(Study) ‘Strong association’ between Covid-19 vaccine and risk of heart inflammation; increased risk of lymphadenopathy, appendicitis and herpes zoster infection

A large real-world case-control study from Israel finds that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine triples the risk of heart inflammation known as myocarditis.

“Vaccination had a strong association with an increased risk of myocarditis,” concluded the study authors.

Myocarditis was already an acknowledged known risk of the vaccinations, particularly in young people.

The study also found the Pfizer vaccine caused an increased risk of lymphadenopathy [swelling or inflammation of lymph nodes], appendicitis, and herpes zoster infection.

CDC says the benefits of Covid-19 vaccine outweigh the known risks, and that there is no cause for concern.

The Biden administration is mandating the vaccine for all employees and contractors, even those who have better protection than the vaccines provide because they have natural immunity after recovering from Covid-19. More than 120 million Americans fit into that category, according to CDC.

An August 10 study in JAMA Cardiology urged caution in giving Covid-19 vaccine to certain high risk patients due to the vaccine link to a serious blood disorder: thrombocytopenia with thrombosis. “One of the devastating manifestations of this syndrome, termed vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), is cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST),” say the study authors. The link involves the AstraZeneca/Oxford and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, according to the study. The AstraZeneca vaccine is not administered in the U.S. currently.

CDC countered the news by saying that myocarditis is far more common in young people who have Covid-19 than in their uninfected peers. However, scientists say most young people don’t get symptomatic Covid-19.

Another August 10 study in the same journal confirms the previously identified Pfizer vaccine’s myocarditis (heart inflammation) risk in young boys.

Read the study here.

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7 thoughts on “(Study) ‘Strong association’ between Covid-19 vaccine and risk of heart inflammation; increased risk of lymphadenopathy, appendicitis and herpes zoster infection”

  1. Unfortunately, the WHO, CDC, and most G7 Governments have lost respect and credibility due to misinformation and propaganda campaigns using many media platforms. Civilization is eclipsing a moment in history where potentially dangerous events leading to unprecedented changes in our world could be upon us. The momentum behind the push for the Great Reset might be difficult to overcome. I guess time will reveal the truth very soon.

  2. Is the Biden Administration going to provide trained replacement employees for all of the unvaccinated employees that employers will now be forced to let go ?

    1. Trained competent employees by the biden administration? Just look at his cabinet members- they literally dredged up the most incompetent unfit people they could find for every one of those positions!

  3. New study shows heart attacks more common among younger (under 35) cannabis users – are those also the same ones having heart complications after getting a “covid” injection?

    Where is the triage before one submits to this injection, now that we know more about who suffers harm and who does not. What do we need to test for BEFORE agreeing to this injection. 18 months o data should be showing definite patterns in individual reactions. Where is it, CDC?

  4. I have lymphedema. So I’m very concerned that getting this vaccine will make my lymphatic system even worse. I seriously doubt the powers that be tested for this. I would also be a prime candidate for myocarditis from the Covid-19 vaccine.

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