REPORT: Lancet, which published discredited article on possible Covid-19 lab origin, does a turnabout

The following is an excerpt from an article in Daily Mail.

The Lancet medical journal has bowed to pressure over its heavily-criticised coverage of the disputed origins of the Covid pandemic by publishing an ‘alternative view’ from 16 scientists – calling for an ‘objective, open and transparent debate’ about whether the virus leaked from a Chinese laboratory.

It was revealed earlier this year that Peter Daszak – a British scientist with long-standing links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology – had secretly orchestrated a landmark statement in The Lancet in February 2020 which attacked ‘conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin’.

The now-infamous letter, signed by 27 leading public health experts, said they stood together to ‘strongly condemn’ the theories which they said ‘do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice’. (Continued…)

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8 thoughts on “REPORT: Lancet, which published discredited article on possible Covid-19 lab origin, does a turnabout”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Whence came the bug is a deflection.

    Gain-of-Function reports are a deflection,
    as E N T R O P Y rules here.

    The Medical Mafia is capturing people
    having normal, year-to-year cold and
    flu bugs in DEATH Dens ( hospitals ),
    and withholding greatly effective treat-
    ments—to get death numbers up.

    Kabuki Theater. !

    Study everything from Jon Rappoport :

    Nobody opining about any of it
    comes close to Jon Rappoport’s
    analyses ( this report covers all
    aspects of the Covid-Hoax, from
    beginning to date—and deserves
    copying to paper, for future
    historians researching this Left-
    driven madness ) :


  2. Sharyl, thanks again for all you do, these people think that changing their narrative makes them look “More Credible” , in “WHO’s” Eyes Lol

  3. Further proof that the medical community worldwide has been politicized. This is the second retraction the once-respected Lancet has done in a little over a year. The first, in which they were joined by their American counterparts, the New England Journal of Medicine, was when they were just a little to quick on the trigger to publish a study condemning hydroxychloroquine’s efficacy in treating COVID,
    Turned out, in their rush to further the political (NOT medical) narrative about HCQ, neither the Lancet nor the NEJM took the time to review the study’s methods, data, or the doctor who orchestrated the sham thing. They just “ran with it,” as they say in journalistic circles.
    To say that the medical community has been politicized (and in some cases, weaponized) is a gross understatement.

  4. Thanks for his. It’s a step in the right direction for The Lancet. But they need to suspend all the people who conspired to write the original letter. They have tainted the credibility of The Lancet and there is no place in science for deceit.

  5. The Lancet lost their credibility when they published the fake Hydroxychloroquine study. How many people could have been saved by alternative treatments?
    We’ll never know.


    I wonder how long these illegal tactics(against you and many others) of the tyrannical left will continue without a response . But then again do you suppose that their goal is exactly that, ie to incite the radical right into an aggressive response which of course would produce martial law, and thus would follow the true reality of a totalitarian American government.

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