REPORT: 22 military pilots walk off the job due to Covid-19 vaccine mandates

According to one report, 22 U.S. F-22 military pilots and 16 crew members for B-52s have walked off the job due to Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

That after a military-wide email was reportedly issued instructing all troops to get vaccinated immediately.

In recent weeks, a dozen military troops and officers from the Air Force, Army and Navy spoke to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), me, and other reporters to say they will retire or risk court martial before agreeing to be vaccinated for Covid-19. They claim there is a significant number of their peers who feel the same way. They say the mandates will impact national security and military readiness and, in some cases already have.

Their objections range from the fact that some already have natural immunity from previous infection, to moral and ethical objections.

Listen to the podcast about military personnel who say they will refuse vaccination at all costs.

Here is a link to the video with details about the alleged walkouts:

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9 thoughts on “REPORT: 22 military pilots walk off the job due to Covid-19 vaccine mandates”

  1. They had 21 pilots walk off during the H1N1 fake pandemic rather than risk their lives & health. That was millions of dollars down the drain and planes grounded because of trying to force a medical procedure that was already crippling their friends on a flu that was PATENTED IN THE USA BEFORE THE OUTBREAK . The decision to end their careers, take time in the brig and get a dishonorable discharge cannot have been easy ; but better than risking the rest of your life & health especially if you are young.

  2. The infiltration has been insidious and incremental. Surely any adult with a little knowledge of history and basic warfare strategy realizes that the election “steal” coupled with the pLandemic has been a tool of Globalist stakeholders. When our military chooses to toe the lie–as generals Miley and Austin have, we are knee-deep in the big muddy (to use a popular Pete Seegar lyric–and how ironic, as he was an avowed communist!)

  3. every act of the dnc and obama was to weken this nation. any one that cant see they have sold america out. has there eyes closed. so i say .if you cant open them eyes four self then open them up for the world you are passing on to your kids and grand kids . it will be hell on them

  4. Sherryl,
    is this story supported by more than just one anecdote? There is a lot of push back by supposed “fact checkers” which I take with a grain of salt. But, I certainly don’t want to push a story with such little information to back it up.
    I want to trust your reporting.

    1. My husband is an active duty soldier, and Dec. 15th is the deadline for getting the vaccine or face getting written up (like a possible GOMAR, General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand). This is basically a career ending action meaning the soldier will not be able to obtain future promotions. Next, if the soldier still does not comply, then the soldier will be court martialed via UCMJ for violating an order from a commanding officer. However, where my husband currently works, they’ve issued a deadline of tomorrow (Sept. 17th) or face being written up. As of Sept. 14th, 80% of the Army has received the vaccine (according to In other words, we could lose 20% of our army via forced discharge from the military, and those soldiers could lose all military benefits. In addition, they could possibly get dishonorable discharges which could ruin their chances of finding employment outside of the military.

      See this website for more info:

      1. I am an Army vet, I say get as many people together as possible and file a class action lawsuit against the army or the entire military, the DOD, and joint chiefs.
        There is power in numbers. Many lawsuits are now in the works.
        In the class, ask for reinstatement, and back pay, and the discharge of any penalties.

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