(READ) Trump on January 6 protesters: ‘Justice Will Prevail’

– September 16, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election. In addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!

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6 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on January 6 protesters: ‘Justice Will Prevail’”

    1. Mike,

      You remind me!—re my essay about
      how to keep the peace (( lost knowledge )) :

      [[ Sharyl, I had already posted this in one of your pages. ]]


      Minority Poverty Pimps Chant ‘No Justice? No Peace!’

      – – –

      Want Justice? Obey The Ten Commandments;

      Work Hard In School;

      Don’t Use Drugs;

      Honor Your Parents;


      Pay Attention To Your Nation’s Political Course

      This scribbler knew which ones of his fellow
      high-school classmates would become thoughtful
      citizens, and which ones would take to the
      streets in adulthood and demand an immoral

      Classmates who behaved, studied and
      participated in school activities grew up to
      become model citizens while those cut-ups,
      smart asses and know-everything thugs
      disrupting class and angering teachers
      are now in and out of bars and marriages
      (if not jails), using drugs, taking welfare,
      and ardently supporting their enabling
      Democrats in Congress (Marxian Jews
      being the architects and driving force in
      the Democrat Party), to champion the
      “poor” and keep them dependent on the
      state, retaining power and position by
      keeping money flowing to deadbeats,
      such as those tens of thousands of
      teen sluts humping their boyfriends (or
      their one-night stands) to pregnancy,
      parenthood, free food, free housing,
      free training, and free medical insurance
      (Sally Jesse Raphael’s March 13th TV
      program featured teen girls who had
      become pregnant by various immoral
      means–such as secretly punching
      holes in condoms to conceive a baby,
      “to love and be loved by,” and while this
      sick socialist government funds their
      “independent” living arrangements).

      Marxian Democrats Chide And Tax The Industrious

      Out Of Their

      Hard-Earned Money

      One of the more twisted slogans Marxian
      Democrats use, for chiding the industrious
      into handing over their hard-earned
      money, is: “No Justice? No Peace!,” which
      helps you — you poor and disgruntled
      minorities — to keep assaulting WHITE
      CIVIL SOCIETY, to acquire more of
      what you want: free money, free food,
      free housing, free day care, free training,
      and free medical insurance (the term
      “disgruntled minorities” includes the
      millions of ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN
      poor flooding into America from all
      over the world–to get federal cradle-to-
      grave freebies).

      Perceived Injustices Are Of Your Own Making

      What minority poverty pimps perceive as
      injustices are the effects of bad behavior:

      Want justice?–obey your parents

      Want justice?–obey the laws

      Want justice?–obey your teachers

      Want justice?–study history to
      understand the present and predict
      the future

      Want justice?–study hard to
      increase your knowledge

      Want justice?–join and practice
      a religion

      Want justice?–don’t use drugs

      Want justice?–don’t litter your
      mind or environment

      Want justice?–shun bad music,
      TV and movies

      Want justice?–volunteer your help

      Want justice?–avoid extramarital sex

      Want justice?–marry to have children

      Want justice?–don’t have a baby
      you can’t afford to feed, house and
      nurture to healthy maturity

      Want justice?–don’t sneak across
      the border to steal an unearned
      place in America

      Want justice?–stay in your own
      country and work to effect good
      government and good culture there

      Want justice?–don’t demand
      money from the industrious, to pay
      for the bad outcomes of your
      personal weaknesses

      Want justice?–defund the
      Democrat Party, which enables
      your bad behavior and drives
      the nation towards moral and
      cultural ruin

      Want justice?–fight liberals’
      liberalism, which at its core is
      Marxist/socialist/feminism, and
      means to entrenching evil
      socialism and communism

      Want justice?–engage peaceful
      attributes of good citizenship;
      obey the Ten Commandments and
      exercise your civic duties

      But Being Good Is


      Nerdish, Prudish, Uptight And Un-Cool!

      Of course, that sounds so-o-o nerdish,
      prudish, uptight and un-cool to Democrats
      and their minority charges.

      Well, who is suffering and dying from
      drink, drugs, and STDs–and, then,
      screaming for acquisition of an immoral
      “justice,” as if they have no culpability
      for their bad personal/social condition?:

      Unfortunately, the Marxian Jew-run
      government in Washington D.C. wrecks
      giving to you what you demand.

      Would that social conservatives reply:

      “No Virtue? No Justice!”


      1. Rick-
        I might also add that “denial is a disease.” That said, I was a ‘cut up’ in 9th grade–because I liked to make the girls laugh. I didn’t defy the Science teacher however, because she was genuine and I knew she was interested in who I was. The trouble with government schools is that they are formatted as a mass production social engineering enterprise. Many of us(my peers and closest allies) were highly suspicious of the “programming”–and interestingly, as I exited school at an early age I became an avid reader, and in fact was very curious about what Marshall McLuhan had to tell us: “The medium is the message.” I feel fortunate that I didn’t grow up in the age of the internet and smartphones. The bookstores and libraries were my church.

        1. Riki Tiki Tavi,

          Yes, generally, the
          ones among us are
          self-educated, such
          as yourself.

          The Montessori style
          if for instilling a self-
          motivated love of

          My schooling was
          in private school.


  1. Looking forward to justice prevailing President Trump!! We sure miss all your hard work, encouragement and policies that were Pro-USA and Pro-people.
    We have a scoundrel in our WH and the consequences are felt far and wide. The world has gone mad. Once Hillary is in prison and you are back in OUR WH we will have hope that our justice system has been restored. Patiently waiting for justice.

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