EXCLUSIVE: 80 of the most common adverse events reported after Covid-19 vaccination

An original analysis

The following is an exclusive analysis of illnesses and disorders occurring after Covid-19 vaccination as reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a federal database. It does not include all of the adverse events reported; it summarizes some of the most common or problematic categories.

Report an adverse event after vaccination online here.

A report does not necessarily prove the illness or death was caused by the Covid vaccine. The system is designed to collect adverse events after vaccination to uncover any patterns not captured during vaccine studies.

Read CDC info on COVID-19 vaccine here.

Scientists have estimated that adverse events caused by medicine occur at a rate up to 100,000 times higher in the general population than what’s officially reported, since it’s established that most adverse events aren’t reported to the database. However, some claim Covid-19 vaccine adverse events are not as likely to be underreported, due to close monitoring and widespread publicity surrounding Covid-19 vaccination.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination outweigh the risks for all groups and age categories authorized to receive it.

Note: underlined items link to related studies.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Analysis of Common Illnesses Reported to Federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

As of Sept. 27, 2021

1. 226,457 Temperature regulation, fever (88,547), chills (78,432), sweating, flushing, hypo- or hyper- thermia

2. 174,793 Skin-related including:

154,866 Itch, rash, hives, reddening, welts, angioedema

10,691 Necrosis, swelling, infection, injury, issues

6,862 Burning sensation

2,059 Blistering, pemphigoid/pemphigus

315 Psoriasis, autoimmune skin disease

3. 164,200 Movement, muscle, nerve, neuropathy, numbness, paralysis-related including:

92,742 Movement, muscle including:

34,696 Myalgia, muscle pain

16,858 Lymphadenopathy, enlargement of lymph nodes

16,453 Muscle spasms, atrophy, injury, abnormal, swelling, bleeding, twitching, necrosis, tightness, weakness, stuff muscle rigidity with tremors or jerks (often with Parkinson’s)

10,886 Tremor, head titubation (62)

12,258 Gait disturbance, coordination abnormal, no control of limbs, unsteady steps, balance disorder, walking disability, movement disorder, dyskinesia, tics

7,962 Musculoskeletal chest pain, discomfort, injury, disorder, stiffness, fibromyalgia (230), polymyalgia rheumatica (169)

8,022 Mobility decreased, in injected limb (1,246)

673 Hypokinesia, partial or complete loss of muscle movement

407 Blepharospasm, tight closure of eyelids

248 Motor dysfunction, apraxia

206 Restless leg or arm syndrome

189 Hypotonia, reduced muscle tone or strength

186 Trismus, inability to open mouth or jaw

145 Rhabdomyolysis, skeletal muscle breakdown

116 Braedykinesia (slowed movement, as in Parkinson’s)

108 Myasthenia gravis: autoimmune disturbance of communication between muscle and nerve

61 Trigger finger, locking of finger, popping, pain

56 Areflexia: absence of deep tendon reflexes

32 Freezing phenomenon (stuck)

25 Reduced facial expression

13 Tourette’s

66,658 Nerve, neuropathy, numbness, paralysis including:

31,220 Abnormal sensation: paraesthesia, prickling, pins, needles, bug sensation (including in mouth); hypersensitivity (3,941), pharyngeal hypo/aesthesia (loss of sensation) (1,277), foreign body (940), electric shock (480)

22,478 Numbness, hypoaesthesia, oral (4,245)

7,970 Paralysis including:

5,273 Face paralysis, paresis, Bell’s palsy (2,835) 

3,861 Neuralgia, neuropathy, nerve pain, injury, inflammation, nerve signal problems, symptoms, sciatica nerve injury or problems (298), trigeminal (188), post-herpatic neuralgia (40), complex regional pain syndrome (23)

1,597 Paralysis, parapalesis, hemiparesis/hemiplegia paralysis or weakness on one side (852), monoplegia in one limb (224), dyplegia among corresponding body parts (69)

