CENSORED: Bryson Gray

Bryson Gray

Social media rapper Bryson Gray had his “Let’s Go, Brandon” removed from YouTube for supposedly containing medical misinformation about Covid.

The Big Tech companies are not flagging or censoring the widespread disinformation coming from CDC, publications such as Medscape, public officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Biden, and even journals such as Science. However, they are quick to censor those who politically oppose Biden and Democrats, or whose scientific research or opinions differ from popular health and media narratives.

Read more and watch Bryson Gray’s video at the link below.


Bryson Gray

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6 thoughts on “CENSORED: Bryson Gray”

  1. I wonder…I think that the Big Tech execs who make these censoring–and propaganda through omission–decisions would be great chums with Joseph Goebbels. He would so admire their amazing ability to, in a flash, control the narratives for billions of people. Quite impressive. Quite terrifying.

  2. Sharyl..,.You would not believe the number of times I tried to read the Bryson Gray article . Had to try three times, then screen went blank…. Then couldn’t get to my email at all! Just letting you know.

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