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12 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory: A Criminal Case (PODCAST)”

  1. Wow!! The CRT part was an eye popper! Elect leftists as DA’s and other law enforcement and judicial appointees in questionable elections, teach our kids that people are racists and oppressors, gin up riots and civil unrest, get the media to non report or report fake news on all of the above, then let loose criminals who know the politicians wont prosecute,. Viola!! ..What could possibly go wrong??


  3. Sharyl, I just watched your latest episode of “Full Measure” and enjoyed it very much. However, during your interview with the gentleman from Loudoun Co., Virginia, he gave you a tells that showed that the school district is fully onboard with Marxist ideals, particularly Critical Race Theory, and it is being taught in the school system. The tells were the words “equity” and “inclusion”.

    First, Critical Race Theory is not inclusive. The white race, particularly white men, are seen as the oppressors under that piece of crap. Everyone else is a victim of their oppression. It is racist to its core and is meant to divide us.

    Second, equity is particularly vile Marxist term as those who believe in it want equal outcomes rather than real equality. Wanting equal outcomes, while a nice thought, will never happen because everyone is different with differing abilities, ways of thinking, ways of doing things., etc. At its core, it is wishful thinking with no rational basis.

    People who believe in such nonsense shouldn’t be allowed near our children as they will destroy the child’s ability to develop critical thinking skills because, unfortunately, those who teach it have either lost their ability to think critically or never had it to begin with. Sadly, this nonsense is being disseminated by our schools of higher learning by leftist professors who dislike our country and are funded by our enemies, aka the CCP, George Soros, etc. Effectively, these professors and teachers are traitors to this country and the ideals of our Founding Fathers. They also lack any real understanding of this country’s history. Quite frankly, everyone of these insufferably stupid and irrational people should read Thomas Sowell.

  4. Kathleen Wallace wrote the truth which is completely ignored advocates of CRT. Their misguided and false reasoning needs to be fought and defeated and our school system changed to offer basic education instead of “manic” theories.

  5. Sharyl, I find your work inevitably to be well researched and presented, this podcast fits that description.
    I was waiting for you to challenge Scott Ziegler, especially in light of what I found to be his “communist” method of obfuscation and denying, even though you presented what I presume are factual emails and documents relative to CRT’s influence in the county educational system.
    I’ll paraphrase my conclusion of his “slipping” numerous issues with his ever-present lack of knowledge. Should he not be mighty aware given the uproar as I’d describe it?
    As a donor to The M.I. and The Claremont Institute, I’ve read his work and interacted with Chris Rufo, and Scott’s assertion is laughable.


    The challenge is that too many people have checked out, including the evangelicals.. How do we reach them to tell them that the illiberal progressives who are bound and determined to convert this country from a democratic republic to a despotic socialistic entity that will be controlled by the progressive elite. There is a long story behind this, but the truth of a solution is pure and simple a renewal of spirituality in America. It will only happen if enough people are ready.

    1. Gordon REID SAUNDERS,

      [[ Sharyl, copy to paper—then remove it ]]

      Do you mean Glenn Beck’s
      brand of “spirituality,” as you’ve
      put it, Gordon ?

      Forwarded Message :

      Dear Lew Rockwell,

      Glenn Beck & Boys covered LIVE, that September 28th Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, about that ( PURPOSELY! ) bungled Afghanistan retreat—on and off (( recall how General McCrystal – spelling? – ) was removed for simply talking with a Rolling Stone reporter!!!, yet treasonous and Communist-China-loving/-aiding General Milley ( “mili” in Hebrew means : . . . ) remains in his critically strategic office ! )).

      At 10:47 AM ( EST ), Beck broke
      into the coverage and heard
      these troubling words, then he
      abruptly moved to commercial :


      Senator to Generals : “Afghan
      refugees reported to have raped,
      assaulted . . .” – snip! –

      Beck to Audience : “We’ll hear
      more when we return.”


      Well, Beck & Boys had not returned
      to that vitally IMPORTANT subject —
      V I T A L L Y important to White
      Americans!!!, and particularly to teen
      and adult females being increasingly
      subjected to RAPE by minority males
      (( see FBI files on who’s committing
      crime—and rape kits go unexamined
      for the reason of PC, to protect Black
      and Brown boys/men from social
      ridicule )) — after his top-of-the-hour
      news break.

      Why not ?

