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18 thoughts on “Covid-19 Vaccine: Common Adverse Events (PODCAST)”

  1. If you’re correct somewhere between 200,000 and 1,000,000 people got tinnitus after the shot. Which means it’s highly likely the shot can, in “rare” cases, cause tinnitus. Hopefully it’s not permanent as my wife is one of those impacted by tinnitus post shot.

    She’s not going to report on the VARES website… It’s really a pain the ass. I know because my knee ballooned up.after the shot. An injured knee that was bugging me for almost a year ballooned up and got better in a week. Adverse side effect?

    Not in my case it was a good side effect that I reported on the VARES portal.

    1. Having your knee “balloon up” suggests that the vaccine was doing something it is not intended to do, and the fact that it eventually turned out ok is just good luck, not a virtue of the vaccine.

    2. I’ve had tinnitus for over 30 years, it’;s not fun, and have no idea what caused it. Unless I think about it, I don’t hear the whistling in my ears most of the time, so I try not to think about it.

    3. My brother got tinnitus from his first vaccine shot to the point he felt like a machine gun was going off in his head. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy worked for him. The first treatment it went away for 6-8 hours. then after the 6th treatment it was completely gone. It started to come back a couple months latter and a few more treatments resolved it again. Another brother happened to have a home hyperbaric unit so it made it much easier to do.

  2. This pod cast and the information presented and the suggestions about the use of the data gives meaning to Emmy-Award Winning Investigative Journalist. Thank you.

  3. It would be interesting to see a summary of these side effects based on age. I don’t know if VAERS has that data, but it would be useful in assessing the safety of the vaccines for different age groups. For example, if some particular adverse effect was disproportionally showing up in young people, that could be a counterindication for giving them the vaccine. I think some European countries have already withdrawn the Modena vaccine for people under 30. because of heart problems that were occurring.

  4. Thank you Sharyl for your reporting, your exhaustive investigation, and your respect for the rights of people to the truth and to make up their own minds.

  5. It would be interesting to know if these side effects constituted something brand new in the person who experiences them, who simply triggered some pre-existing issue. For example, my ex-wife experienced a severe migraine headache shortly after her vaccination, but this is a problem she had experienced before to a lesser degree, although not recently. Maybe the “jolt” of the vaccines somehow activates a latent weakness in a person’s defenses. (By the way, she did not report this to VAERS, nor did any of the other people I know who have experienced various adverse reactions,) I would venture that most – but not all – of the unreported reactions are things like extreme fatigue, skin rashes, muscle aches, and nausea, things which usually go away after a day or two.

    Coincidentally, my girlfriend just came back from a Filipino market that she goes to, and the owner told her of two nurses who had experienced bad reactions to the viruses. One had suffered paralysis of half her body which hasn’t totally gone away, and the other experienced weird bodily sensations, as if her bones were becoming soft.

    1. How much of this has to do with the hopelessness, dispare, loneliness, the mind scramble of it all? How strong is belief? Many wonderments.

    2. To answer your question as to preexisting conditions. I have had tinnitus for a number of years but it is much louder since the Moderna shots. My husband had some hip and leg pain before but now has neuropathy. The vaccines seem to irritate whatever inflamation or problem you already had. At least for us.

  6. I am most curious to know how long the reactions lasted. Because of the reaction I got to the first set, I will not be getting the booster.

  7. Sharyl, What seems to me to be the most important question with COVID vaccine adverse effects is: are there (either in general or by categories such as age or sex) statistically significant increases in the number of people experiencing serious adverse side effects when compared to other vaccine campaigns? I haven’t seen you address this, have you seen any such reporting or analysis? In particular, is there really a larger than normal percentage of deaths within 1-2 days of the vaccine that do not have another explanation?

    On a similar note, is there any reporting or data on the percentage of increase in overall mortality in 2020 from all causes/compared to any DECREASES in deaths from specific categories. I.e. did dying “with COVID” take the place of any significant number of typical deaths from say heart disease or cancer that would have occurred anyway? I am not trying to downplay the loss of life, just looking for real data as opposed to exaggerations.

    One can concede that statistically the average person will experience no unusual, serious or long term side effects from a COVID vaccine, but nevertheless if you are weighing the benefits of getting the vaccine and you are in a low risk group and/or young and/or have antibodies from a previous COVID infection you have every right to have accurate info and to know if there are more than the usual percentage of serious adverse side effects (or deaths!), especially since the vaccines have no long term data. But obviously, the official narrative is “shut and get your vaccine you conspiracy nut, there is nothing to see here in VAERS and it’s unreliable and anecdotal anyway”.

  8. That opening podcast riff — the guitar, or whatever — is awful. It’s seriously annoying and harsh on the ears. Would you please consider changing it to something else? Anything else. Please. Pretty please. I’d rather hear a leaf blower, despite my intolerance to those. I’d prefer the sound of vomit hitting a cement floor. Or, the ol’ “fingernails on a chalkboard.” Heck, I’d even prefer a camel flatulating into a tin can. Please, Sharyl, for the love of God and all things holy, please change the tune. Or, even better, just omit the music. That solves the issue and it doesn’t cost you anything. C’mon…be a pal, will ya’?

  9. I read somewhere else that the CDC dismisses the vast majority of VAERS reports as “anecdotal,” and claims that only a tiny fraction of the adverse effects were actually attributable to the vaccines. Well, a police report is “anecdotal.” Anything is “anecdotal” until you investigate it. Did they investigate all 1.8 million of the reports to determine whether they were legitimate? Of course not. Did they investigate even 1% of them? Highly unlikely. What, then, is their rationale for dismissing the reports as “anecdotal”?

    We all know that correlation (in time) does not necessarily equal causation, but a serious reaction occurring within hours or days of a vaccination – especially if the person is otherwise healthy – clearly suggests possible causation. Many drugs take hours or even days to show their effects, and many drugs require multiple applications before the benefit becomes apparent. Once again, health authorities are treating these vaccines differently than any other drug I’ve seen.

    I read that one of the officials who recently approved the vaccines for children conceded that we won’t know if they are completely safe for children until we use them! If true, this seems a violation of the Nuremburg Code, which prohibits medical experimentation on humans without informed consent.

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