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6 thoughts on “U.S. Border Sheriff Describes the Chaos and Danger he Faces (PODCAST)”

    1. Wendy,

      Or Listen To
      Glenn Beck
      Advance His
      Folly :

      [[ Sharyl—copy, then nix it ]]

      — Glenn Beck quotes the Koran in His Never-Ending, Emotion-Driven Stupidity ! —

      Beck had quoted the Koran this morning
      ( 9/13/21 ), in a positive way!, about how
      “saving one man is saving the world,” which
      was a direct slam against Christianity. He
      could have quoted the REAL purpose of the
      KORAN’s “saving the world”—by its demand
      that all Koranists “Kill unbelievers wherever
      you may find them!”

      Glenn Beck and Company ? Very deadly to
      the future of White Western Civilization—to
      your White children’s future prospects, within
      their Once-Own, , Once-Civilized. White Civil
      Society (( the 1950s were truly Utopian, in
      comparison to the sewer-of-a-civilization here
      and across the Pond, today, for White folks ! )).

      Divide and Conquer!—is Globalists’/Marxists’
      ongoing PLAN :

      “Diversity is our strength!”—and I’ve a bridge to
      sell to you IDIOTS (( buy/rent, “Idiocracy,” as that
      movie is predictive programming, developed by
      the Shadow Cabal )) !

      This American federal government is Marxian
      Abraham Lincoln’s singular LEGACY!—yet, Beck
      & Boys constantly idolize/worship Brutalitarian

      Go figure!—the stupidity of libertines’/liberals’
      failure to T H I N K (( poisoned by EMOTION!,
      which the Holy Bible warns not to abide, as it
      warns against following “HEART,” because it
      makes one the “FOOL” in matters requiring
      reason, not left-handed fickleness )).

      Do the math, as Beck’s multi-millions are spent
      to save 5,000 anti-White, anti-Western, DEADLY,
      not-so-Christian “Christians,” who despair-
      ately lust after your flushing toilets, hot water,
      medicine, and your LAND—for imposing
      Sharia Law (( not to mention, Arab men LUSTING
      after the far, far more sexually attractive White
      girls and women—T-H-E “Great Displacement!”,
      dear Glenn Beck & Boys, of White men’s ONCE-
      Grand Civil Society )).

      Notice: Beck says: “TALiBON” not Taliban.

      That’s a strong clue to CONTROL by Globalists/
      Marxists, using Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP)—
      as does our Interloper President, Biden, pronouncing
      it INCORRECTLY, too, by repeatedly saying :

      It’s called, “reframing,” in NLP—the control of
      the listener’s mind by employing what this
      student of Jungian, Freudian and NLP psy-
      chologies names :

      “Lingual Deflections” ( my psychology term )

      —which is simply accomplished by altering
      away from the traditional pronunciation (( recall
      Obama’s training by NLP psychologists, before
      his first installation—yes, he had been chosen
      and trained and installed. Hint: Russia! Russia!
      Russia! Russia!, which hint can’t be explained/
      proved here )).

      This scribbler had had formal training in the
      NLP methodologies, in the early Eighties, and
      has all the books.


      1. P.S.

        Well, my misspelling :
        “Neuro”-Linguistic Programing works—“N E R O,” whose
        brutality is being resurrected by the Marxian, libertine Left.

  1. The Biden administration’s view of the border situation seems to be: “There is no border crisis, but it’s Trump’s fault.” Or something like that.

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