696 Guillain Barre Syndrome paralysis

695 Myelitis inflammation of spinal cord or spinal cord disorder (354), weakness, paralysis; multiple sclerosis, autoimmune or relapse (199); demyelination (61); acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), or acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis (25): autoimmune disease marked by a sudden, widespread attack of inflammation in brain and spinal cord, also attacks central nervous system and damages myelin insulation which destroys the white matter triggered by a viral infection or vaccinations; autoimmune chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (27); autoimmune demyelinating polyneuropathy (18); subacute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (11), autoimmune demyelinating disease (6)

500 Eye-related: gaze palsy, inability to move both eyes in same direction (249); optic blood supply nerve issues (131); cranial nerve disorder or paralysis causing pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, or paralysis of face including eyes (49); VIth nerve paralysis: impacts 6th cranial nerve responsible for muscle that turns out the eye (40); optic neuropathy (33); IIIrd nerve paralysis: impacts the 3rd cranial nerve and can impair eye movements, the response of pupils to light, or both (31) 

254 Mastication disorder/pain (muscle used to chew food)

66 Peroneal nerve palsy (calf nerve paralysis with tremors)

62 Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonism

32 Vocal cord paralysis

13 Acute neuropathy

1 Acute flaccid myelitis

Read more analysis in my article here at JustTheNews.com

4. 139,395 Pain, discomfort, tenderness, location not specified or extremity (56,411)

5. 137,499 Feeling “abnormal,” tired, fatigue, malaise, weak, chronic fatigue syndrome

6. 121,538 Injection site bleeding, bruising, warm, weakness, swelling, pain, rash, issues

7. 111,549 Headache including migraine, thunderclap

8. 80,416 Heart events (other than heart attack and bleeding)

32,804 Heart rate abnormalities, palpitations, fibrillation, flutter, arrhythmia, extrasystoles, tachycardia 

30,217 Chest pain, discomfort

8,502 Abnormal blood pressure: hypertension (5,252), hypotension (3,250)

2,898 Myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) (1,725), Pericarditis (inflammation of membrane surrounding heart) (1,142), Endocarditis (inflammation of heart inner lining) (31)

1,697 Arrest (abrupt loss of heart function), cardiac death (39)

1,619 Myocardial swelling, rupture, necrosis, irregularity

930 Ventricular problems

833 Cardiac failure: acute, chronic, congestive, left or right

538 Severe chest pain from inadequate blood supply to heart (angina pectoris)

378 Pericardial effusion (fluid)

9. 77,976 Lung and respiratory-related

40,056 Respiratory abnormalities, cough (15,036), failure (721), pain, distress, obstructive, infection, virus, rhinitis-related, sinusitis and sinus-related including: 

5,033 Rhinorrhoea, nasal thin mucus discharge, other rhinitis, pain

4,373 Nasal congestion

2,779 Nasopharyngitis (a cold)

635 Nasal Polyps, disorder, swelling, injury, blister

38,956 Lung, pulmonary other than clots or bleeding including:

31,426 Dyspnoea (shortness of breath that can be linked to asthma, heart failure and lung disease)

3,554 Pneumonia

1,220 Asthma

471 Water on lungs (pleural effusion), acute edema (17)

430 Pain

326 Inflammation

315 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

185 Mass

10 Traumatic lung injury

10. 76,837 Dizzy, fainting, fall, concussion, vertigo, loss of consciousness

11. 60,655 Nausea

12. 48,882 Arthritis; joint or bone pain including jaw (1,718)

13. 40,415 Abdominal pain, discomfort; gastric inflammation, problems; intestine or colon injury, colostomy; diarrhea (19,339); indigestion (1,275); diverticulitis-related (246); Crohn’s autoimmune disease (106); Celiac autoimmune disease (19); C-Diff (62)

14. 34,589 Covid-19 after vaccination (17,795), Covid-19 positive (13,019), complications (1,224) Covid-19 pneumonia (1,200), suspected Covid-19 (689), asymptomatic Covid-19 (426), post-acute Covid-19 syndrome (236)

15. 32,023 Blood: clots, bleeding including in heart and brain


Brain stroke: caused by blockage from clot/thrombus (ischemic) or bleed (hemorrhagic, caused by aneurysm).

Aneurysm: bulging or weak spot in blood vessel wall.

Thrombosis: blood clot blockage.

Embolism: when a piece of clot largely obstructs blood flow. 