      Why is this Once-Majority-White America
      (( see Marxian Ted Kennedy’s
      lies – and his secret trip to the
      U.S.S.R – re his Immigration
      Bill of 1965 ))
      BEING flooded, once again!, by anti-White/
      anti-Christian refugees (( study Weimar
      Germany’s experiment in republicanism—
      and the AntifaCom-type “They” having
      done to Germany what Rothschild-funded
      Soros is doing to America!—repeating the
      Marxists’ Germany-Dismantlement; for a
      future International Communism ! )) ?

      Shame on you, Glenn Beck & Boys !

      Beck never discussed those RESCUED refugees raping and assaulting in host countries. And recall seeing that terrifying photo, of a cargo-bay full of SHARIA-Law taught, war-age, rape-age young Afghan boys/men, flying to a U.S. military base near to you (( our so-called “U.S. Afghan war partners” ! )), to be parked/dumped into White-taxpayer-built houses/apartments; and to get the full-range of WELFARE benefits!; and to get Affirmative-Racism/-Sexism jobs; and while those Iraq-Somalia-Afghanistan war-damaged (( and Jewish-Sackler-Family’s Opioid-Drug addicted )) VETERANS, of those STAGED conflicts (( STAGED to spill America’s White-created/-sustained blood and treasure!—in order to destroy White Christian America’s meritocracy, for Marxists’ Global Economic Socialism )) TRY surviving under bridges and on the streets!

      Shame on you, Glenn Beck & Boys !

      All of that done to further wreck/destroy WHITE communities with crime and social DIVISIONS (( Libertine Leftists’ “Diversity is Our Strength!” Stupidity ! )), to make the entirety of America look just like that Marxian-United-Nations’ (M.U.N.’s) multiracial governing body (( therein is found T-H-E One-Purpose for dumping anti-White refugees — 70 years of repeating that Tragic Insanity by our Commie-run State Department! — into White communities—communities made to appear just like that anti-White, pro-One-World-Bureaucrament M.U.N. )).

      Shame on you, Glenn Beck & Boys !

      Why did Beck shut down discussion
      of that subject of rape and assault by
      “our Afghan war partners”?— because
      his “Nazarene Fund” rescue program is
      dumping anti-White Afghan refugees
      into host countries; a fund operated by
      a man responsible for dumping anti-
      White, crime-inclined, White-female-
      hunting, “kill-unbelievers-wherever-
      you-may-find-them” Somali Koranists
      (( Whites now dare not to use their
      “public” parks in Somali-settled com-
      munities—police are ordered to stop
      Whites, not Somalis, anytime there is
      a conflict between the two racial
      camps )).

      Dear Glenn Beck & Boys :

      To use a Marxian ploy : If just ONE from
      among your so-called “Christian Afghan
      refugee” boys and men commits rape and/
      or murder, you and your Nazarene Fund
      are fully culpable.

      Shame on you, Glenn Beck & Boys !

      Finis ?!


  7. Why is the practice of CRT adopted by so many teachers? The reason it is so seductive in enticing so many is the fact that it is packaged as a moral framework to rectify wrongs of the past and present. This is why it deludes so many and why they display such self righteous indignation to anyone who challenges them. They strongly believe they stand on the moral high ground. This blinds them to see how utterly wrong and corrupt their stand is. This is tantamount to religious fervor, where their perceived moral standing permits them to treat those who oppose them with disparagement and hate.

  8. Why would the school board need to expend tax dollars to “explore” the teaching of CRT. CRT teaches racism and is vile garbage as toxic to the culture as sulfuric acid is to the human body. Was this really just exploring or to lay the foundation for bringing this into the curriculum, if not in whole, then injected surreptitiously into individual courses.

    Parents are coming to school board meetings to indicate that they do not support racism and therefore vehemently do not want CRT in the school system precisely because it is racist pitting groups against one another. The solution is to replace the school board members as soon as possible.

    Sharyl, your interview with Scott Ziegler was most enlightening mainly for the conclusions one can draw from his vague answers and mushy responses to your questions.

    1. AT6SNJ,

      Glenn Beck had criticized my use of the term,
      ”Moral Certitude,” found in my below psychology-
      premised evaluation, about Radical Feminism’s
      very bad impact on Western Civilization.

      Critical Race Theory comes out of Libertine
      Leftists’ Radical Feminism, which brand of
      feminism is N A T U R A L L Y Marxian.:

      [[ Sharyl, copy to paper—then remove it ]]

      © 1994

      — Two Legs of the Same Wh_re —

      ( Libertine Left Erases Moral Certitude )

      Physicality doesn’t necessarily reveal the psychological sex of an individual;
      ergo, many male Democrats in Congress are effeminate pimps for feminism.

