Follow the Money: Puerto Rico power grid crisis

The following is a report that aired on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson on Sun. Oct. 24, 2021.

Puerto Rico has dealt with its share of disasters in recent years.

You might know its entire energy grid something of a disaster.

Despite billions of U.S. tax dollars, there’s concern the system is on the verge of a total collapse, prompting the U.S. territory to declare a state of emergency.

Watch the report below:

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5 thoughts on “Follow the Money: Puerto Rico power grid crisis”

  1. The company that Got paid Billions to Fix Puerto Rico Grid system should be held responsible for Re-emitting U.S. Tax payers a Good portion Audited back for that Half A##ed situation ?? Mo -Larry and Curley Electric Co. Charging U.S > Tax payers 10,000 dollars for a few screw drivers, + 10,000.000.00 dollars for 20,000 dollars in actual Worth in Electric Wire and like so on I’m betting…. I Bet most of the people that received most of all that Money, Now own Huge Mansion’s and Now the Queen of England now serves them tea ??? LOL = The Tragic Truth ??

  2. Thank you so much for this reporting Sharyl. My father lives in PR and I have been visiting him every year or two four about 20-25 years now. The electrical infrastructure on the island has been a disaster as far back as I can remember, and it’s been run by the government for decades. The people pissed at Trump for not throwing more money into PR were clueless. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority drove the electrical infrastructure into the ground through corruption, mismanagement, and ineptitude. They filed for bankruptcy 2 months before Hurricane Maria hit the island! I went to visit my dad and extended family 9 months after Hurricane Maria and power had yet to be restored in the area where they live. I remember so clearly my dad, aunts, and uncles all complaining about the PREPA utility workers, while heaping praise on the private contractors. The difference in work ethic and aptitude was night and day. Yes electrical rates will go up, but the hope is for improved management and thereby improved service. The government of PR and PREPA failed the people through their corruption and mismanagement, and now it’s time to give Luma an opportunity to clean up their mess.

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