Another fake fact check from Facebook’s “Science Feedback”: this one about Amish Covid-19 immunity

The following is a news analysis.

If you’ve paid attention, you already know that Facebook’s “Science Feedback” and other health-related fact checkers are prolific distributors of misinformation and false information that typically benefits the vaccine or pharmaceutical industry.

They tend to “fact check” articles about medical studies and topics that are having an impact on the public, in hopes of tamping down the buzz and circulation of the data or details.

This week, these players are working hard to keep the public from learning that the Amish have claimed to reach “herd immunity” with Covid-19 and fared better than places that imposed drastic measures. The Amish say they did so without masking, closing, social distancing, or vaccination.

The Amish claim of herd immunity was previously reported by Associated Press and other news organizations, but didn’t get wide circulation. The propagandists and fake fact checkers didn’t challenge the topic at the time.

But my report on the same, which aired last Sunday on Full Measure, must be having an impact.

In response, Facebook’s Health Feedback propagandists have made several false and unsupported claims in an attempt to discredit The Amish approach and the reporting about it.

The fake fact-checkers, edited by a woman named Fernanda Ferreira, falsely claim that “natural immunity post-infection is variable, while vaccination provides safer and more reliable immunity.” The bulk of the scientific studies show the opposite. (You can find them here and decide for yourself.)

Additionally, they misleadingly imply that those who have had Covid-19 have even better protection if they go ahead and get vaccinated, anyway. (Refer to the same study list for the actual scientific findings to date.)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) got caught making the same false claim, that Moderna and Pfizer studies showed people who have had Covid still benefit from getting vaccinated anyway, earlier this year. The studies did not show that.

Additionally Science magazine repeated the same false claim in an article that later had to be corrected. (See Media Mistake #23 here.)

Facebook’s fake health fact-checkers repeating this same false information indicates they are in line with the interests putting out the disinformation through the government and scientific sources.

Facebook’s fake health fact-checkers previously were exposed in an embarrassing episode when they falsely claimed the Covid-19 lab theory had been debunked and that an Epoch Times documentary was untrue.

As always, when these special interests want to keep you from learning information, as if you cannot decide on your own what to think, it is a cue that should point you to seek more information about what they’re trying to hide. Ask yourself: Who wants to prevent me from seeing or believing this information — and why?

It may seem like a long time ago, but it actually was just about five years ago when third parties did not so overtly and commonly interfere with our access to information. We were, by and large, allowed to access what we wished and draw our own conclusions. Yes, there was manipulation, as I’ve written about in my books, but it was still possible for informed consumers of information to access a wide variety of facts, studies, news, and views. The concept of inviting or allowing a third party to insert itself between us and our pursuit of information is a relatively new concept. However, the practice has now become so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget how things had been. The resulting cottage industry has corporate and political interests, through foundations, nonprofits and other pass-throughs, funding and influencing the “fact checks” and other propaganda techniques– making it harder and harder to get independent information.

Read Facebook’s fake fact check from Health Feedback.

Watch the original report on The Amish and read the transcript here at Full Measure.

Sadly, the government, public health officials and Big Tech’s fake fact checkers have damaged their own credibility by proving wrong on so many important points, and by censoring or disparaging factually accurate information.

As always: Do your own research, make up your own mind, think for yourself.

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32 thoughts on “Another fake fact check from Facebook’s “Science Feedback”: this one about Amish Covid-19 immunity”

  1. Sharl and team,

    This televised article absolutely backs up our experience with COVID and the Amish and Mennonite people. I wasn’t sure of my assessment of what happened to us until I saw this excellent segment.

    My wife and I had received the COVID vaccinations earlier in the year. Carol received Pfizer the and I received Moderna. Both of us have been maintaining a relatively low travel and community exposure profile here in South Central Pennsylvania. We had an opportunity to visit an old Navy buddy and friend who was in Ohio and was visiting with his family there, from California, and we decided to add the Ark Experience in Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, to our trip to Ohio. There are many Amish in Ohio and Kentucky.