Thromboembolism: reduced blood flow from blood clot embolism.

Infarction: obstruction of blood supply causing tissue death.

Myocardial infarction (MI): heart attack, usually from blood clot.

13,101 Blood clots: thrombosis, thrombus, infarction

4,831 Thrombosis location not specified (3,025) or deep vein (1,806)

2,984 Pulmonary (lung): embolism (2,449), thrombosis (454), infarction (81)

2,467 Heart attack: myocardial infarction (1,697), acute (611); thrombus (72); coronary artery thrombosis (39); cardiac ventricular (24); aortic (20); coronary artery embolism (3), intrapericardial thrombosis (1)

2,026 Brain stroke, infarction, thrombosis, embolism including: transient ischemic (502); cerebral thrombosis (370); cerebral infarction (309); ischemic (264); hemorrhagic stroke (107); embolism or embolus stroke (64); lacunar infarction (50); cerebellar stroke (49); transverse sinus thrombosis (47); thalamic infarction (37); superior sagittal sinus thrombosis (33); brain stem thrombosis or infarction (31); brain stem stroke (28); lacunar (27); basal ganglia thrombosis (25); basal ganglia stroke (24); ischemic (17); thrombotic stroke (12); basilar thrombosis (11); internal capsule infarction (7); cavernous sinus thrombosis (6); hemorrhagic infarction (4); vertebrobasilar stroke (2)

171 Embolism or embolus including: location not specified or peripheral (32), femoral (2), ileac (2), paradoxical (2), portal vein (2), air (1), fat (1), jugular (1)

92 Peripheral: thrombosis (60), embolism (32)

68 Portal vein: thrombosis (66), embolism (2)

63 Spleen: thrombosis (31), infarction (31), embolism (1)

53 Mesenteric (abdomen) thrombosis

44 Eye or retinal: thrombosis (29), eye infarction (14), retinal embolism (1)

38 Jugular vein: thrombosis (37), embolism (1)

36 Subclavian: thrombosis (32), aneurysm embolism (3), embolism (1)

30 Renal (kidney): thrombosis (26), embolism (4)

27 Pelvic thrombosis

25 Limb thrombosis

20 Ovarian thrombosis

18 Carotid artery thrombosis

18 Axillary vein (armpit) thrombosis

18 Hepatic (liver): thrombosis (16), embolisation (2)

14 Vena cava: thrombosis (13), embolism (1)

8 Brachiocephalic thrombosis

8 Injection site thrombosis

6 Superficial vein thrombosis

6 Fetal placental thrombosis

5 Vascular stent thrombosis

4 Postoperative thrombosis

3 Portosplenomesenteric thrombosis

3 Graft thrombosis

2 Visceral venous thrombosis

2 Spinal cord thrombosis

2 Infective thrombosis

2 Postpartum thrombosis

2 Prosthetic cardiac valve thrombosis

1 Penile vein thrombosis

1 Catheter site thrombosis

1 Truncus coeliacus thrombosis

1 Umbilical cord thrombosis

1 Vascular access site thrombosis

189 Aneurysm

67 Brain: intracranial aneurysm (51), ruptured cerebral (16)

52 Heart: aortic (34), cardiac (8), aortic rupture (6), coronary (4)

36 Aneurysm, location not specified

8 Ruptured

6 Splenic artery

5 Peripheral artery

2 Arteriovenous fistula

4 Carotid artery

2 Mesenteric artery

2 Subclavian artery

2 Gastro

1 Pulmonary (lung) artery

1 Vertebral artery

1 Basilar artery

10,381 Other internal bleeding, hemorrhage, hematoma including:

3,891 Contusion, bruise; pinpoint, small blood vessel 

2,288 Cerebrovascular accident: Brain clots, broken blood vessels

1,811 Epistaxis (nosebleed)

1,102 Vaginal hemorrhage 

359 Cerebellar hemorrhage, hematoma

276 Eye bleeding (hematoma, hemorrhage)

195 Rectal hemorrhage

165 Haematemesis (vomiting blood)

134 Abdominal bleeding hemorrhagic

124 Sub hematoma hemorrhage

20 Intraventricular

16 Brain stem, intracranial, or thalamus hemorrhage

8,352 Platelet count, blood cell and clotting issues, including transfusion and including:

