UPDATE on Attkisson v. DOJ for computer intrusions

The following is a news analysis and update on Attkisson v. DOJ

After more than 18 months, one defendant in my government computer intrusion case lawsuit, ex-Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges, who was already in prison for a different crime, hadn’t answered the complaint. (The answer was due in a matter of weeks.) That means we win— Well, unless you’re fighting the government.

After we filed for default, the ex-Secret Service agent, Bridges, suddenly shows up more than a year and a half late and asks for another month’s time, which the court grants.

As that time is almost up this week, Bridges now tells the court that he’s consulted with Secret Service, which is recommending the Department of Justice defend him in my case. He wants more time so DOJ can review that request.

It must be nice not to have to meet legal deadlines or rules.

I wouldn’t know: We have airtight forensics proving the government intrusion, sworn testimony from federal agents, yet we can’t seem to make headway as the government claims immunity and one technicality after another. And if we forget to dot an “I,” our case is dismissed. 

Long ago, the government should have apologized and put the guilty agents in prison– or even pretend to be interested in finding out who did it and holding them accountable.

Meantime, the government runs up our legal bills, while using unlimited tax money to defend the guilty agents.

And as the years go by, the government has continued to illegally spy on many people, in part because nobody was held accountable in my case or the many others.

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14 thoughts on “UPDATE on Attkisson v. DOJ for computer intrusions”

  1. It must be very frustrating fighting the Federal Government with them continually changing the game waiting you out using tax payer funded funds against you. In a weird way your taxes are helping fund the government against you :(

    1. Frustratin that th legal sistm kan b uzed 2 pervert justis. That jujbshd b removed frum th bench. Th splinterz up hiz ass r marin hiz jujmnt

  2. I guess they will get more money from Congress to help with their increased budget.
    “We use your money to spy on you and your money to defend ourselves when we get caught”.
    This is not sustainable.

  3. Sharyl, you are an absolute hero to so many of us, a bright shining light. We’re with you, with our prayers, our support, and our eagerness to see justice return and the truth again the standard of journalistic integrity. May you have all you need to fight, and may joy from beyond the world be your daily strength.

  4. This lawsuit interested me for some time but the more I consider it the more things do not make sense. You list a secret service agent as a defendant saying he was part of the Silk Road task force but then do not even name one other of the agents who worked on that task force despite there identities being public information? I have seen books and shows on the Silk Road case and all the agents names are known.
    Then there is no explanation how this secret service agent has anything to do with the fast and furious case you investigated. Fast and Furious was investigated publicly and the secret service was not even involved in that ATF investigation. It does not make any sense why you would name some random secret service agent but not one person he worked with on the task force named in the lawsuit. Starting to think you just named this guy for added publicity because he was already in prison.

  5. That “Pro Se” motion definitely was not written by a pro se defendant. A lawyer, most likely the DOJ or SS lawyer, wrote it. Hang in there!

    1. Maybe you should research Mr. Bridges more. Public info shows he taught criminal law for many years. The transcripts in his case shows he graduated first in his class. I am not taking sides but he is far more intelligent then you appear to give him credit.

  6. All this must be incredibly discouraging, Sharyl. At times you must feel very alone and small against the government behemoth – like David vs Goliath. Don’t give up! You are not alone. Not only have we not forgotten about you in your fight, but we NEED you. If they can get away with this with you, then we as individual Americans don’t stand a chance. Please don’t lose heart and continue to remember why you started this fight in the first place. We’re all behind you!

  7. I think your lawsuit against Shaun Bridges and DOJ needs more attention, so people are aware of how corrupt the government is.

    Recently Biden took back control of all those “unregistered/inactive IP addresses” that played a role on the hacking of your computers.

    Garrett Ziegler (Trump White House asst. to Peter Navarro) has been delving into the Shaun Bridges/Ryan White angle and you should get on and do a Rumble interview. It would be fantastic!

    Best to you and your family!

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