    We arrived at the Ark Experience early in the morning just as they were opening. As we began our tour and study there were few people there. About an hour later a very large group of people arrived with all of the women all wearing white bonnets. Lots of white bonnets all over the place in any direction you’d look accompanied by men and children who appeared as very nice people, almost wall to wall and on multiple levels in this very large exhibit.

    Maybe we should have masked up, in hindsight perhaps we should have bailed out of there. I hadn’t adequate information regarding these folks relative to their approach to health care to think about that. They all appeared healthy. Hindsight is spectacular. Instead, we spent the entire day there as we had put considerable travel time and admission and hotel cash into the trip. The exhibit is so very interesting relative to the Noah Biblical experience as well as the creation versus evolution argument and discussion.

    We were there the entire day Saturday almost until closing and still didn’t get to see the whole thing. We travelled home without incident on Sunday.

    Wednesday of the following week we began to feel symptomatic of a mild cold. The coughing increased and by Saturday both of us were starting to feel miserable. I went to Urgent Care Saturday evening for the COVID test. I tested positive. Carol went Sunday evening and had the same results.

    We have both received the monoclonal antibody infusion; Carol began feeling better the next day, I’m still waiting for smell and taste to return.

    With all of those observations, my conclusion is that these Amish and Mennonite folks may have infected each other, became ill, recovered, think that they have herd immunity, and get along well in their community. However, our experience brings me to conclude that they remain contagious carriers of the virus.

    It is my opinion that if they don’t want to participate with the rest of us in what is now conventional health care, they should remain isolated until they can prove that they are not contagious. Since they refuse to submit to testing, they nor the rest of us have any way to know that they’re positive or negative, contagious or othrewise, for COVID.

    These folks also tend not to join the military and make themselves eligible to go to war. I am a Vietnam veteran and have been poisoned by our government with Agent Orange during my service. I have several comorbidity issues relative to COVID as a result of Agent Orange including type 2 diabetes. Our Amish and Mennonite friends likely eat more healthy diets than the processed foods most of us get, so the other likely dietary causes of diabetes or other comorbidity issues may not be present in their population and they’ve recovered more efficiently than most of us.

    I don’t like the mandates for masking, vaccinations or other restrictions for any of us. We should be able to rely on people’s common sense and ability to reason things out to all of our benefit. However, the rest of us also count in this equation. These Amish don’t seem to have that level of reasoning. They have the freedom to make choices for themselves, but not us.

    If they want to sequester themselves and live two centuries behind the times, that’s a choice they may make. When they chose to come out of their sequestered community and come to the where the rest of us may visit or live, we should not be expected to give up our rights and freedoms and have to run and hide so that they can have their freedoms to function outside of what we consider to be cultural norms that jeopardize health and safety for the rest of us by being carriers of a potentially deadly disease and infecting us unaware.

    By your broadcast piece you have at least given the rest of us sufficient warning to remain clear of the Amish in tight situations. I hope that the broadcast gets more chances to be seen in more markets. We saw it on CBS21, Harrisburg, PA.

    Thank you.

    Nate & Carol Kirschman

    1. Your experimental jabs are probably what got you sick. If the jabs are so great, why are you sick? What are you afraid of if you are supposed to be protected? Enough is enough. I’m a vet and didn’t serve to have people justify separate but unequal societies and forcing people to mask or take the experiment injections. Masks don’t work, and forced injections are immoral. All of it is medical fascism.

      1. The point is that had we done what all those “white hats” and their families did we wouldn’t be where we are now. Just think, a virus with a 99.9% chance of survival and we need an experimental vaccine? Had the CDC advised on how to treat the virus when symptoms first appear our deaths would have been far less, but then, their wouldn’t be an experimental jab would there. Follow the money.

    2. You’ve written this very nicely, but you are making one huge assumption. Any vaccinated person may have infected you, same day or earlier, so please stop with the “it’s their fault” attitude.

