Border business lost; paying college athletes; and Five for Fighting’s song about Afghanistan withdrawal

Most people don’t know this, but for the past 18 months, with as many as two million illegal border crossers welcomed into the US, the Mexico and Canada borders have been closed to legal tourists traveling into the U.S. by car or on foot.

As a result, we’ve lost $19 billion dollars a year in income. Thousands of businesses in American border towns have shut down.

Under increasing pressure from people like Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar, who says the policy never made any sense, the Biden administration announced a big change this week. The border will open back up to vaccinated tourists in November.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) speaks with a struggling border business owner

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll take you to Laredo, Texas where we found the reopening is coming too late for many, but some businesses still hope to be saved.

We also tackle the radically changing landscape for college athletes.

Based on a Supreme Court decision, young athletes can now receive compensation for use of their likeness.

Lisa Fletcher reports there’s a lot of chaos over whether national standards should be adopted, or a Congressional law passed. She’ll tell us how both sides say the change could impact sports for better or for worse.

And a fascinating interview with the singer-songwriter known as Five for Fighting. John Ondrasik has written International hits such as “Superman,” “100 Years,” and “The Riddle.”

His newest song chronicles the botched U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

John Ondrasik, “Five for Fighting”

He’ll tell me why he decided to step out and write “Blood On My Hands.”

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9 thoughts on “Border business lost; paying college athletes; and Five for Fighting’s song about Afghanistan withdrawal”

  1. Not only have we lost money on the closed border but we have incurred that amount or more to support the illegals they let thru

    1. Ann Furr,

      Here is the Root Cause of this Near-to
      D E A T H, once-White, once-Christian,
      once-MORAL ( Virtuous ! ) Society :

      Marxian Senator Ted Kennedy’s BROKEN
      promise : THAT his Immigration Act of 1965
      would NEVER alter/shift America’s White-
      Christian-Majority status toward MINORITY
      status ( within Whites’ OWN civilization ! ).

      This is Marxian Ted Kennedy’s –
      and his supporting Marxian
      Democrats’ – Catastrophic L I E :

      “Out of deference to the critics, I want to comment on … what the bill
      will not do. First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants
      annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration
      remains substantially the same … Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country
      will not be upset … Contrary to the charges in some quarters, S.500 will
      not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or
      the most populated and economically deprived nations of Africa and Asia.
      In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed
      measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.
      Thirdly, the bill will not permit the entry of subversive persons, criminals,
      illiterates, or those with contagious disease or serious mental illness. As I
      noted a moment ago, no immigrant visa will be issued to a person who is
      likely to become a public charge … the charges I have mentioned are
      highly emotional, irrational, and with little foundation in fact. They are out
      of line with the obligations of responsible citizenship. They breed hate of
      our heritage.” (Senate Part 1, Book 1, pp. 1-3)


      1. Rick, you live in a fantasy world. Do your research, or better yet, take a look at the past journalistic research Sheryl A has done from the surge of immigration that happened after the Obama administration’s open boarders. The numbers speak volumes- the increased crime rates, arrests (& not just petty crimes, murders, assault, rapes); the cost of incarceration of these illegal criminals puts on our system (taxpayer dollars) and not to mention the jobs and resources that are being taken away from legal immigrants and US citizens. You are obviously a racist against white people, reading between the lines of your comments. We have laws in this country for a reason. If you don’t think there are criminals and only ‘well intentioned’ people coming in illegally at our border, you’re listening to too much mainstream media & the propaganda machines of the leftist- socialist players who will lead this country int another Venezuela-like mess. It’s already happening. I’m an immigrant and did it legally. Biden is breaking the law, and his intentions are not in the best interest of this country.

  2. Interesting. completely subversive and backward. just like the college sports scandal that’s been sustaining these sports networks for generations now.

    i lived next door to a town that was basically built up from the money generated from said tourism, and while at times it can be a thriving (international) community , it is REALLY inviting to favoritism and corruptions / schemes.

    it’s gotten to the point where the locals cannot afford to own homes in their own place of origin…it’s disgraceful to say the least…. but if u can tap into that pie…. i guess you’re “golden”

  3. And the rest of the story from our northern neighbors here in Mesa, Az have quite a few homeowners that also live in Canada,that pay taxes, also spend lots of money on home,family, and entertainment they are only allowed to stay 6 months if over a day and two for some unintended reason they are told they will be banned from traveling back to the US to their second home.
    Well last yr they were told no US but they could go to Mexico. This year they have to showed their vacs papers. They help our communities financially not drain it.

  4. This is simply more proof that the “people in charge” have no idea how to operate a government, nor have any idea how to run an economy.

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