5,480 Anemia, pallor (red blood cell deficiency)

855 Thrombocytopenia: low platelet blood clotting disorder

103 Coagulopathy (excessive bleeding)

77 Abnormal clotting including: overactive (disseminated intravascular coagulation) (38), hypercoagulation (could cause stroke) (30) 

16. 29,661 Product issues: given to inappropriate age (7,946), storage error (6,803), inappropriate product distribution schedule (5,896), dose omission issue (2,063), poor quality product (2,029), preparation error (1,559), incorrect route (738), wrong product (687), incorrect formulation (581), inappropriate site (582), administration error (460), use issue (317)

17. 31,720 Mood, memory, depression, attention, nervousness, anxiety, confusion, agitation including:

6,406 Anxiety

4,733 Confusional state, delirium, incoherent

3,188 Nervousness, jittery, restless

1,930 Hypersomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness

1,852 Disorientation

1,672 Attention disturbance

1,613 Mental status fatigue, changes; mood swings, disorders

1,188 Panic attack, disorder 

1,213 Memory impairment, transient global amnesia (57)

1,167 Depression, despair including: suicide-related (228) and suicide (20) 

1,079 Hallucinations, delusions

945 Irritability, agitation

821 Abnormal dreams, nightmares

709 Crying, tearfulness

769 Fear

532 Depressed, altered state of consciousness; bradyphrenia (slowed thinking and info processing)

431 Emotional-related disorders

313 Abnormal thinking

282 Anger, aggression

265 Euphoric mood, mania, manic

129 Psychogenic disorders that slow thought and movement

124 Dissociation

154 Dementia

144 Staring

110 Paranoid-related

101 Psychotic-related, psychosis

  76 Frustration tolerance decreased 

75 Screaming

67 Apathy

39 Personality disorder

36 Relaxation

30 Depersonalization disorder

28 Dreamy state

24 Distractibility

14 Schizophrenia-related

13 Stupor

10 Self injury ideation

18. 24,223 Swelling, location not specified

19. 23,629 Vomiting

20. 21,951 Mouth and lip injury, swelling, ulceration, pain, spasm, difficulty or pain swallowing 

21. 18,427 Sleep disorders, insomnia, paralysis, attacks, terror, sleepiness, narcolepsy

22. 14,213 Hearing disorders, tinnitus (10,090), deafness (2,244), loss (1,117)

23. 13,354 Vision disorders, blurred (5,376), impaired (2,975), blindness (1,211), light or color issues, altered, double, loss, abnormal

24. 10,893 Eye or eyelid pain, swelling, itch, infection, detachment, hemorrhage, movement disorder

25. 10,562 Throat irritation, tightness 

26. 10,318 Menstrual-related: heavy (2,645), painful, irregular, short, absent, abnormal period

27. 9,065 Decreased appetite, abnormal weight loss

28. 9,038 Neck pain, injury, mass

29. 8,686 Taste loss, distortion, disorder

30. 8,322 Condition aggravated

31. 8,164 Death 

32. 7,634 Face injury, swelling, pain

33. 7,521 Flu-like illness

34. 7,270 Brain-related, injury other than bleeding or stroke

4,444 Epilepsy-related, seizure, temporal lobe 

1,518 Communication disorder or aphasia (loss of ability to understand speech due to brain damage)

558 Cognitive disorder

364 Encephalitis, brain injury

117 Meningitis-related, brain swelling

117 Fine motor skill dysfunction

74 Tonic clonic seizure, convulsion

37 Brain nerve pain, occipital neuralgia

26 Brain death

15 Brain tumor

35. 6,339 Herpes-related, shingles (5,414), chicken pox (68)

36. 6,055 Tongue swelling, abnormal, blister, paralysis, spasm, cyst

37. 6,036 Ear congestion, discomfort, infection, disorder

38. 4,940 Hypertension, high blood pressure

39. 4,937 Dry, thirsty, dehydrated

40. 4,918 Axillary (armpit) pain, mass

41. 4,539 Impaired work ability

42. 4,527 Immediate post-injection reaction

43. 3,557 Bladder, urinary tract infection, incontinence, discomfort

44. 3,412 Smell loss, disorders

45. 3,187 Speech disorders, loss of ability, hoarse, discomfort, stammering, stuttering

