna shot at the same time, and later develops Guillain-Barré ( a known risk with flu shots), those cases will be listed as flu shot issues. Anything to protect the narrative.

  2. Marc Maximilien Authier

    The CDC is as credible as Jack the Ripper. In a normal country these people would indeed be put on trial and executed for mass murder. People still listening to these criminals deserve indeed to get damaged and die. I am tired of you stupid and corrupt Americans. Enough of their crimes. We are now just in the EU to 25 000 deaths and 2,4 million damaged people by these mRNA and adeno virus horrors. There is clearly another agenda behind this false crisis and it has absolutely nothing to do with public health.

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