(READ) Republican questions gallery owner who sold Hunter Biden’s art

Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky), the lead Republican on the House Oversight Committee, is questioning the owner of an art gallery that sold Hunter Biden’s art.

According to Comer, there are ethics questions surrounding the transactions, including whether there are foreign ties to any payments.

Read the information from Comer’s office below.

Comer Questions Gallery Owner Selling Hunter Biden’s ArtworkRaises red flag over potential for artwork purchases to be abused due to shady White House policy on sales 
WASHINGTON—Today, House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) wrote Georges Bergès—owner of Georges Bergès Gallery—requesting documents and information regarding the unprecedented prices the gallery set for selling Hunter Biden’s art. Given the history of foreign governments using high value art to evade U.S. sanctions, the unprecedented prices which Hunter Biden—a new, untrained, celebrity artist— is selling for, and the Biden family’s historic precedent of using proximity to political power for self-gain, Ranking Member Comer is demanding information and communications between the gallery and Hunter Biden, including the individuals who have purchased the art or indicated an interest in purchasing his art via attendance at his art shows. 
“The president’s son selling artwork has generated numerous questions surrounding the ethics and propriety of such actions,” wrote Ranking Member Comer. “Though the White House has attempted to allay concerns about the appearance of selling access to the president by developing guidelines for your gallery, these guidelines actually create more obscurity for the buyers of Mr. Biden’s compositions, each of which—at their lowest prices—exceeds the median annual income for the American household . . . The prices your gallery has set for these pieces by a new, untrained, celebrity artist are unprecedented.  One New York art adviser said such prices are ‘sort of insulting to the art ecosystem, as if anyone could do it.  
“It is the Oversight Committee’s responsibly to scrutinize Mr. Biden’s business activities because he chooses to conduct them in the most murky and corrupt corners of international affairs. Moreover, he has chosen—in the latest iteration of his career—to sell commodities of fluid and opaque value to anonymous benefactors,” wrote Ranking Member Comer.“Mr. Biden acknowledges it is ‘a hell of a lot easier to get noticed’ as an artist due to his family name. Given Mr. Biden’s connection to the White House, his network of foreign associates, your efforts to become the ‘lead guy in China’ for art, and history of foreign nations that have ‘used transactions involving high-value art to evade sanctions imposed on them by the United States,’ the extent and nature of your dealings with Mr. Biden must be subject to the same scrutiny.”
Ranking Member Comer is requesting all documents and communications between the gallery and Hunter Biden; all communications and documents between the gallery and the White House, including the ethics guidelines; all price setting documents and communications surrounding Hunter Biden’s art; all documents showing who purchased Hunter Biden’s art; and all documents showing who attended the opening of Hunter Biden’s art shows. 
Republicans previously wrote the White House and National Archivist regarding several members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, potentially profiting off their proximity to the president. Neither the White House nor the National Archivist have responded to the request.  
Read the full letter here.

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9 thoughts on “(READ) Republican questions gallery owner who sold Hunter Biden’s art”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team

    As an artist, from the 60s forward,
    I would buy one of his creations,

    Hunter’s abstract “art” falls
    well within PROFESSIONAL/
    Contemporary evaluations of
    what constitutes good ART.

    Mental illness can produce
    the best art (( read the many
    books about creativity in art
    and, e.g., bipolar disease )).

    In any case, he deserves our
    compassion—as does his
    mentally ill father., because
    they are victims of behind-
    the-scenes controllers ( aka
    Shadow Cabal Agencies ).

    His possible use by nefarious
    agents, via purchase of his art,
    that must be exposed and


  2. I’m not so sure they deserve compassion. They may well be mentally deranged….certainly they are the most corrupt family to ever occupy the White House in my lifetime. Feel sorry for them all you want, while they laugh all the way to the bank.

    1. Susan,

      My response to your justified
      anger may be found couched
      within my below forwarded
      message, as SOME may be
      forced to become lawbreakers :

      Forwarded Message :

      Webster’s Dictionary :

      “Double entendre is used in all types of literature. Sometimes the double entendre is as simple as a play on words, as in the title of Damon Knight’s short story ‘To Serve Man.’ This story (which was later adapted into an episode of The Twilight Zone) is about aliens who come to Earth and help humans end war and poverty. On the surface, to serve means to do good things for. However, at the end of the story it’s revealed that the aliens eat humans, and to serve turns out to mean ‘to prepare to eat.’ This double meaning of to serve creates the tension in the story.”

      “Never Forget!” has two meanings,
      as used to honor the victims of

      One honors by uncovering the well-
      hidden truth of the Why?/ How?/
      Who? of that day’s fallen heros.

      Yesterday, Interloper Biden advised
      us : “Unity [[ one purpose ]] is our
      strength” while just the day before,
      and for several decades, Libertines
      had advised: “Diversity [[ multiplicity
      of purposes ]] is our strength,”

      Anyone know the meaning of
      “Cognitive Dissonace” ?—which is
      used by Libertine Leftism to destroy
      the meritocratic and Christian and
      White West for Brutalitarian Marxism.

      Regarding “Never Forget!” ? :

      “to Guard against . . .”


      “to Revenge for . . .”


  3. Nothing will come of this. The Biden’s are above the law. The FBI has had Hunter’s lap top for two years they have turned a blinds eye. Hunter lied on his application to get a firearm, that’s a felony, nothing happened. Congress asking questions, nothing will happen. His dad botches up the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before getting civilians out resulting in the death of 13 service members, nothing will happen. Our borders are I open to terrorists, nothing has happened, While average American citizens lives are in danger because of this family nothing will happen.

  4. Sharyl is my hero!!!!..House of Reps and the Senate , not so much!!! A do nothing government will soon inspire the population to respond with their (legal) ballots.
    Are there any politicians left that aren’t so busy lining their pockets that there is no time left for governing????
    Down with the Biden version of our Republic and their communist agenda!!!!

  5. Corruption succeeds when others make excuses for it, such as misplaced “compassion” for felonious behavior. The whole Biden family is totally corrupt. Anyone who disagrees is living in a fantasy world.,

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