46. 3,013 Kidney injury, diabetes, abnormalities, failure

47. 2,210 Inflammation, not specified

48. 2,056 Breast pain, swelling, tenderness

49. 2,023 Oxygen abnormal, hypoxia, brain damage

50. 1,844 Pregnancy-related

1,003 Fetal issues: spontaneous abortion (752), death (78), stillbirth (30)

265 Uterine problems cyst, disorder, swelling, mass, pain, rupture

101 Ovarian disorders, cyst, rupture, necrosis, failure

96 Placental issues: premature separation of placenta, premature rupture of membranes, thrombosis, retroplacental hematoma detachment with bleed and C-section

79 Premature baby

72 Fetal heart rate abnormal

64 Suppressed lactation

54 Premature labor

45 Hemorrhage in pregnancy

35 Preelampsia high blood pressure

13 Complication of, or delivery

13 Postpartum hemorrhage

2 Popstpartum thrombosis, blood clot

2 Ruptured ectopic pregnancy

51. 1,803 Anaphylactic reaction or shock

52. 1,724 Induration, hardening of soft tissue

53. 1,408 Peripheral coldness (limbs)

54. 1,281 Sneezing

55. 1,073 Canker sores

56. 1,025 Oral herpes

57. 1,023 Tooth-related issues

58. 926 Appendicitis, perforated, appendectomy

59. 783 Sensory disturbance

60. 731 Hair loss

61. 725 Genital-related, pain, swelling, discomfort, rash, cyst, burning, enlarged, bleeding (353); vulva (372); testicular or scrotal pain, swelling, discomfort, disorder (247); penile (56)

62. 693 Vein disorders, vasculitis

63. 675 Sepsis, damaging response to infection

64. 627 Groin or pelvic pain 

65. 567 Cancer-related including: lymphoma (225), leukemia (134), metastatic (49), white blood cell (20), prostate (18), colon or colorectal (20), pancreatic (12), thyroid (10), ovarian (8)

66. 552 Glossitis and glossdynia, burning mouth or tongue

67. 522 Liver failure, issues

68. 478 Thyroid pain, mass, hypo- or hyper- thyroidism

69. 468 Hyperaesthesia, increased sensitivity of one or more senses

70. 438 Lupus, misc. autoimmune-related 

71. 338 Mechanical ventilation

72. 306 Pancreas problems, failure, pancreatic, not counting cancer

73. 277 Salivary gland pain and issues, cyst, hyper secretion, mass

74. 153 Spleen disorders

75. 83 Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

76. 79 Adrenal, endocrine cyst, mass, bleeding, disorder, Addison’s disease (27)

77. 72 Coma

78. 60 Ulcer

79. 20 Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

80. 11 Children or males abnormally growing female breasts, gynecomastia

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65 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: 80 of the most common adverse events reported after Covid-19 vaccination”

    1. Marc Maximilien Authier

      So you trust MDs. Ask yourself this again ? Did your MD warned you one second that it is a dangerous experimental gene therapy that has never been tested on humans ? Brainless people even these criminallly negligent MDs. There is no excuse and a LOT of MDs deserve the dealth penalty for what they did.

      1. It is not gene therapy, according to all the doctors I have talked to. And the “experiment” is a tremendous success with a higher percentage of protection against infection than anyone expected – ~80%+!

        As to the adverse effects – they are self-reported as a consequence of the injection and not verified by anyone. So if a stroke patient has a stroke after being injected, no one has asked – did you have an ischemic stroke just before, as well?

        Further, comparing the ~818,000+ American covid deaths (not self-reported!) to the number of alleged side effects of the injection here and I hope you agree that, even if every last one was true, the vaccination would still be well worth it!

        1. The vaccines use gene therapy methods to achieve an alleged immune response. Thus, because the methods are not used to “fix” a problem with you, they are not considered “therapy” and instead a “vaccine” based upon desired result. But since the vaccines don’t produce sterilizing/prophylactic immunity, and only are touted to prevent serious symptoms, hospitalization, and death, they are in effect therapeutics. .