    3. Ya just blame it on the Amish even though you guys were staying in a hotel in contact with countless other people and not to mention the fact that you were both vaccinated & still contracted the virus so ?????
      What good was the experimental vaccination that has known and unknown side effects yet to come? No thanks I’m a healthy 46 yr old male that works out regularly and tried to eat as healthy as possible so I think I’d rather gamble on not getting vaccinated & if the off chance that I do catch the virus, well the percentages of people, especially healthy individuals, even having to go to the hospital afterwards is a lot lower than someone who doesn’t take as good of care of themselves or have other underlying issues so thank you for making my choice make even more sense

    4. Sorry you got sick…maybe you should quarantine since you have so many comorbidities and are high risk instead of expecting the rest of the world to quarantine…that was standard practice before all this psuedo-science took over. As you’ve learned, the ‘vaccines’ do nothing to protect you.

      Hope you continue to improve and yay…now you have natural antibodies.

    5. I’m so sorry you got sick strangely after having the vaccine. I wouldn’t necessarily blame your sickness on people you were around who appeared to be perfectly healthy. I got the virus before we knew it was in our country. Now, having antibodies, I don’t need the vaccine which by the way has in it baby fetal parts, mercury, nano particles, formaldehyde and spike proteins just to name a few ingredients. Building up my immunity with sunshine, oxygen, vitamins D,C, zinc and many more, getting exercise, therapeutics all sound like a better plan. So glad 99% of people recover. Or 94.6% of people in my age bracket 65 and older. Praise the Lord!

    6. Shows the vaccine doesn’t work bud. You blame the Amish and Mennonite folks but you and your wife could have gotten it from anywhere and anyone on your trip as it can take a week or more to show up. Stop blaming these good folks and blame yourself for trusting the govt commie idiots.

    7. I find it curious that you automatically assume you contracted covid from your experience at the Ark and specifically from the Amish/ Mennonite people. Obviously that is possible however isn’t it also possible that you picked it up somewhere else during your travels? The incubation period is widely accepted as being between 2 and 14 days. Which means you could have been exposed any number of places. If you didn’t wear your mask at the Ark when surrounded by “Lots of white bonnets all over the place in any direction you’d look,” it stands to reason you didn’t wear it in other locations as well. You are making a blanket statement about a community claiming they are spreading this illness when you have absolutely no scientific proof they are doing so. Meanwhile there IS scientific evidence that those who are vaccinated still spread the virus and may do so unknowingly because they have no symptoms or they are very mild so why then do you not feel the same way about your own community of people? I truly am sorry that you and your wife were ill, and glad that you recovered without serious incident but people need to stop pointing fingers and blaming eachother for the virus. All it does is create division, anger and fear which can be heard and felt throughout your post.

    8. It is not a vaccine as was defined by the CDC prior to this year when the CDC changed its definition to fit what the Gene Therapy injection supposedly does (potentially lessens the severity of an illness). Tell me, how do you know, for a fact, that an illness would have been worse? There is no way to prove that. The 3 currently available ‘vaccines ‘ are NOT approved by the FDA and by the CDC’s own admissions, as have been reported by Sharyl here, they have ‘misled’ the country on numerous occasions on very significant areas of concern. Did you know that a vaccine is an attempt to trick your body into an immune response so that it develops a defense to that disease? Even IF this jab was a vaccine, it is 5 variants behind. It was developed at the onset for the Alpha variant, it is even more useless now that we are into Delta and beyond.
      Thank you for taking part in the greatest experiment in human history, history will tell how well you fared. As for me, I recovered from Covid and again, according to the CDC, re-infection is rare. I was around numerous people sick with covid this year, plenty of opportunity for infection, and never got even a little bit sick, without getting the jab. Take Care and may God Bless you!

  2. I posted your article on the Amish and COVID on my Facebook page. Facebook made me click a link to “share anyway.” I put a screenshot of the “share anyway” popup below the Amish article. Then I put your factcheck of the factcheckers article below that. ;).

