(READ) Trump statement on allegations of betrayal by ‘Dumbass’ Gen. Milley

– September 14, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
If the story of “Dumbass” General Mark Milley, the same failed leader who engineered the worst withdrawal from a country, Afghanistan, in U.S. history, leaving behind many dead and wounded soldiers, many American citizens, and $85 Billion worth of the newest and most sophisticated Military equipment in the world, and our Country’s reputation, is true, then I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification “of an attack.” Can’t do that! The good news is that the story is Fake News concocted by a weak and ineffective General together with two authors who I refused to give an interview to because they write fiction, not fact. Actions should be taken immediately against Milley, and better generals in our Military, of which we have many, should get involved so that another Afghanistan disaster never happens again. Remember, I was the one who took out 100% of the ISIS Caliphate. Milley said it couldn’t be done!  For the record, I never even thought of attacking China—and China knows that. The people that fabricated the story are sick and demented, and the people who print it are just as bad. In fact, I’m the only President in decades who didn’t get the U.S. into a war—a well known fact that is seldom reported.

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10 thoughts on “(READ) Trump statement on allegations of betrayal by ‘Dumbass’ Gen. Milley”

  1. It’s sad to see generals become politicians and follow the liberal left.
    Gen. Milley was in contact with the Chinese assuring them that he would block an attack if one was ordered by Trump.
    Why was the Bagram military airport not used for evacuations which would have been so much easier to protect.

  2. Michael Abbatemarco

    Only the left would say The General is a patriot for doing what he did.
    They are all treasonous individuals who knew of this, and did not report him for breaking the chain of command. Nancy Pelosi should brought up on charges also.

    Tell me what is this love affair with China the left has. We have built that country through our businesses that ventured there. The globalists thought the Chinese would be contributors to the world if we improved their society.
    They want to own us!
    They can’t recognize that China is not just our competitor, but also our predator.

  3. It is a deep stretch to believe that any patriotic military officer, let alone the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs would coordinate the massacre of American troops by warning the Chinese in advance of an attack.
    Also hard to believe he would tell a reporter he did it so it could be put in a book so everyone would know.
    I’m skeptical but old enough to know anything is possible, especially with the Trump deranged.

  4. Dumbass Trump was losing his mind over his losing the election! To his mind maybe a war was just the thing to keep him in office!?

  5. President Biden rocks. His lies are the best ever. Remember when Biden promised to never mandate getting covid vaccines? Or wearing masks? This guy is the best liar ever. Love it! Rock on sheeple. Keep walking off the cliff and clapping your hands to every lie you ingest. Good luck!

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