    1. Douglas E Carroll

      How can we trust the medical industry again. Always ask for the details, “What is in it? What are the side effects? Is that all of them?”

      1. So many adverse affects mind boggling.I have many friends with these symptoms like my brother who took the booster recently and have no idea what caused it.I will pray for the world in Jesus Christ’s name AMEn

  1. Upper GI ~ a family member got first jab and literally could not speak without burping throughout. Also terrible heartburn. (Neither issue present previously.) Went to GI doctor who said he is seeing this in many patients ~ flare ups and first timers. Good for business I guess.

  2. This Article ? “Let’s put these Two Scientists Nobel Prize to the Real Test here Folk’s, so we Can Save America , And other poorer Countries a lot of Trouble and Money, If these Scientist that won the Nobel Prize for a New Molecular, so called Tool =
    ( CRSPR ) is correct in repairing all the problems caused by Covid-Variants in this Article ?.Also = If right they should be able to edit the Genetic Genes of the latest Covid-19 Variant and Dis-arm it ??? Also to put Nobel prize Discovery to test should be able to Cure most all genetic diseases Saving Governments and Hospitals Billions around the world in the next 5 years ??? ( My bet is, Wishful Molecular concept Illusion ? ) The Human Genome Genetic -> Different Markers more complicated then that Molecular editing one size CRSPR Tool fits all Folks ? “You can Delete my post here, but you’ll find out later in History I’m right ?

  3. Marc Maximilien Authier

    Exhaustive lists indeed. I would say the pseudo vaccine is not a vaccine by the way, but a BIO WEAPON. So if by now people still do not understand what these evil multi billionaires from Davos and Bill Gates are up to and who rules the US Government and other governments across the world, they indeed deserve to die. Is it clear what Warp Speed was all about ? Its about population control. They want you dead. And any MD still pushing this type of poisonous bio weapon in the arms of people, should indeed be tried for genocidal mass murder. I do not how MDs can accept to commit such crimes. Your MD is not your friend. Neither the politicians. They are the enemies and they want you dead. What you read is just the SHORT TERM side effects. Now imagine one second what will happen after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or after the 4 th booster shor with this truly DEADLY bio weapon ? Trump and Biden habe both bloods on their hands. I pray that Americans finally wake and smell the coffee and stop this truly genocidal enterprise by the DAVOS NAZIS. Because that is what these people are.. Vile eugenicist nazis. Today evil is dressed up as a Waffen SS in a Spielberg film. It comes in the form of a CDC official.

    1. Here’s the best/clearest PROOF, Marc,
      that it’s a Globalized Hoax ( your analysis
      is OUTSTANDING ! ) :


      Exemptions :

      “The groups that have been exempted from getting the vaccines, all of Congress, plus all the congressional staff, House, and the Senate. That’s a lot of people. 6,000 White House employees, all exempted. 2,500 Pfizer employees exempted. 1,500 Moderna employees and 120,000 Johnson and Johnson employees, all exempt. 15,000 CDC, 14,000 FDA employees exempted. Eight million Chinese students in this country, 8 million, How many of them are PLA, CCP? 85-90%. That’s how many I can tell you that, exempted. Here’s another one. 2 million illegal invaders exempted. They don’t have to get the shot. Now, what is going on here? Let me throw another one in. This is going to be the cherry on top. At least 500,000 homeless tent and street people are exempted. So they, whoever’s planning this want these people to survive and to take a significant role and the numbers of potential survivors and those who are in the cities. Five hundred thousand homeless and street people, and again I’ll repeat some are there through no fault of their own. I get that, but many are completely at the bottom of the food chain, and they’re not to be vaccinated. If the vaccine worked, which it doesn’t, they would be protecting these people, but they’re not. The vaccine is a failure. .”
      –Jeff Rense (( at Rense dot Com ))



    2. Trump pushed treatments.He gave states the hydroxicloroquine drug plus the othertreatments. Look what the media did with that. Blame the cdc, the media , Big Tech.and all those who hid the treatments that would keep people out to the hospital. With early treatment you do not need the vaccine.

