CDC hiding the number of naturally-immune to Covid-19

As more Americans receive protection from natural immunity after Covid-19 infection, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has withheld the total number of infections from the public, even though it is undeniably information that belongs to the public.

For months, the CDC updated its website with information including estimates of Covid-19 infected people in the U.S.

However, prior to the Delta variant of Covid-19 spreading widely, the CDC abruptly stopped updating that information.

The last published update as of the time of this publication was May 29, almost five months ago.

At that time, CDC estimated 120.2 million people in the U.S. had been infected with Covid-19. Some scientists believe that estimate was significantly lower than the actual number. However, it still amounted to more than 1/3 of the population, which reportedly numbers approximately 330 million.

Since the Delta variant has spread widely, scientists say the number of naturally-immune is now much higher than it was on May 29. However, CDC will not tell what it is.

CDC last updated the number of previously-infected, or naturally-immune, five months ago

On October 5, when I asked a CDC representative for the updated estimate, a spokesman told me that the agency intended to release that number later in the week, which would include the estimate through September, and then would likely update it monthly thereafter.

However, three weeks later, the number still hasn’t been updated, and CDC has declined to provide the reason for withholding the information.

I also filed a FOI request for the information, but CDC did not respond to or acknowledge receipt of the request.

The number of naturally-immune is relevant because a growing body of studies says natural immunity is proving as effective or far more effective than vaccine-induced immunity.

Yet the federal government is requiring millions of naturally-immune people to get the Covid-19 vaccines.

Some public health officials contradict the body of studies, and claim that those who have recovered from Covid-19, or had asymptomatic infections, benefit even more by vaccination. However, many scientific studies, including those conducted by Pfizer and Moderna, do not show that is the case.

There appears to be an organized effort to misrepresent and overstate the benefits of vaccination for those who already have natural immunity after infection, and downplay the risk of adverse events from the vaccines.

Earlier this year, CDC scientists and officials got caught repeatedly falsely claiming that the Pfizer and Moderna studies showed a benefit to vaccination for previously-infected people. Nobody at CDC was held publicly accountable after the agency’s disinformation was revealed.

In August, Meredith Wadman falsely wrote in the journal Science that a study showed those who were infected with Covid-19 and gained natural immunity still benefitted from vaccination afterwards. When the untrue information was flagged by a reader, Science deleted it and posted a clarification.

No word on how the fabricated science could have gotten inserted in the article. 

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17 thoughts on “CDC hiding the number of naturally-immune to Covid-19”

  1. No different that what has been going on in Pennsylvania. The hiding of data and announcing decisions based on that unseen data. Look for Broad and Liberty on Twitter.

  2. It has been infuriating to see naturally acquired immunity demonized and cast aside as a legitimate reason for denying the vaccine. I called my PCP a day after my employer issued a mandate. I wanted her to send lab orders for me to have my antibodies tested. She assumed I was asking for a medical exemption – I wasn’t at that time. She immediately said she wouldn’t sign an exemption, prior infection (and she said I definitely had COVID February 2020) didn’t mean you couldn’t catch COVID again, and that the vaccines were safe and effective. I swear it seemed like a script. I ended up filing for a religious exemption because I heard how many doctors were refusing to sign off on them. I do have a legitimate/genuine moral objection to the vaccines, but my battle from the beginning was that I had COVID – and why was natural immunity being ignored?

  3. But even the &^&,000 deaths, based on your investigation of Colorado, suggests that this number my be 40-60% inflated.

  4. The virus is not truly novel because when they test how immune system responds, it’s IgG/IgA antibodies that first respond and they indicate memory. IgM response indicates novelty, so calling it “novel” is a scare tactic. Early on they said 30-40% of the pop. had immunity, which was ignored/never reported. Gotta getta jab!

  5. Antibody testing in the UK concluded that 98% of people age 60 and up had COVID antibodies.
    I assume the percentage is similar in the US

    2021 has surpassed 2020 to become the deadlier year for COVID-19 cases in the United States despite that vaccines have been readily available to most Americans for months

    According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 353,000 coronavirus deaths have been reported this year, topping the 352,000 recorded in 2020

    If this is a vaccine success, I’d hate to see a vaccine failure !

    More information on 2021 versus 2020:

  6. Based on criters6 provided early in the panadamic. Genetic predisposition to not contract the virus or it’s variant.
    Based on blood type. Age and heritage background.
    Posed to sn independent group of professors, we crunched the math and derived at a mean figure of approximately how. 38 000 people have a natural iminity. Worldwide.

  7. Should we be suspicious of lab results that say “no COVID antibodies” found in blood samples? I recently provided a blood sample for a routine Dr.‘s appointment. I felt fairly confident that I would have antibodies because I had been exposed to infected people a few times and put on quarantine more than once. Plus, before the shutdown, I met with groups of people on a daily basis. But, LabCorp said I had none. I was disappointed and somewhat skeptical. Should I be skeptical?


    1. Important info: Most people don’t know it and the government and public health officials certainly aren’t talking about it but you can have immunity to covid WITHOUT ANTIBODIES showing in tests. Virologists say some people exposed to Covid never develop antibodies; their body’s natural devices work without needing them; in other cases, virologists say, people have antibodies but later they are not measurable yet THEY STILL HAVE IMMUNITY. So do not believe that antibody tests, when negative, mean your don’t have immunity.

  8. The covid19 shots are being forced by govt because they want you to get sick and die. The goal is to ensure millions never collect pensions, social security, medicare, medicaid for decades being unproductive citizens. Obama said, paraphrasing “we spend too much $ on those the least productive. He felt a better investment was giving health care resources to young.” We all know Biden isn’t in charge, so who is? My thought is Obama with Biden as puppet. Biden policies seem to be what Obama would do, am I wrong?

  9. Not Chicken Little

    Many of us have probably had Covid-19 and just thought it was the flu. Or many of us at all ages who are healthy, many millions of us in fact, have been exposed to it but had little to no symptoms and didn’t pay it much attention at all, and got over whatever – sore throat, and/or cough, and/or fever, maybe some chills, maybe loss of sense of smell – in 2-3 days. Now we are fine and in no danger.

    And now we are pretty much immune to it and there’s no real medical need or reason to get any iffy vaccines that don’t seem to work anyway, except that they may give some people life-threatening side effects…sort of like playing Russian Roulette which no sane person does. Our natural immunity works much better, thank you very much.

  10. Agreed. How many exactly are naturally immune? Based on our own experience, 40% of the people we know that were highly exposed to covid didn’t contract it as of most recently. This is either because that 40% had it and never knew, or is somehow immune in a way other than from vaccination. Pretty crazy all of the data is being censored.

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