  3. FB “fact checkers” seem to intervene as soon as an uncomfortable information is received by a certain amount of people. At least this happened in other cases. Should this information have bee posted on FB, the author also was blocked..

  4. Thank you so much for your excellent work.
    Fearless reporting to help us get to the truth. Thrilling.
    You have a fan, Sharyl!
    Mairead Healy, Perth, Australia

    1. David, Sharyl, and Full Measure Team,

      Re: Kabuki Flu Theatre

      What you may not clearly SEE :

      — The Covid-Hoax —

      This analyst had warned in June of 2020,
      how the world was being duped into
      accepting the Shadow Cabal’s bait-then-
      switch “PANDEMIC”—using the normal
      year-to-year seasonal FLU – to rebuff
      Mr. Trump’s massive challenge – and pre-
      sent a Ghost Virus for INDUCING global
      terror!, for imprisoning mankind; for ad-
      vancing the “Great Reset” of Socialism/

      In short, you’ve ( everyone’s ) been
      H O A X E D,
      via a Non-Existence bug made REAL by
      WITHHOLDING actual cures in Death
      Camps called, “Hospitals”—and where,
      say, an infected stubbed toe is listed as
      “Covid-19” (( “19 “ being an ILLUMINATI
      number; see its use in the false-flagged
      Oklahoma City mass murder )).



      If you’re going to play
      THEIR game, stop
      using “vaccine”—say/
      write ”GENE Injection.”

  5. Sharyl, I live among the Amish in my small town in rural Upstate NY. I value them as neighbors. Although your report is very good, I worry that it will put a target on the Amish communities. If big government targets the Amish, the Amish will suffer. They don’t want the attention believe me.
    Anne Koch
    West Edmeston, NY

  6. Sharyl,
    I’m so glad to have found you. A trusted person I can count on to give me “real” information and “real” facts. I have lost so much faith in the medical community. Thank goodness I have an out of State friend who is a doctor. I stay in contact with him for the real facts and to calm my nerves . He and his son, An ER doctor, are constantly harassed and bullied.

    1. I agree there is a push to decrease the human population however our population is already in decline and has been for quite some time. We currently saw a growth this past year of 1.05% which is down from the 1.08% the year before which was down from the year before that…this trend has continued for years and years. In the 1980’s we were in the 1.8% range and 1960’s saw 2.0 or greater ranges. If we stay on this trend at some point there will be no growth and possibly even negative “growth.” I guess that probably makes the Bill Gates’ of the world happy though.

      1. Yes, the globalists behind the plandemic have been at work at their depopulation agenda for decades and decades, creating polluted drinking water, polluted food, polluted soil, polluted ‘medicine’, polluted childbirth, polluted education, polluted politics, polluted religion, polluted entertainment. polluted air, polluted oceans…

  7. Dear Sharyl, we follow all your posts closely and listen to all your Podcasts. Thank you very much for your hard and fact-based work. We are your faithful supporters.

  8. This article is SO important! So much information out there today is tainted by agendas, money, and store bought science. It is time to stop listening to all the garble and hot air, and use your own logic, imagination, and a good dose of skepticism to find the truth. It is there, just under a pile of you know what.

  9. I wanted you to know your absolutely right, I live in the middle of Amish country in Pennsylvania. I have alot of Amish friends here in this smaller mountain town north of Harrisburg PA. But our state has alot, great people.

  10. I saw a meme — a picture of an Amish couple with a reporter asking, Why don’t you get COVID? One of them replied, We don’t have TV.

  11. Herd immunity is a hoax, as is The Germ Theory, hence it is still called a THEORY!
    A virus is NOT a living entity that can escape from inside one species and hop onto an adjacent species!
    The vaccine industry is a hoax. There are ZERO vaccines proven to be effective and/or safe! ZERO!
    Big Pharma has exposed themselves for their greed, corruption and genocide agenda.

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