    3. I agree with what you posted. Mu family has been doing research since the start of COVID. Today I learned that my company is mandating the vaccine, else terminating those who dont comply. I’ve been here 25.5 yrs working my tail end off for this huge IT company, and now I have to let them fire me. What a sad situation we find ourselves in..after 50 yrs of working..I now must be fired for something that is completely unconstitutional, IMO.

      1. Are you able. To submit a religeous exemption? I was in an impossible job loss situation and applied except I submitted the form along with cover letter and 50 pages documented and they accepted it.

  4. You are either for or again it…, (except for the majority of us who just hope it works). Those pushing it should step back and let folks make their own choice. Those against it likewise should stop trying to convince us it’s all a conspiracy and if you get the vax you will die….

  5. Just the top 15 adverse effects totaled more than 1.5 million.. Multiple effects are often reported by the same person, but the other day I saw that about 530,000 DIFFERENT people had nonetheless reported one or more adverse reactions. And these are only reactions that people linked to the vaccine, presumably because the time-gap between the effect and the vaccine was relatively short.

    But it is possible that many more people are suffering adverse effects but are not reporting them because the time-lag between the vaccine and the effect was sufficiently wide for them to miss making a possible connection between the two. Still others may not report adverse effects either because they are not inclined to or because they don’t know how to go about it.

    At any rate, the claim that the vaccines are “safe” needs to be accompanied with – at the very least – an asterisk. Listen to any drug AD on TV and there is ALWAYS a list of caveats and contra-indications for various groups of people. But in the rush to universal vaccination with these new drugs that were hurried into production, normal caution has been cast aside.

    Covid-19 has been politicized from the start, and this is now impairing our judgment regarding the vaccines. Some people obviously view vaccine mandates as a way to punish their perceived political opponents by depriving them of both liberty and their means of livelihood. Moreover, promising alternatives to the vaccines – many of them inexpensive OTC products – are routinely mocked and discouraged. The temptation to use vaccine mandates as political weapons is just too strong for some people to resist.

      1. Ivermectin is so safe. Some doctors say it’s safer than Aspirin & Tylenol!!..
        It won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for its straightforward, excellent anti-viral & anti-inflammatory medical properties, which is a great remedy for this situation!!…

  6. I’ve had many of the mentioned side affects to include sudden onset hearing loss, mostly recovered with high dose prednisone. Still 15% loss in left ear confirmed by audiologist. Ice pick head aches and the worst was Pleural Effusion on my lung confirmed by Chest CT. I’ve also had a burning chest pain on my left side which my Primary care thinks maybe Pericarditis but as there is little in the way of treatment for this no additional testing was completed. Fortunately, after several weeks that symptom abated. After three months post vaccine I’m finally feeling better and on the mend.

    I’m having a hard time finding a specialist that can help with properly diagnosing my condition as a Vaccine related event to include the Pulmonary specialist. My symptoms started with 12 hours of the first dose of the Moderna shot and I’m unwilling to receive a second. This is problematic as I’m an Airline Pilot and am facing a mandate in the coming weeks. I’ll need a good medical team on my side while presenting my case for a medical deferment of these requirements.

    I’ve also had Covid-19 which was confirmed by multiple PCR test. The actual illness was a non event for me. I’m not entirely anti-vax but rather anti-indiscriminate vaccination for those not at risk.

    Can anyone help in identifying a specialist that has a working knowledge of how this vaccine is effecting people and how to properly diagnose my issue. I’m located in the Pacific Northwest.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading my post.

    1. Quoting Dr. Mercola :

      “ [[

      Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin treatments. Ivermectin appears particularly promising as it actually binds to the spike protein.

      Please listen to the interview that Brett Weinstein did with Dr. Pierre Kory (19) one of Dr. Paul Marik’s collaborators

      Low-dose antiretroviral therapy to reeducate your immune system

      Low-dose interferons such as Paximune, developed by interferon researcher Dr. Joe Cummins, to stimulate your immune system

      Peptide T (an HIV entry inhibitor derived from the HIV envelope protein gp120; it blocks binding and infection of viruses that use the CCR5 receptor to infect cells)

      Cannabis, to strengthen Type I interferon pathways

      Dimethylglycine or betaine (trimethylglycine) to enhance methylation, thereby suppressing latent viruses

      Silymarin or milk thistle to help cleanse your liver ]]

      From my perspective, I believe the best thing you can do is to build your innate immune system. To do that, you need to become metabolically flexible and optimize your diet. You’ll also want to make sure your vitamin D level is optimized to between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (100 nmol/L to 150 nmol/L), ideally through sensible sun exposure. Sunlight also has other benefits besides making vitamin D.