      America is gripped by the emoting feminine mind of feminism, which seduces
      the unwary by appealing to human weakness:

      rejection of moral imperatives, hunger
      for sexual arousal and orgasm,
      immediate gratification of material
      needs, denial of personal responsibility,
      and reliance on something-for-
      nothing welfare benefits.

      Feminism is narcissism, demanding that we become dependent and worship
      her for providing for our every need, until all of us meet her standard as set by
      the lowest common denominator among us. She beckons all within her reach
      to worship at her feet. She promotes socialism and communism, and she
      rigidly extols egalitarianism in her politics while being promiscuous and
      indiscriminate in her breeding.

      She is sedentary and lascivious, and she plies her sexuality and emotions to
      catch her prey. Her seeming passivity is disarming, so that by the time society
      is alerted to her choking embrace good civil order is destroyed and any hope of
      recovery – of escaping her seduction – is lost.

      Feminism’s purpose-to-destroy is ancient and relentless, and requires a
      philosophy or mantra which appeals to the heart; especially one that is
      impossible to defend against without appearing cold and ruthless, unfeeling and
      uncaring. “All men are created equal” is one such mantra (she has many others),
      which now drives all of America’s institutions to destruction by demanding equal
      outcomes between men and women and between racial groups, and through
      such sinister means as affirmative action, proportionalism, and quotas.

      She uses feelings most artfully to seduce us, appealing to our emotions while
      inviting us to follow her path in rejecting reason, science, and historical lessons—
      all of which undermine her purpose and set us free. And although her sexuality
      has been subdued in the past by the rational masculine mind, to keep her from
      destroying civil society, she never loses command of it as means to control her
      victims and advance her purpose when on the march.

      Her political philosophy is always left-wing. Liberalism (non-classical), which she
      owns, is freedom from any moral and authoritarian restraints—from the rational
      masculine mind of self-control, personal responsibility, good social order and
      human progress. And her lusting heart beats most rapidly in liberal Democrats,
      who garner political power by redistributing the hard-earned wealth of productive
      citizens to an ever-growing dependent class, both indigenous and foreign.

      Liberalism necessarily rejects history and science because both expose the folly of
      her works, teaching us lessons she would keep hidden. History records the fall of
      both Greece and Rome by her hand, and science instructs us in the art of inductive
      and deductive analyses which, when applied to feminism, invariably refute her
      premises and conclusions as unsound and destructive to civil society.

      Her fascination with youth calls her to give special attention to public education in
      America, where opportunities for plying her trade and recruiting new soldiers abound.
      She extols her feminism and denigrates the rational masculine mind by
      propagandizing her message, usually cloaked in a sexual tease. And she
      disseminates it most effectively through Hollywood’s television and movie industries
      and the dominant news media, the latter of which are controlled by glorified gossipers
      and would-be actors who champion the feminists’ cause (to a lesser degree she
      employs book publishing, especially novelists’ works, and left-wing “liberation”

      She offers only emotional stimulation and sexual gratification as gifts for abandoning
      America’s traditional values of hard work, delayed gratification, personal integrity and
      moral certitude—all requisite means for building grand societies. Evil fascinates her,
      and her attraction to it stems from her desire for the emotion that chaos engenders.

      She has all but destroyed the soul of this once-great nation by guile and intimidation; a
      nation now in rapid decline. Her means for seduction in capturing the minds of the body politic are entertainment and news, two legs of the same whore: the emoting feminine mind of Liberalism.


      Oct. 11, 2021


      Attn: Glenn Beck & Boys,

      Would you not apply Moral Certitude,
      which idea you had criticized on-air, to
      be applied to, say, rape of babies?—
      which activity Larry David likes to
      joke about with his Tribal friends,
      and which “entertainer” CBS’s Gayle
      King recently remarked, “I love Larry
      David!”; and Willie Geist – NBC’s Sunday
      Today – more GRAVELY said on-air :
      “Larry David is a national treasure.”

  9. Scott Ziegler is lying. He first states that he really doesn’t know anything about CRT but then goes onto make several statements that tells me he knows a whole lot about it. He even brings up Chris Rufo at the Manhattan Institute. That’s how little he “knows”. Listening to him, I’’m sure he is one of the CRT architects at his school. He can play dumb all he wants. We see right through him. EXCELLENT investigative reporting!

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