The Shocking Impact of the Broken Federal Approach to the Border Crisis in Laredo, Texas (PODCAST)

An eye-opening interview with the mayor of a border town in crisis due to illegal immigration and Covid: Laredo, Texas.

Mayor Pete Saenz discusses dealing with the cost of illegal border crossers, the coronavirus some are bringing with them, and the frustration over being forced to pick up the pieces of the federal government’s broken approach. 

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7 thoughts on “The Shocking Impact of the Broken Federal Approach to the Border Crisis in Laredo, Texas (PODCAST)”

  1. Broken federal approach? Don’t you mean intentional treasonous approach?
    People need to stop acting like these liberals aren’t literal enemies of the state, and just say how it is.
    Also people need to stop acting like Biden is making ANY decisions, or even has anything to do with the decisions being made. Biden does whatever he’s told to do, and he tries to say wherever he’s told to say, but can’t even do that right.
    I don’t even read conservative, or reputable authored articles anymore, because you all play the liberal game, and act like this is real.
    This is just all noise.
    They are LITERAL enemies of the state, and need to be treated as such.

  2. Thank you,

    Nothing is broken at the border, it is just like Biden and his ilk want it. The only change they would make would be more Illegal Aliens in even more deplorable conditions.

    The same could be said about Afghanistan.

  3. What happened with the podcast titled “U.S. Border Sheriff Describes the Chaos and Danger he faces”? It was very short (8 minutes), and the two segments with the guest were the EXACT same clip. The QC on this podcast wasn’t good. I normally like the podcasts a lot, and I learn a lot from you. Please review your process of reviewing prior to releasing.

  4. Without boarders and laws we don’t have a country. How dare them use federal or state money to take care of these illegally passing into our country. Then we have to homeschool because they are busy teaching these illegals a second language. Oh he is so concerned about THEIR TREATMENT. WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHTS!!

  5. What happened to the episode ‘the shocking impact of the broken federal approach to the border crisis in life Laredo Texas’?

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