      Use time-restricted eating and eat all your meals for the day within a six- to eight-hour window. Avoid all vegetable oils and processed foods. Focus on certified-organic foods to minimize your glyphosate exposure, and include plenty of sulfur-rich foods to keep your mitochondria and lysosomes healthy. Both are important for the clearing of cellular debris, including these spike proteins. You can also boost your sulfate by taking Epsom salt baths.

      To combat the toxicity of the spike protein, you’ll want to optimize autophagy, which may help digest and remove the spike proteins. Time-restricted eating will upregulate autophagy, while sauna therapy, which upregulates heat shock proteins, will help refold misfolded proteins and also tag damaged proteins and target them for removal. It is important that your sauna is hot enough (around 170 degrees Fahrenheit) and does not have high magnetic or electric fields. ]] “

      —end of report—


      1. P.S.


        Keep in mind, it’s not a “vaccine”
        but GENE Injection :

        [[ “For the first time in human history, we have a biologic product that’s telling our body to produce an abnormal protein,”

        The mRNA enters cells and causes them to create spike proteins, a “kind of a ‘loaded weapon,’ if you will.”

        “It’s now known that the spike protein itself is independently pathogenic: it causes damage itself” to the cells in which it is produced and then circulates in the body for about two weeks,” McCullough said.

        “As this protein circulates, it damages organs, it damages endothelial cells, blood cells, causes blood clotting,” he emphasized. ]]

        Above paragraphs found here :


    2. Write to Dr. Henry Ealy, at his Energetic Health Institute. He may be able to help. Also, I have heard that Ivermectin helps some people, post jab, a Niacin Flush also. Good luck, and I hope you recover completely!

  7. I recommend reading “Plutonium files”. This isn’t the first time scientists, doctors, universities collaborating with the g o v and furthering unethical experiments.

  8. Although I don’t like to get hung up on statistics, even if they are accurate and not misleading, I think those provided in this article would have more value if they were specific to a particular vaccine. For example, let’s say that your employer is upholding Biden’s unconstitutional edict and threatening you with losing your job. You might want to explore all avenues, such as, if I get one of these poisons, which one is least poisonous to me?

  9. Given the only reporting system avail to the general public to report vaccine adverse reaction: Vaers generally thought to be at only 1% accurate? These numbers presented are exponentially much higher. Even if you give Vaers 10% accuracy. The numbers are staggering! If anyone agrees to accept the jab. At this point. Your playing roulette with your lifes. Not to mention children’s lives. All this in less then one yr out… It blows your mind! Scary to see how America bends the knee and bows to junk science & medical tyranny. Its a religion of death.

  10. After my J & J I spent 7 hours in the ER trying to find out what the shot had done to me. I was really sick and when they couldn’t find anything I was released after every test they could come up with.
    In the ensuing days, I lost much strength and even though I had been walking daily prior to the shot I could not walk normally for a couple of weeks. It took months for me to regain my strength making me very concerned about taking a booster shot. After all this, I find that the shots are only good for about six months and don’t really protect me from getting Covid.

  11. My brother is handicapped with traumatic brain injury and lives in a group home. He had some problems but after he was forced to get the 1st shot, he developed dementia within 3-4 months. I don’t expect him to live much longer. The organization that houses him wants to talk to me about the medical decisions I’m making for him (I said no to boosters) so I’m sure they’re going to inject him anyway.
    If they do, his death will be on their hands 100%.

  12. I’ve had tinnitus for several years. I got the covid Pfizer jabs in August 2021. Within days of the second shot my tinnitus spiked, shooting up to 9.5 on a 1-10 “bothersome” scale and has stayed there ever since. When I related this info to a highly respected ENT specialist, her reply stunned me: “All of my tinnitus patients have told me the same thing.” I cannot be the only one.

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